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Kis-My-Ft2 is a 7-member Japanese boy baund unner Johnny & Associates. Their name comes frae their members names: Hiromitsu Ki tayama, Kento S enga, Toshiya M iyata, Wataru Y okō, Taisuke F ujigaya, Yūta T amamori and Takashi Ni kaidō.

The Script

The Script are a Erse rock baund frae Dublin formit in 2001. The baund consists o lead vocalist/pianist Danny ODonoghue, vocalist/guitarist Mark Sheehan, an drummer Glen Power.

I (baund)

I is a Norwegian hivy metal supergroup formed in 2006 in Norawa. I contains members frae various black metal baunds; Immortal, Gorgoroth, an Enslaved. Accordin tae the offeecial wabsteid of the baund ane o their major influences is Bathory.


Nothnegal is a Maldivian hivy metal baund frae Malé, formed in 2006. The baund is currently signed tae Season of Mist. Nothnegal is endorsed by Jackson guitars.

Ride the Sky

Ride the Sky wis a progresive pouer metal supergroup. The memmers includit ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray, an Masterplan drummer Uli Kusch, an Tears of Anger members Bjørn Jansson an Benny Jansson aw foondin memmers.

Universum (baund)

Universum is an Australian melodic daith metal frae Adelaide, Sooth Australie. Formed in early 2006, Universum oreeginally wur a three-piece afore recruitin additional members. They fuse European metal, modren American metal riffage an auld schui ...


KYPCK is a Finnish doom metal baund formed in 2007. Thay caw themselves" Fast Roushie Doom Metal Frae Finland”. Vocalist Erkki Seppänen speaks fluent Roushie an haes worked in the embassy in Moscow. Thair debut album "Черно" Cherno wis released o ...


Shapit bi Jake E Dreamland, Dream Evil an Olof Mörck Dragonland, Nightrage, the project began takkin shape when sangsters Elize Ryd Toured: Kamelot an Andreas Solvestrom Cipher System, Within Y, signed on, as did drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen. Joh ...

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells is an American muisical duo frae Brooklyn, New York Ceety, formit in 2008. The duo consists o Derek Edward Miller an Alexis Krauss. Efter signin tae N.E.E.T. Recordings an Mom+Pop, Sleigh Bells released thair debut album, Treats, on ...

Super Junior-M

Super Junior-M, aften referred tae as SJ-M, is a Mandopop boy baund formit in 2008 bi Sooth Koreas S.M. Entertainment. The baund is the first internaitional music group in the Cheenese muisic industry tae hae members o baith Cheenese an Korean st ...


Pantera wis an American hivy metal baund frae Arlington, Texas, formed bi the Abbott brothers, Vinnie Paul an Dimebag Darrell in 1981. Bassist Rex Brown woud join in late 1981 wi vocalist Terry Glaze. In 1987 Phil Anselmo became the groups lead v ...

Efrain Loyola

Efrain Loyola wis a Cuban flautist frae Cienfuegos, wha haed the distinction o bein ane o the auldest active flautists in the warld, haed a career that spanned ower 7 decades an for a period, wis a caiptain in the Cuban militia an focht in the We ...

Princess Maria Elisabeth o Saxe-Meiningen

Princess Maria Elisabeth o Saxe-Meiningen wis the anly dochter o Georg II, Duke o Saxe-Meiningen, by his first wife, Princess Charlotte o Proushie. She wis notable as a muisicker an componer. Ane o her maist famous works is Romanze in F major for ...


Treateth is a melodic daith metal baund. In the beginning named Hostilis Of Mort. They are frae Guatemala Ceety, Guatemala. It wis formed at the end o 2007, as an idea o brithers Erick an Marco Orozco. The baund haes released ane EP, five singles ...


Tomas Forsberg, better kent bi his stage name "Quorthon", wis a Swadish hivy metal muisicker. He wis the foonder an sangwriter o the pioneerin Swadish black metal baund Bathory. He is an aa creditit wi creatin the Viking metal genre. He composed ...

