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Kurchaloyevsky Destrict

Kurchaloyevsky Destrict is an admeenistrative an municipal destrict, ane o the fifteen in the Chechnie, Roushie. It is locatit in the east o the republic. The aurie o the destrict is 975 square kilometer. Its admeenistrative centre is the landwar ...


Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is a ceety an the admeenistrative center o Sakhalin Oblast, Roushie. It wis formerly cried Vladimirovka frae 1882 tae 1905, then Toyohara) frae 1905 tae 1946. Population: 181.728 ; 175.085 ; 159.299.

Pechorsky Destrict

Pechorsky Destrict is a admeenistrative an municipal destrict, ane o the twinty-fower in Pskov Oblast, Roushie. It is locatit in the northwast o the oblast an borders wi Pskovsky Destrict in the northwast, Palkinsky Destrict in the sootheast, Alū ...

Arturo Guzmán Decena

Arturo Guzmán Decena, a.k.a. Z-1 wis a Mexican Airmy sodger who defectit tae acome a mercenary an commander o the mercenary gang cried Los Zetas at the service o Osiel Cárdenas Guillen, the Guwf Cairtels drog laird. Los Zetas are considered bi th ...

Samara Oblast

Samara Oblast is a federal subject o Roushie. It is locatit in the Volga Federal Destrict. Its admieenistrative center is the ceety o Samara. In 1936–1990, it wis kent as Kuybyshev Oblast, efter the Soviet name o Samara.

Luhansk Oblast

Luhansk Oblast) is the eastmaist oblast o Ukraine. Its admeenistrative centre is Luhansk. The oblast wis established on 3 Juin 1938 an bore the name Voroshilovgrad Oblast in honour o Kliment Voroshilov. Important ceeties athin the oblast include: ...


Magas is the caipital toun o Ingushetie, Roushie. It wis foondit in 1995 an replacit Nazran as the caipital o the republic in 2002. In terms o population, Magas is the smawest caipital o a federal subject in Roushie: 2.502 ; 275.


Malgobek is a toun in Ingushetie, Roushie, locatit 45 kilometer northwast o the republics caipital o Magas. Population: 31.018 ; 41.876 ; 20.364.


Baikonur, umwhile kent as Leninsk, is a ceety in Kazakhstan, rentit an admeenistered bi the Roushie Federation. It wis constructit tae service the Baikonur Cosmodrome an wis offeecially renamit Baikonur bi Roushie preses Boris Yeltsin on December ...

Abadan, Turkmenistan

Abadan is a toun locatit near Aşgabat in the Ahal Province o Turkmenistan. It wis foondit in 1963. It wis named Büzmeýin till October 2002 when its name wis chynged bi Turkmenistans preses Saparmurat Niyazov. The traditional Roushie name o the to ...

Alexandrovsk, Murmansk Oblast

Alexandrovsk is a closed admeenistrative-territorial formation in Murmansk Oblast, Roushie. Population: 42.789.


Daşoguz, umwhile kent as Tashauz an Dashkhovuz, is a ceety in northren Turkmenistan an the caipital o Daşoguz Province.


Ust-Luga is a dounset an railwey station in Kingiseppsky Destrict o Leningrad Oblast, Roushie, situatit on the Luga River near its entry intae the Luga Bay o the Guwf o Finland, aboot 110 kilometre wast o St. Petersburg.

Mykolaiv Oblast

Mykolaiv Oblast an aw, is an oblast o Ukraine. The admeenistrative center o the oblast is the ceety o Mykolayiv.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast is an oblast o central Ukraine, the maist important industrial region o the kintra. Its admeenistrative centre is Dnipro. Important ceeties athin the oblast include: Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Kamianske, Nikopol

Belgorod Oblast

Belgorod Oblast is a federal subjects o Roushie. Its admeenistrative center is the ceety o Belgorod. Population: 1.532.526.

Kirov Oblast

Kirov Oblast is a federal subject o Roushie. Its admeenistrative center is the ceety o Kirov. Population: 1.341.312.

