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Garay Depairtment, Santa Fe Province, Argentinae Gəray, a municipality in Azerbaijan Garai, Biscay, a municipality in Spain Garai, Iran, a veelage in Kerman Province, Iran

Hambleton (disambiguation)

Hambleton mey refer tae: Hambleton Ales, a brewery oreeginally based in Hambleton Hambleton, a local govrenment destrict o North Yorkshire, Ingland Hambleton, Rutland, Ingland Hambleton, Wast Virginie, USA Hambleton, Selby, North Yorkshire, Ingla ...


Hidalgo is a traditional title o persons o the Spaingie nobility or gentry. The wird is a contraction o the phrases hijo de algo, literally "a son o something." Despite this informal-soondin term, the Spaingie coort rigorously regulated who wis a ...


Hohenstein Ostpreußen, German name o Olsztynek in Poland Hohenstein, Thuringie, a municipality in the destrict o Nordhausen in Thuringie The Gut Hohenstein estate near Eckernförde, a toun in Schleswig-Holstein Hohenstein-Ernstthal, in Saxony Sayn ...


Kelso, Californie, ghost toun in the Mojave Desert Naitional Preserve-MDNP Kelso Depot, Restaurant and Employees Hotel, historic landmark in the MDNP Kelso Dunes, dune field in the MDNP Kelso, Fresno Coonty, Californie Kelso, Missouri Kelso Touns ...


Korolyov, transliteratit as Korolev or Korolov an aw, or its feminine variant Korolyova, is a common Roushie surname, an the name o multiple places in Roushie. It is derivit frae the wird король ", korol) meanin "keeng". It mey refer tae:

La Vega

La Vega, a veelage in Cantabrie, caipital o the municipality o Vega de Liébana A Veiga, Galicie toun whose Castilian name is La Vega La Vega, Cauca, toun an municipality in Colombie La Vega, Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid. La Vega, Cundinama ...


Limburg mey refer tae: A province dividit atween Belgium an the Netherlands as consequence o the Treaty o Lunnon Province o Limburg 1815–1839, a umwhile province o the Unitit Kinrick o the Netherlands Limburg Netherlands, a province existin nou i ...


Mariano Matamoros, a leeberal priest an insurgent active durin the Mexican War o Unthirldom Santiago Matamoros "St. James the Moor-killer", name gien tae the Biblical James, son o Zebedee


Nielsen Dens pronunciation, is a Dens patronymic surname, literally meanin son o Niels, Niels bein the Dens version o the Greek male gien name Νικόλαος, Nikolaos. It is the seicont maist common surname in Denmark, shared bi aboot 5% o the populat ...


Nikolsky, Nikolskaya, or Nikolskoye mey refer tae: Fowk Nikolsky name Places Nikolsky Destrict, several destricts in Roushie Nikolskoye Urban Dounset, several municipal urban dounsets in Roushie Nikolski, Alaska, a census-designatit place in Alas ...


Park is the Inglis wird for pairk, an aurie o laund wi a recreational or ither specific purpose. Park or Parks mey refer tae: Naitional pairk, a reserve o laund protected frae maist human development an pollution Park name, a common Korean faimil ...

Pen (disambiguation)

Pen, the muckle-reduced an entirely internal shell o some cephalopod molluscs, espeishially squid Gladius cephalopod, a hard internal boukpairt foond in certaint cephalopods Sea pen, an ainimal Pen, an adult female swan


Pilar is Portuguese an Spainyie for pillar. It haes assumit a great releegious significance due tae María del Pilar Mary o the Pillar, derivit frae the abuin, is a common female name in Laitin American kintras. In Spain, it is uisually abbreviati ...


Pinto is a common Portuguese surname, sometimes occurrin in Spaingie an Italian leids. Some Indies, specially fowk whose faimily oreeginatit frae Goa, bear this name an aw. It can be foond amang the Sephardi Jews stryndants o the Jews expelled fr ...


