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Nord (French depairtment)

Nord is a depairtment in the far north o Fraunce. It wis creatit frae the wastren halves o the historical coonties o Flanders an Hainaut, an the Bishopric o Cambrai. The modren coat o airms wis inheritit frae the Coonty o Flanders. Nord is the an ...

Leo Tindemans

Leonard Clemence Leo Tindemans oˑ ˈtɪndəmɑns") wis a Belgian politeecian. Tindemans wis the 43rd Prime Meenister o Belgium. He wis born in Zwijndrecht on 16 Aprile 1922.


Wallonia, Dutch: Wallonie, Walloon: Waloneye) is the predominantly French-speakin soothren region o Belgium. It is govrened as the Walloon Region, which maks up 55% o the territory o Belgium but wi anerlie a third o its population. Contrary tae t ...

Lunnon commuter belt

The Lunnon commuter belt is the metropolitan aurie surroondin Lunnon, Ingland frae which it is practical tae commute tae wirk in the caipital. It is alternatively kent as the Greater Sooth East, the Lunnon metropolitan aurie or the Sootheast metr ...


Ajaccio, is a French commune, prefectur o the depairtment o Corse-du-Sud, an heid office o the Collectivité territoriale de Corse.


Amiens is a ceety an commune in northren Fraunce, 120 km north o Paris an 100 km sooth-wast o Lille. It is the caipital o the Somme depairtment in Picardy. The ceety haed a population o 136.105 accordin tae the 2006 census.


Angers is the main ceety in the Maine-et-Loire depairtment in wastren Fraunce aboot 300 km sooth-wast o Paris. Angers is locatit in the French region kent bi its pre-revolutionary, provincial name, Anjou, an its inhabitants are cried Angevins. An ...


Avignon is a French commune in sootheastren Fraunce in the depairtment o the Vaucluse bordered bi the left bank o the Rhône river. O the 94.787 inhabitants o the ceety on 1 Januar 2010, 12.000 live in the auncient toun centre surroondit bi its me ...


Belfort is twinned wi: Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine Stafford, Unitit Kinrick Leonberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Delémont, Swisserland Tanghin-Dassouri, Burkina Faso


Blois) is the caipital ceety o Loir-et-Cher depairtment in Centre-Val de Loire, Fraunce, locatit on the banks o the lawer river Loire between Orléans an Tours.


Bourg-en-Bresse is a commune in eastren Fraunce, caipital o the Ain depairtment, an wis caipital o the umwhile province o Bresse. It is locatit 70 km north-northeast o Lyon. The inhabitants o Bourg-en-Bresse are kent as Burgiens.


Clermont-Ferrand is a ceety an commune o Fraunce, in the Auvergne region, wi a population o 141.000. Its metropolitan aurie haed 463 891 indwallers at the 1999 census. It is the prefectur o the Puy-de-Dôme depairtment. Serge Godard is the current ...

Évry, Essonne

Évry is a umwhile commune in the soothren suburbs o Paris, Fraunce, prefectur o the depairtment o Essonne. On 1 Januar 2019, it wis mergit intae the new commune Évry-Courcouronnes.


Foix is twinned wi the follaein places: Ripon Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland Andorra la Vella Andorra Lleida Spain syne 1962


Mâcon is a smaa ceety in central Fraunce. It is prefectur o the Saône-et-Loire department, in the region o Bourgogne, an the caipital o the Mâconnais destrict. Mâcon is hame tae ower 35.000 residents, cried Mâconnais.


Mamoudzou is the caipital o the French owerseas region an depairtment o Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean. Mamoudzou, kent as Momoju in the local Shimaore leid, is the maist populatit commune o Mayotte. It is locatit on Grande-Terre, the main island o ...


Nice is the fift maist muckle ceety in Fraunce, efter Paris, Marseille, Lyon an Toulouse, wi a population o 348.721 athin its admeenistrative limits on a land aurie o 71.92 km 2. The urban aurie o Nice extends ayont the admeenistrative ceety limi ...

Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Pau is a commune on the northren edge o the Pyrenees, caipital o the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Département in Aquitaine, Fraunce.


Rouen is a ceety on the River Seine in northren Fraunce. Hit is the caipital o the region o Normandy. Umwhile yin o the mucklest an maist bien ceeties o medieval Europe, the tot nummer o indwallers in the metropolitan airt is 655.013 the nou. Rou ...


Saint-Étienne is a ceety in eastren central Fraunce. It is locatit in the Massif Central, 60 km soothwast o Lyon in the Rhône-Alpes region, alang the trunk road that connects Toulouse wi Lyon. Saint-Étienne is the caipital o the Loire département ...


Saint-Lô is a commune in north-wastren Fraunce, the caipital o the Manche depairtment in the region o Lawer Normandy.


Toulon is a ceety in soothren Fraunce an a muckle militar harbour on the Mediterranean coast, wi a major French naval base.


Tours is twinned wi: Trois-Rivières, Canadae, syne 1987 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, syne 1991 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, syne 1962 Parma, Italy, syne 1976 Takamatsu, Japan, syne 1988 Braşov, Romanie, syne 1990 Luoyang, Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, ...

Versailles, Yvelines

Versailles is a ceety in the depairtment o the Yvelines, Île-de-France, renained warldwide for its château, the Château de Versailles an the gairdens o Versailles, designatit UNESCO Warld Heritage Steids. Accordin tae the 2008 census, the populat ...

Preses o Fraunce

The Preses o the French Republic la ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃ˈsɛz"), is the heid o state an govrenment o Fraunce an supreme commander-in-chief o the French Airmed Forces. The presess pouers, functions an duties, an thair relation wi French govrenments differ ...

Napoleon III

Louis Napoléon Bonaparte wis the anly Preses o the French Seicont Republic an, as Napoléon III, the Emperor o the Seicont French Empire.