Kursk Oblast

Kursk Oblast is a federal subject o Roushie. Its admeenistrative center is the ceety o Kursk. Population: 1.127.081.

Magadan Oblast

Magadan Oblast is a federal subject o Roushie in the Far Eastren Federal Destrict. Its admeenistrative center is the ceety o Magadan. Population: 156.996. The oblast borders in the north wi Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, in the east wi Kamchatka Krai ...


Kotelniki is a toun o Moscow Oblast, Roushie, locatit 22 kilometer sootheast o the centre o Moscow. Population: 32.338 ; 17.747 ; 17.456.


Krasnozavodsk is a toun in Sergiyevo-Posadsky Destrict o Moscow Oblast, Roushie, locatit on the Kunya River 88 kilometer northeast o Moscow an 15 kilometer north o Sergiyev Posad. Population: 13.392 ; 13.549 ; 29.786. Krasnozavodsk wis foondit in ...

Astrakhan Oblast

Astrakhan Oblast is a federal subject o Roushie. Its admeenistrative center is the ceety o Astrakhan. Population: 1.010.073.

Ernst August, Duke o Brunswick

Ernst August, Duke o Brunswick wis the pretender tae the Kinrick o Hanover. He uised the teetle Duke o Brunswick. The Duke o Brunswick is also the maternal grandfaither o Queen Sophia o Spain. He mairit a dochter o Wilhelm II, German Emperor.

Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar o Denmark)

Maria Feodorovna born Princess Dagmar o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. she wis later cried Princess Dagmar o Denmark wis the wife o Alexander III o Roushie. She wis a sister o George I o Greece an Queen Alexandra o The Unitit Kinrick. ...

Carlota Joaquina o Spain

Doña Carlota Joaquina o Spain, wis bi birth a member o the Spaingie branch o the Hoose o Bourbon an Infanta o Spain an Queen consort o Portugal an the Algarves bi mairiage. She wis the wife o John VI o Portugal.

Franz Friedrich, Duke o Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld

Franz Friedrich, Duke o Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, wis ane o the ruling Thuringian dukes o the Hoose o Wettin. As progenitor of a line o Coburg princes who, in the 19t an 20t centuries, ascended the thrones o several European realms, he is a patriline ...

Augusta o Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Princess Augusta o Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach wis the Queen consort o Proushie an the first German Empress as the consort o Wilhelm I, German Emperor. Her mither wis a dochter o Paul I o Roushie, makin Augusta a cousin o Nicholas I o Roushie. She is an ...

Elisabeth Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1746-1840)

Princess Elisabeth Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, was a Croun Princess o Proushie as first wife o Croun Prince Frederick William, her cousin an the future king Frederick William II o Proushie.

Prince Valdemar o Denmark

Prince Valdemar o Denmark wis the third son an youngest bairn o Christian IX an Louise o Hesse-Kassel. He haed a lifelong naval career. He wis an aw a brither o Empress Maria Feodorovna o Roushie an George I o Greece an Queen Alexandra o The Unit ...

Anne Marie o Denmark

Princess Anne Marie o Denmark is the wife o King Constantine II, who reigned frae 1964 until 1973. Anne Marie is the youngest dochter o King Frederick IX o Denmark an his wife Ingrid o Swaden. She is the youngest sister o the reigning Queen Margr ...


Upshire is a veelage in the Epping Forest Destrict o Essex, Ingland. The veelage is pairt o the ceevil pairish o Waltham Abbey. Nearbi dounsets include the touns o Epping an Waltham Abbey. The M25 motorwey passes close tae the veelage. The veelag ...


Riby is a veelage an ceevil pairish in the West Lindsey destrict o Lincolnshire, Ingland. It is situatit approximately 4 mile sooth-wast frae the toun o Grimsby.


Thomsonfly wis a Breetish airline, previously kent as Britannia an a business athin TUI UK prior tae September 2007. Follaein TUI UK mergin wi First Choice Holidays in September 2007 it became pairt o TUI Travel PLC. The new holiday company conti ...


Wuhan is the caipital o Hubei province, Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, an is the maist populous ceety in central Cheenae. It lies at the east o Jianghan Plain, an the intersection o the middle reaches o the Yangtze Han River. Arisin oot o the conglomera ...


