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Luise o Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Luise o Mecklenburg-Strelitz wis Queen o Proushie as the wife o King Frederick William III. The couples happy, tho short-lived, mairiage produced nine childer, includin the future monarchs Frederick William IV o an German Emperor Wilhelm I.

Berliner Schloss

The Berliner Schloss is an umwhile pailace in the ceety o Berlin in Germany. It wisthe ceety residence o the Electors o Brandenburg, the Keengs o Proushie, and the German Emperors. The biggin wis destroyed bi fire an bomb in World War II but is g ...


Zhangjiajie is a prefectur-level ceety in the northwastren pairt o Hunan province in Cheenae. It comprises the destrict o Yongding an coonties o Cili an Sangzhi. Athin it is locatit Wulingyuan Scenic Area which wis designatit a UNESCO Warld Herit ...

Niagara Faws

Niagara Faws is the collective name for three watterfaws that straddle the internaitional border atween Canadae an the Unitit States; mair speceefically, atween the province o Ontario an the state o New York. Thay form the soothren end o the Niag ...

Palas de Rei

Palas de Rei is a toun in the province o Lugo, Galicie in northwastren Spain. It belangs tae the comarca o A Ulloa. Accordin tae the INE, the population wis 3.268 inhabitants.

Marie de Medici

Marie de Medici wis Queen o Fraunce as the seicont wife o King Henry IV o Fraunce, o the Hoose o Bourbon.

Cosimo III de Medici, Grand Duke o Tuscany

Cosimo III de Medici, Grand Duke o Tuscany 14 August 1642 – 31 October 1723 wis the penultimate Grand Duke o Tuscany. He reigned frae 1670 tae 1723. He wis a member o the Hoose o Medici he mairit Marguerite Louise dOrléans, a first cousin o Keeng ...

Cosimo I de Medici, Grand Duke o Tuscany

Cosimo I de Medici, Grand Duke o Tuscany wis the second Duke o Florence frae 1537 until 1569, when he became the first Grand Duke o Tuscany, a teetle he held until his daith.

Leopoldo de Medici

Leopoldo de Medici wis an Italian cardinal, scholar, patron o the arts an Governor o Siena. He wis the brither o Ferdinando II de Medici, Grand Duke o Tuscany. He wis named in honour o Leopold I, Haly Roman Emperor. In December 1667 Pape Clement ...

Vittoria della Rovere

Vittoria della Rovere wis Grand Duchess o Tuscany as the wife o Grand Duke Ferdinando II. She had four childer with her husband. She wis later entrusted with the care o her three grandchildren. Her mairiage brocht a wealth o treasures tae the Hoo ...

Dorothea Sophie o Neuburg

Dorothea Sophie o Neuburg wis Duchess of Parma frae 1695 tae 1727. She wis regent o the duchy o Parma frae 1731 tae 1735 for her grandson Infante Carlos o Spain. She wis an aw a sister o Haly Roman Empress Eleonore Magdalene as well as Queen Mari ...

Hedwig Elisabeth o Neuburg

Hedwig Elisabeth o Neuburg wis a Pos princess bi mairiage tae James Louis Sobieski. She wis the dochter o Philip William, Duke o Neuburg, Berg an Jülich, Elector Palatine o Neuburg, an Landgravine Elisabeth Amalie o Hesse-Darmstadt. She wis a sis ...

Karl Theodor, Elector o Bavarie

Karl Theodor, Elector o Bavarie 11 December 1724 – 16 Februar 1799) reigned wis Prince-elector an Coont Palatine frae 1742, as Duke o Jülich an Berg frae 1742 an aw as prince-elector an Duke of Bavarie frae 1777 tae his daith. He wis a member o t ...

Johann Philipp, Duke o Saxe-Altenburg

Johann Philipp, Duke o Saxe-Altenburg, wis a duke o Saxe-Altenburg. He wis born in Torgau, the aulder surviving son o Friedrich Wilhelm I, Duke o Saxe-Weimar an Anna Maria o Neuburg, his seicont wife.

Friedrich Wilhelm II, Duke o Saxe-Altenburg

Friedrich Wilhelm II, Duke o Saxe-Altenburg, wis a duke o Saxe-Altenburg. He wis the youngest son o Friedrich Wilhelm I, Duke o Saxe-Weimar, an Anna Maria o Neuburg, his seicont wife. He wis born 8 months efter the daith o his faither, on 7 Julie ...