Rachid Taha

Rachid Taha wis an Algerie sangster an activist based in Fraunce who haes been describit as "sonically adventurous." His muisic is influencit bi mony different styles such as rock, electronic, punk an raï.

Montserrat Caballé

Montserrat Caballé wis a Spaingie operatic soprano. She haes sang a wide variety o roles, but Caballé is best kent as an exponent o the bel canto repertoire, notably the wirks o Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti an Verdi. She came tae the attention o a ...

Henry Fonda

Henry Jaynes "Hank" Fonda wis an American film an stage actor wi a career spannin mair nor five decades. Fonda made his merk early as a Broadway actor. He an aw appeared in 1938 in plays performed in White Plains, New York, wi Joan Tompkins. He m ...

Mercedes Sosa

Haydée Mercedes Sosa, kent as La Negra, wis an Argentine sangster who wis popular throuoot Laitin Americae an mony kintras ootside the continent. Wi her ruits in Argentine fowk music, Sosa became ane o the preeminent exponents o nueva canción. Sh ...


Zoé is a Latin Grammy Award-winnin Mexican alternative/psychedelic baund. Thay initially formit in Cuernavaca in 1994, awtho membership stairtit tae stabilize in 1997. The baund haes achievit success in Mexico an maist Spainyie-speakin kintras wi ...

Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing wis a Hong Kong sangster-sangwriter, actor, film director, record producer an screenwriter. Cheung is considered as "ane o the foonder faithers o Cantopop" bi "combinin a hugely successful film an muisic career." He rose t ...

Marta Eggerth

Marta Eggerth wis an actress an sangster frae Hungary, wha later lived in the Unitit States, an lived tae the age o 101.

Patricia Morison

Patricia Morison wis an American actress an sangster. She wis kent for her role as the lead in the original production of Cole Porters Kiss Me, Kate.

France Gall

France Gall wis a popular French yé-yé sangster. Gall wis marriet tae, an haed a successfu singin career in pairtnership wi, French sangster-sangwriter Michel Hamburger, whose stage name is Michel Berger.


Ane-aw - adj., n. Ane aw Airmbaund - n. Armband Awa hail - n. Away goal Aiberdeen - n. Aberdeen FC see forby The Dons Albert, The - n. Hawick Royal Albert FC Albion, The - n. Forfar Albion FC; Stirling Albion FC Aesome wracker - n. A great shot A ...


A fitbawer is a body that plays fitbaw. Theres mony different sports thats cawed fitbaw. In North Americae, fitbaw players id for ordinar cawed soccer players.


Hockey is a faimily o sports in which twa teams play against ilk ither bi tryin to maneuver a baw or a puck intae the opponents goal uisin a hockey stick. In mony auries, ane sport is generally referred tae simply as hockey.


A skeitchbuird is typically a specially designed plywood buird combined wi a polyurethane coatin uised for makkin smoother slides an stranger durability, uised primarily for the activity o skateboard. The first skateboards tae reach public notice ...


Chess is a twa-player strategy board gemme played on a chessboord, a checkered gameboard wi 64 squares arranged in an aicht-bi-aicht grid. It is ane o the warlds maist popular gemmes, played bi millions o fowk warldwide at home, in clubs, online, ...

Sport in Scotland

Scotland haes mony naitional sportin associes, sic as the Scots Fitbaa Association or the Scots Rugby Union. This gies the kintra its ain representation at mony internaitional sportin events sic as the Fitbaa Warld Cup. Scotland canna compete in ...

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group A

In the roond o 16: The runners-up o Group A will advance tae play the winners o Group B. The winners o Group A will advance tae play the runners-up o Group B.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group B

Group B o the 2018 FIFA Warld Cup taks place frae 15 tae 25 Juin 2018. The group consists o Portugal, Spain, Morocco, an Iran. The tap twa teams will advance tae the roond o 16.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group C

Group C o the 2018 FIFA Warld Cup teuk place frae 16 tae 26 Juin 2018. The group consists o Fraunce, Australie, Peru, an Denmark. The tap twa teams will advance tae the roond o 16.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group D

In the roond o 16: The runners-up o Group D will advance tae play the winners o Group C. The winners o Group D will advance tae play the runners-up o Group C.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group E