Potok veelage, a veelage in Gabrovo Province, Bulgaria Potok, the Hungarian name for Potoc veelage, Sasca Montană Commune, Caraş-Severin Coonty, Romanie Potok Prijepolje, Serbie, a veelage


Ramensky, Ramenskaya, or Ramenskoye mey refer tae: Fowk Leonty Ramensky 1884–1953, Roushie/Soviet ecologist Johnny Ramensky 1905–1972, Scots creeminal an war hero Places Ramensky Destrict, a destrict o Moscow Oblast, Roushie Ramensky inhabitit lo ...


Readin process, cognitive process o decodin seembols tae derive meanin frae text as in readin a beuk or readin muisic Readin computer, the act o a computer extractin data frae a storage medium Readin legislatur, the mechanism bi which a bill is i ...


Ceety o Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna region in Padan Plain area, Northren Italy Province o Reggio Calabria, in Calabrie region, Soothren Italy Ceety o Reggio Calabria, Calabria region juist in front o Sicily island, Soothren Italy Province o Reg ...


Rhea Jones, a DC comics chairacter Rhea of the Cöos, a chairacter in Stephen Keengs Dark Tower novelles


Ribera is a Spaingie wird that translates intae "the basin o a river", an mey refer tae: Locations Ribera dUrgellet, a municipality in the comarca o the Alt Urgell, Catalonia, Spain Ribera del Fresno, a municipality in the province o Badajoz, Ext ...


Rioja or La Rioja mey refer tae: La Rioja Province, Argentinae, a province in wastren Argentinae La Rioja Spain, a autonomous commonty an province o northren Spain


Rivadavia -cless battleship Argentinaes first an anerly class o dreadnocht battleship Rivadavia Avenue ane o Buenos Aires maist important thoroughfares ARA Rivadavia, the first o its cless, at the time o its 1911 launch, the warlds lairgest battl ...


Saunt Germain o Paris 496–576, bishop o Paris who foondit Saint-Germain-des-Prés St. Germain Theosofie, based on the Coont o St. Germain, considered tae be ane o the central deities o Theosofie Antoine-Louis Decrest de Saint-Germain 1761-1835, Co ...

San Juan

San Juan de Silicia, a ship in the Spaingie Armada that sunk aff the Isle o Mull, in Scotland San Juan Festival, celebratit in Moyobamba San Juan, a Peruvian beer brewed bi Backus and Johnston San Juan, the Honduran name o the Gowd Tree Tabebuia ...


Santana is the name or pairtial name o numerous fowk, places an companies warldwide. It is derivit frae the contraction o "Santa Ana" or Saunt Anne. Ither uisages include:


Francisco de Paula Santander 1792–1840, a Colombie militar an poleetical leader born in Cúcuta Kike Santander born 1960, a Colombie componer an record producer born in Santiago de Cali Gustavo Santander, Colombie componer an brither o Kike Santander


Germany Schönau Odenwald, a toun in Baden-Württemberg Schönau Abbey, in this toun Schönau am Königsee, a municipality in Bavarie Schönau an der Brend, a municipality in the destrict o Rhön-Grabfeld in Bavarie Schönau, Rhineland-Palatinate, pairt ...

Segura (disambiguation)

Segura is a river in sootheastren Spain. Segura mey refer tae an aw: Segura de los Baños, a toun in the province o Teruel, Aragón, Spain Segura, Gipuzkoa, a toun in the province o Gipuzkoa, Spain


Tolosa, Argentinae, a neebourheid o the ceety o La Plata Tolosa, Leyte, a municipality in the Philippines Tolosa, Spain, a toun an municipality Tolosa, the Laitin, Italian, Spaingie, Catalan an Occitan name for Toulouse, Fraunce Tolosa, the Visig ...

Toyota (disambiguation)

Toyota Destrict, Hiroshima, a destrict in Hiroshima, Japan Toyota, Yamaguchi, a toun in Toyoura Destrict, Yamaguchi, Japan Toyota Prefectural Natural Pairk Toyota, Aichi, a ceety in Aichi, Japan


Tymoshenko or Timoshenko is a surname o Ukrainian oreegin. It derives frae the Christian name Timothy, an its Ukrainian derivatives, Tymofiy or Tymish. The surname, Tymoshenko, wis creatit bi addin the Ukrainian patronymic suffix, -enko, meanin s ...