Isabella dEste

Isabella dEste wis consorts|Duchess o Parma an seicont wife o Duke Ranuccio II Farnese. She wis the paternal grandmither o Elisabetta Farnese, wife o Keeng Felipe V o Spain.

Marie Adélaïde o Fraunce

Marie Adélaïde o Fraunce, Dochter o Fraunce 23 Mairch 1732 – 27 Februar 1800), wis the fourth dochter an sixth child o King Louis XV o Fraunce an his Polish consort, Marie Leszczyńska. She wis named in honour o her grandmother Marie Adélaïde o Sa ...

Charles Emmanuel IV o Sardinie

Charles Emmanuel IV wis Keeng o Sardinie frae 1796 tae 1802. He abdicated in favour o his brither Victor Emmanuel I.

Princess Clémentine o Belgium

Princess Clémentine o Belgium, a dochter o King Leopold II, was the wife of Napoléon Victor Bonaparte, Bonapartist pretender tae the throne of Fraunce.

Henri Charles de La Trémoille, Duke o Thouars

Henri Charles de La Trémoille, Duke o Thouars wis a French militar general an commander. He wis the son o Henri de La Trémoille, Duke o Thouars an o La Trémoille, an his wife, Marie de La Tour dAuvergne. His mither wis a dochter o Henri de La Tou ...

Eva Perón

María Eva Duarte de Perón wis the seicont wife o Preses Juan Perón an served as the First Lady o Argentinae frae 1946 till her daith in 1952. She is aften referred tae as simply Eva Perón, or bi the affectionate Spaingie leid diminutive Evita, wh ...

Princess Eleonore o Lobkowicz

Princess Eleonore o Lobkowicz wis a member o the Princely Hoose o Lobkowicz bi birth, an a Princess o Schwarzenberg bi mairiage. She wis sometimes cried Eleonore von Schwarzenberg

Suwon Samsung Bluewings

Suwon Samsung Bluewings is a Sooth Korean fitbaw club based in the ceety o Suwon, Sooth Korea, that plays in the K League Classic. Foondit in Dizember 1995, they hae become ane o Asie fitbaws maist famous clubs wi a host o domestic an continental ...

Ryal Spaingie Fitbaw Federation

The Ryal Spaingie Fitbaa Federation is the govrenin bouk o fitbaw in Spain. It is based in La Ciudad del Futbol o Las Rozas, a municipality near Madrid. It organizes the Campeonato Nacional de Liga: the Primera División, the Segunda División an t ...


Sindelfingen is a German toun near Stuttgart at the heidwatters o the Schwippe that is the steid o a Mercedes-Benz assembly plant.

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Otto Lagerfeld was a German creautive director, airtist, an photografer based in Paris. He is the heid creative director o the fashion hoose Chanel as well as the Italian hoose Fendi an his awn eponymous fashion label.

San Marino (disambiguation)

San Marino is the Italian form o the name o Saunt Marinus. It refers an aa tae the follaein locations. San Marino Calcio, Sanmarinnese fitbaa club that plays in the Italian Serie C2 San Marino, a European kintra completely surroondit bi Italy Aut ...

San Prospero

San Prospero is a comune in the Province o Modena in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, locatit aboot 40 km northwast o Bologna an aboot 15 km northeast o Modena.

Argentine Fitbaw Association

The Argentine Fitbaa Association is the govrenin bouk o fitbaa in Argentinae. It organises the Primera División an lawer diveesions, the Argentine Cup, Supercopa Argentina an the Argentinae naitional fitbaa team. The association is based in the c ...


Busana is a comune in the Province o Reggio Emilia in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, locatit aboot 80 kilometre wast o Bologna an aboot 45 kilometre soothwast o Reggio Emilia. Its territory is includit in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano Naitiona ...


Galliate is a comune in the Province o Novara in the Italian region Piemont, locatit aboot 90 kilometre northeast o Turin, aboot 40 kilometre northwast Milan an aboot 7 kilometre northeast o Novara. Galliate borders the follaein municipalities: C ...


Ardea mey refer tae: Ardea genus, genus o herons Ardea, Lazio, toun in Lazio, Italy Lancia Ardea, a smaw caur producit bi the Turin firm atween 1939 an 1953

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing is an Austrick Formula Ane racin team based in Milton Keynes, Ingland. It is ane o twa F1 teams ained bi beverage company Red Bull GmbH, the ither bein Scuderia Toro Rosso. The team won fower successive Constructors Championship t ...