Zvolen is a toun in central Slovakie, situatit on the confluence o Hron an Slatina rivers, close tae Banská Bystrica.

Denmark–Turkey relations

Denmark–Turkey relations refer tae current an historical relations atween Denmark an Turkey. Denmark haes an embassy in Ankara, an Turkey Haes an embassy in Copenhagen. Baith kintras are members o NATO. Diplomatic relations atween Denmark an Turk ...


Yanbu al Bahr, an aa kent simply as Yanbu, Yambo or Yenbo, is a major Red Sea port in the Al Madinah Province o wastren Saudi Arabie. It is approximately 350 kilometers north o Jeddah. The population is 188.430. A lairge number o the residents ar ...


The G20 is an internaitional forum for the govrenments an central bank govrenors frae 20 major economies. It wis foondit in 1999 wi the aim o studyin, reviewin, an promotin heich-level discussion o policy issues pertainin tae the promotion o inte ...

Ilan Ramon

Ilan Ramon wis an Israeli pilot an astronaut. He deed in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003.

Altamirano, Buenos Aires

Accordin tae the 2001 census, carriet oot bi the Naitional Institute o Statistics an Census o Argentinae Spaingie: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos, INDEC, the population coont wis 258. This represents a loss o 3.7% ower 268 in 1991 the ...

Asunción (disambiguation)

Costa Rica La Asunción Destrict, in Belén Canton, Heredia province, Costa Rica Asunción Mita, a municipality in the Jutiapa depairtment o Guatemala La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción, the formal name o Guatemala Ceety, Guatemala Guatemala Asunción ...

Hipódromo (Asunción)

Hipódromo is a barrio o Asunción, the caipital o Paraguay. Its a relatively new neebourheid wi a 8.348 indwellers bidin thar, an provides ane o the biggest green auries in Asunción. The name coms frae the Spainyie meanin o the wird Hippodrome, wh ...

Central Depairtment

Central is a depairtment in Paraguay. The caipital is Areguá. Wi its 1.929.834 inhabitants it is the maist populatit o the 17 depairtments o Paraguay.

Colmenar Viejo

Colmenar Viejo is a toun an municipality o aboot 44.000 inhabitants, locatit in the Commonty o Madrid, Spain, 30 kilometres north o Madrid on the M-607 motorwey. It belangs tae the comarca o Cuenca Alta del Manzanares.

Northren Destrict

Northren Destrict or North Destrict mey refer tae several places: Sub-naitional diveesions immediately belaw the naitional level: Northren Destrict, Maltae Northren Destrict Israel North Destrict Hong Kong North Destrict, Wastren Australie, a obs ...


Paju is a ceety in Gyeonggi-do, Sooth Korea. Paju wis made a ceety in 1997; it haed previously been a coonty. The ceety is locatit juist sooth o Panmunjeom on the 38t parallel. Tae defend the Korean caipital, Seoul, mony US an Korean airmy bases ...


LAquila, meanin "The Eagle") is a ceety an comune in central Italy, baith the caipital ceety o the Abruzzo region an o the Province o LAquila. It haes a population o 73.150 indwallers, but haes a daily presence in the territory o 100.000 fowk for ...


Thiès is the third lairgest ceety in Senegal wi a population offeecially estimatit at 320.000 in 2005. It lies 60 km east o Dakar on the N2 road an at the junction o railway lines tae Dakar, Bamako an St-Louis. It is the caipital o Thiès Region a ...


The first inhabitants o the region wur the Anapoymas Indians o the Panche naition. Atween Tocaima an Tena thare existit anerly smaw indigenous hooses. The toun wis foondit on 10 August 1627 bi the Spaingie counsellor Don Lesmes de Espinosa Saravi ...

Central Savanna Province

Central Savanna is ane o the fifteen provinces o Cundinamarca, locatit in the central aurie o the depairtment, it haes 11 municipalities. The Province Caipital is the ceety o Zipaquirá. The municipalities are: Cajicá, Cogua, Cota, Chía, Gachancip ...