Verges mey refer tae: Verges, a character in William Shakespeares play Much Ado About Nothing Verges, Jura, Fraunce Bruno Verges born 1975, rugby league player Verges, Catalonie, Spain


Vilanova dAlcolea, a municipality in the province o Castelló


Villeneuve-sur-Lot, in the Lot-et-Garonne département Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, in the Val-de-Marne département Villeneuve-sur-Fère, in the Aisne département Villeneuve-de-Berg, in the Ardeche département Villeneuve-Frouville, in the Loir-et-Cher ...


Viti can refer tae: Viti is the Fijian-leid name o Fiji, an island naition in the Sooth Paceefic Ocean. Viti, Estonie, a veelage in Estonie. Viti leid, spoken in Nigerie. Viti, a wairm crater loch in central Iceland. Viti is a toun in Kosovo. In ...


Alberto Vitoria 1956-2010, Spainyie fitbawer Rui Vitória born 1970, Portuguese retired fitbawer Francisco de Vitoria, a Spainyie Renaissance theologian Steven de Sousa Vitória born 1987, Canadian-born Portuguese fitbawer


Whitton, Californie, name prior tae 1911 o Planada, Californie


Yaroslavsky, Yaroslavskaya, or Yaroslavskoye mey refer tae: Fowk Oleksandr Yaroslavsky b. 1959, Ukrainian businessman, preses o FC Metalist Kharkiv Zev Yaroslavsky b. 1948, U.S. politeecian Yemelyan Yaroslavsky Minei Gubelman, Soviet politeecian, ...


Yuryev, sometimes spelled as Yuriev, or Yuryeva/Yurieva, is a Roushie last name an mey refer tae: Fowk Nikita Zakharyin-Yuriev? - 1586, a Muscovite boyar whose grandson Mikhail Feodorovich foondit the Romanov dynasty o Roushie tsars Mikhail Zakha ...


Zamora, Falcón, a municipality in the state o Falcón Zamora Province Venezuela, in existence frae 1862 tae 1866 Zamora, Aragua, a municipality in the state o Aragua Zamora, Miranda, a municipality in the state o Miranda


A aw, plural aws is the first letter an vouel in the ISO basic Laitin alphabet. It is seemilar tae the Auncient Greek letter alphae that it comes frae.


E is a vowel an the fift letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. It is the maist commonly uised letter in mony leids, includin: Czech, Dens, Dutch, Inglis, French, German, Hungarian, Latin, Norwegian, Spaingie, an Swadish.


In Semitic, the letter mey hae originatit in a hieroglyph for an airm that representit a voiced pharyngeal fricative /ʕ/ in Egyptian, but wis reassigned tae /j/ as in Inglis y es" bi Semites, acause thair wird for "airm" began wi that soond. This ...


Its graphic fairm haes an aa remained fairly constant frae Phoenician times till the day. The name o the Phoenician letter wis ʿeyn, meanin "eye", an indeed its shape oreeginates simply as a drawin o a human ee possibly inspired bi the correspond ...


U is the twinty-first letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet an a vowel in the Inglis alphabet. Seembol U is the chemical seembol for uranium.


Y is the twinty-fift letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet an represents aither a vowel or a consonant in Inglis.

Max Vasmer

Max Julius Friedrich Vasmer wis a Roushie-born German lingueest who studiet problems o etymology o Indo-European, Finno-Ugric an Turkic leids an wirkit on history o Slavic, Easter, Iranian, an Finno-Ugric fowks. Vasmer wis born tae German parents ...


Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project Website The Center for Online Judaic Studies: Ramesses III and the Philistines, 1175 BC Corinne Mamane Museum of Philistine Culture Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project Blog National Geographic article ...

Ptolemy VI Philometor

Ptolemy VI Philometor wis a king o Egyp frae the Ptolemaic period. He reigned frae 180 tae 145 BC. Ptolemy succeedit in 180 at the age o aboot 6 an ruled jointly wi his mither, Cleopatra I, till her daith in 176 BC. The follaein year he mairit hi ...