Comarques o Catalonie

This is a leet o the comarques o Catalonie. A comarca is thereaboot equivalent tae a US "coonty" or a UK "destrict". Housomeivver, in the context o Catalonie, the term "county" can be a bit misleadin, acause in medieval Catalonie, the maist impor ...


Faenza is twinned wi: Marousi, Greece Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany Toki, Japan Timişoara, Romanie Jingdezhen, Cheenae Rijeka, Croatie Bergerac, Fraunce Talavera de la Reina, Spain Gmunden, Austrick

Château de Clagny

The Château de Clagny wis a French country hoose that stood northeast o the Château de Versailles; it wis designed bi Jules Hardouin Mansart for Madame de Montespan atween 1674 and 1680. Although among the most important o the private residences ...

Les Invalides

Les Invalides, offeecially kent as LHôtel national des Invalides, or an aa as LHôtel des Invalides, is a complex o biggins in the 7t arrondissement o Paris, Fraunce, containin museums an monuments, aw relatin tae the militar history o Fraunce, as ...

HP Sauce

HP Sauce is a condiment, a weel-likit broun gravy makkit in Aston, Birmingham, Ingland. Hit haes a maut veenegar foond mellt wi fruit an yerbs an is for ordinar eaten as an adjunct tae het or haarie savourie fuid, or uised tae kitchen brees an st ...

Padise Pairish

Padise Pairish is a landwart municipality in Harju Coonty, north-wastren Estonie. It covers a aurie o 366.55 km² an haes a population o 1.771. The admeenistrative centre o Padise Pairish is Padise veelage. It is locatit 47 km sooth-wast frae Esto ...

Nishi-ku, Osaka

Nishi is ane o 24 wards o Osaka, Japan. It is in the wast o central Osaka, an is generally flat. 80% o the aurie wis destroyed bi bombin in Warld War II, an wis no regeneratit till the mid 1960s.

Kita-ku, Osaka

West Japan Railway Company haes its heidquarters in Kita-ku. Nihon Bussan haes its heidquarters in Kita-ku. Dentsu an Yomiuri Shimbun hae branch offices in Kita-ku. Mazda haes an office in the Umeda Sky Biggin Touer East. Air France haes an offic ...


Shortbread is a traditional scots biscuit forordinar made fae yin pairt white sugar, twa bits butter, n three bits plain wheat floor. Its consumption is associatit wi courage an dignity.


Ystradfellte is a sma veelage in Powys, Wales, in the Fforest Fawr aurie o the Brecon Beacons Naitional Pairk. Acause o the geography an topography o the aurie the veelage o Ystradfellte is no visible frae the nearest main road, the A4059 Hirwaun ...


All Nippon Airways operates the Seoul Office in Room 1501 on the 15t floor o the Center Building in Sogong-dong. Hainan Airlines operates its Sooth Korea office in Suite 1501 o the Samyoung Building in Sogong-dong.


Hostalric is a veelage in the province o Girona an autonomous commonty o Catalonie, Spain. The municipality covers a aurie o 3.39 square kilometre an as o 2011 haed a population o 4030 fowk.


Sunhwa-dong is a legal dong, or neebourheid o the Jung-gu destrict in Seoul, Sooth Korea an govrened bi its admeenistrative dong, Sogong-dong an Hoehyeon-dong. MIAT Mongolian Airlines haes its Seoul Branch Office in the Soonhwa Building. The Kore ...


Gil-dong is a dong, neebourheid o Gangdong-gu in Seoul, Sooth Korea. Exit 1 leads tae mony different love motels, hoffs, an mony, mony norae bangs. In this direction it is aboot 2 km tae the Han River. Thare is a Paris baguette an a cafe bene on ...


Vsevolozhsk is a toun an the admeenistrative centre o Vsevolozhsky Destrict o Leningrad Oblast, Roushie, locatit on the Karelie Isthmus 24 kilometer east o St. Petersburg. Population: 59.704 ; 45.310 ; 31.946. The touns name came frae manufacture ...

Robert Donat

Friedrich Robert Donat wis an Inglis film an stage actor. He is best remembered for his roles in Alfred Hitchcocks The 39 Steps an Goodbye, Mr. Chips, winnin for the latter the Academy Awaird for Best Actor.


In financial accoontin, an asset is an economic resoorce. Onything tangible or intangible that is capable o being ained or controlled tae produce value an that is held tae hae positive economic value is considered an asset.