Léon Bourgeois

Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois wis a French statesman. His ideas influenced the Radical Party regairdin a wide range o issues. He promotit progressive taxation such as progressive income taxes an social insurance schemes, alang wi economic equalit ...

Louis Henri, Duke o Bourbon, Prince o Condé

Louis Henri de Bourbon, Duke o Bourbon, Prince o Condé wis the Prince o Condé an a cousin o the then reigning Hoose o Bourbon frae 1710 to his daith, an served as prime minister or Louis XV frae 1723 to 1726. His mistress wis Madame de Prie an he ...

Cardinal Richelieu

Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke o Richelieu an o Fronsac wis a French clergyman, noble an statesman. He wis the builder othe Palais Royal in Paris.


Arles is a ceety an commune in the sooth o Fraunce, in the Bouches-du-Rhône depairtment, of which it is a subprefectur, in the umwhile province o Provence.


Boulogne-Billancourt is a commune in the wastren suburbs o Paris, Fraunce. It is locatit 8.2 km frae the centre o Paris. Boulogne-Billancourt is a subprefectur o the Hauts-de-Seine depairtment an the seat o the Arrondissement o Boulogne-Billancourt.

Brest, Fraunce

Brest is a ceety in the Finistère department in Breetany in north-wastren Fraunce. Locatit in a sheltered poseetion no far frae the wastren tip o the Breton peninsula, Brest is an important harbour, seicont French military port efter Toulon, at t ...


Cambrai is a commune in the Nord depairtment in northren Fraunce on the Escaut river. It is a sub-prefectur o the depairtment.


Chalon-sur-Saône is a commune in the Saône-et-Loire depairtment in the region o Burgundy in eastren Fraunce. It is a sub-prefectur o the depairtment. It is the mucklest ceety in the depairtment; housomeivver, the depairtment caipital is the smawe ...


Dreux is twinned wi: Bautzen, Germany, syne 1992 Koudougou, Burkina Faso, syne 1972 Todi, Italy, syne 1960 Melsungen, Germany, syne 1966 Evesham, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick, syne 1977


Dunkirk) is a commune in the Nord depairtment in northren Fraunce. It lies 10 kilometres frae the Belgian border. The population o the ceety at the 1999 census wis 70.850 inhabitants. The population o the metropolitan aurie wis 265.974 inhabitant ...

Le Havre

Le Havre is a ceety in the Seine-Maritime depairtment o the Upper Normandy region in Fraunce. It is situatit in north-wastren Fraunce, on the richt bank o the mooth o the river Seine on the Inglis Channel. Le Havre is the maist populous commune i ...


Nogent-sur-Marne is twinned wi: Yverdon-les-Bains, Swisserland Nazaré, Centro, Portugal Val Nure, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, Italy Castiglione dei Pepoli, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy Siegburg, North Rhine-Westphalie, Germany

Les Sables-dOlonne

Les Sables-dOlonne is a seaside toun in wastren Fraunce, bi the Atlantic Ocean. It is a commune an a sub-prefectur o the Vendée depairtment.

Saint-Pierre, Martinique

Saint-Pierre is a French toun an commune o Caribbean owerseas region an depairtment o Martinique, foundit in 1635 by Pierre Belain dEsnambuc. Before the total destruction o Saint-Pierre bi a volcanic eruption in 1902, it wis the most important ce ...

Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis.ni") is a commune in the northren suburbs o Paris, Fraunce. It is locatit 9.4 km frae the centre o Paris. Saint-Denis is a subprefectur o the depairtment o Seine-Saint-Denis, bein the seat o the arrondissement o Saint-Denis.


Saint-Germain-en-Laye is a commune in the Yvelines depairtment in the Île-de-France in north-central Fraunce.


Saint-Nazaire, is a commune in the Loire-Atlantique depairtment in wastren Fraunce, in tradeetional Brittany.


Villefranche-sur-Saône is a commune in the Rhône depairtment in eastren Fraunce. It lees 1 mile 1.6 km wast o the Saône River, an is aroond 25 kilometre 16 mi north o Lyon. The inhabitants o the toun are cried Caladois.


Bangalore Inglis pronunciation: /ˈbæŋɡəlɔər, bæŋɡəˈlɔər, offeecially Bengaluru) is the caipital o the Indie state o Karnataka. Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden Ceety an wis ance cried a pensioners paradise. Locatit on the Deccan Plateau in the s ...


Chandigarh is a ceety union territory in Indie that serves as the caipital o twa states, Punjab an Haryana. The name Chandigarh translates as "The Fort o Chandi". The name is derivit frae a auncient temple cried Chandi Mandir, devotit tae the Hin ...


Hyderabad / ˈ h aɪ d ər ə b æ d / is the caipital an lairgest ceety o the soothren Indie state o Telangana an the interim caipital o Andhra Pradesh. Occupeein 650 square kilometre alang the banks o the Musi River, it haes a population o 6.8 milli ...


Jaipur / ˈ dʒ aɪ p ʊər / is the caipital an lairgest ceety o the Indie state o Rajasthan in Northren Indie. It wis foondit on 18 November 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler o Amber, efter whom the ceety haes been named. The ceety the ...


Kolkata, umwhile kent as Calcutta, kent in Scots as Cawcuttie an aw, is the caipital o the Indie state o Wast Bengal. Kolkata is the commercial caipital o Eastren Indie, locatit on the east bank o the Hooghly River. The Kolkata metropolitan aurie ...


Lucknow) is the caipital ceety o Uttar Pradesh in Indie. Lucknow is the admeenistrative heidquarters o Lucknow destrict an Lucknow diveesion. Straddlin the river Gomti, modren Lucknow is a bustlin an fast growin metropolis wi a population o amais ...