Group E o the 2018 FIFA Warld Cup taks place frae 17 tae 27 Juin 2018. The group consists o Brazil, Swisserland, Costa Rica, an Serbie. The tap twa teams will advance tae the roond o 16.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group F

Group F o the 2018 FIFA Warld Cup taks place frae 17 tae 27 Juin 2018. The group consists o Germany, Mexico, Swaden, an Sooth Korea. The tap twa teams will advance tae the roond o 16.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group G

Group G o the 2018 FIFA Warld Cup taks place frae 18 tae 28 Juin 2018. The group consists o Belgium, Panama, Tunisie, an Ingland. The tap twa teams will advance tae the roond o 16.

2018 FIFA Warld Cup Group H

Group H o the 2018 FIFA Warld Cup taks place frae 19 tae 28 Juin 2018. The group consists o Poland, Senegal, Colombie, an Japan. The tap twa teams will advance tae the roond o 16.

Francisco Varallo

Francisco Antonio "Pancho" Varallo wis an Argentine fitbaw forward. He played for the Argentine naitional team frae 1930 tae 1937. He wis a member o Argentinaes squad at the inaugural FIFA Warld Cup in 1930 an wis, at the age o 20, the youngest p ...

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are an American perfaisional basebaw team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Red Sox kemp in Major League Baseball as a member associe o the American League East diveesion. The Red Sox haev wun nine World Series championships, ...

Fraunce naitional fitbaw team

The Fraunce naitional fitbaw team represents Fraunce in internaitional fitbaw. It is fieldit bi the French Fitbaa Federation, the govrenin body o fitbaw in Fraunce, an competes as a member o UEFA, which encompasses the kintras o Europe. The naiti ...

Italy naitional fitbaw team

The Italian naitional fitbaw team represents Italy in association fitbaw an is controlled bi the Italian Fitbaa Federation, the govrenin bouk for fitbaw in Italy. It is the seicont maist successfu naitional team in the history o the Warld Cup ahi ...

Manchester United F.C.

Manchester United Football Club is an Inglis fitbaw club. Thay play thair haime gemmes at Old Trafford in Greater Manchester, the maist muckle fitbaw stadium in the Unitit Kinrick. Thay ar the maist succesfu Inglis fitba team o the syne the begin ...

FC Bayern Munich

Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V., commonly kent as FC Bayern München, FCB, Bayern Munich, or FC Bayern, is a German sports club based in Munich, Bavarie, Germany. It is best kent for its professional fitbaw team, which plays in the Bundesliga, th ...

Jean, Grand Duke o Luxembourg

Jean, Grand Duke o Luxembourg wis the Grand Duke o Luxembourg frae 1964 until his abdication in 2000. He wis the first Grand Duke of Luxembourg o French agnatic strynd.

Estadio Azteca

The Estadio Azteca is a fitbaw stadium locatit in the suburb o Santa Ursula in Mexico Ceety, Mexico. Syne its openin in 1966, the stadium haes been the offeecial hame stadium o the Mexican profeesional fitbaw club América an the offeecial naition ...

Lunnon Stadium

The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Pairk, commonly kent as the Olympic Stadium, is a stadium locatit in Stratford, Lunnon, Ingland. It is locatit at Marshgate Lane in Lunnons Stratford destrict in the Lower Lea Valley. It wis constructit prim ...

Scripted reality

Scripted reality in telly an enterteenment is a subgenre o reality televeesion wi major or teepically aw pairts o the contents bein scriptit, i.e. pre-arrangit bi the production company an thus feectional. As in the supergenre, emphasis is on dra ...

Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth productins, LLC, also kent as Rooster Teeth, is an American productin company locatit in Austin, Texas & Los Angeles, California. Rooster Teeth wis foonded by Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Jason Saldaña, Gus Sorola, and J ...

T-Series (company)

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited, doin business as T-Series, is a muisic record label an film production company in Indie foondit bi Gulshan Kumar in 1983. It is primarily kent for Bollywood muisic soondtracks an Indi-pop muisic. As o 2 ...