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Gouda, Sooth Holland

Gouda ; population 70.828 Archived 2010-03-23 at the Wayback Machine in 2009) is a ceety an municipality in the wastren Netherlands, in the province o Sooth Holland. Gouda, which was granted ceety richts in 1272, is famous for its Gouda cheese, s ...

Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

For the Belgian ceety bi the same name, see: Zwijndrecht, Belgium. Zwijndrecht is a ceety an municipality locatit in the province o Sooth Holland, Netherlands. It is at the soothren tip o the island o IJsselmonde, at the confluence o the rivers O ...


Binnenmaas is a municipality in the wastren Netherlands, in the province o Sooth Holland. The municipality haed a population o 29.136 in 2017, an covers a aurie o 75.57 km 2 o which 6.31 km 2 is watter. It is namit efter the loch o the same name. ...

Östergötland Coonty

Östergötland Coonty is a coonty or län in sootheastren Swaden. It borders the coonties o Kalmar tae the sootheast, Jönköping tae the soothwast, Västra Götaland tae the wast, Örebro tae the northwast, Södermanland tae the northeast, an the Baltic ...

Håbo Municipality

Håbo Municipality is a municipality in Uppsala Coonty in east central Swaden. Its seat is locatit in the toun o Bålsta. The municipality wis formit in connexion wi the local govrenment reform o 1952.

Habo Municipality

Habo Municipality is a municipality in Jönköping Coonty, soothren Swaden, whare the toun o Habo is seat. The present municipality wis formit in 1974 when a pairt o the dissolvit rural municipality o Fågelsås wis amalgamatit wi "auld" Habo. It wis ...

Esslingen (destrict)

Esslingen is a destrict in the centre o Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neebourin destricts are Rems-Murr-Kreis, Göppingen, Reutlingen, Böblingen an the destrict-free ceety Stuttgart.

Böblingen (destrict)

Böblingen is a destrict in the middle o Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neeebourin destricts are Calw, Enz, Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, an the destricts Esslingen an Tübingen.


Schorndorf is a toun in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, locatit c. 26 km east o Stuttgart. Its station is a the terminus o line S2 o the Stuttgart S-Bahn. The ceety is sometimes cried Die Daimlerstadt The Daimler Ceety in Scots an aw, as it is the to ...


Rems-Murr is a destrict in the middle o Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighborin destricts are Heilbronn, Schwäbisch Hall, Ostalbkreis, Göppingen, Esslingen, the destrict-free ceety Stuttgart an the destrict Ludwigsburg.

Göppingen (destrict)

Göppingen is a Kreis in the middle o Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighborin destricts are Rems-Murr, Ostalbkreis, Heidenheim, Alb-Donau, Reutlingen an Esslingen.

Reutlingen (destrict)

Reutlingen, elk-namit "Das Tor zur Schwäbischen-Alb", is a destrict in the middle o Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The umwhile free imperial ceety reached the limit o 100.000 residents in 1989. It is the nint biggest ceety o Baden-Württemberg. The n ...

Princess Maria Cristina o the Twa Sicilies

Princess Maria Cristina o the Twa Sicilies was the titular Grand Duchess o Tuscany frae 28 Februar 1942 to 4 October 1947 as wife of Airchduke Peter Ferdinand o Austrick, Prince o Tuscany, the titular Grand Duke.

Province o Florence

The Province o Florence wis a province in the Tuscany region o Italy. It haed an aurie o 3.514 sq. km an a population o 933.860 in 44 comuni. Hintle o the province leed in the plain o the Arno river an haes thus become an exurban sprawl aroond th ...

Auerbach, Upper Austrick

Auerbach is a toun in Upper Austrick, Austrick. Its lenth frae north tae sooth is 4.3 km an frae east tae wast is 5 km. 33% o the land is forestit while 60.6% is fermland.

Grieskirchen Destrict

Touns Städte are indicatit in boldface ; mercat touns Marktgemeinden in italics ; suburbs, hamlets an ither subdiveesions o a municipality are indicatit in sma chairacters. Schlüßlberg 2998 Hofkirchen an der Trattnach 1510 Pollham 915 Pötting 541 ...


Elche or Elx is a ceety locatit in the comarca o Baix Vinalopó, in the province o Alicante which, in turn, is a pairt o the Valencie Commonty, Spain. Accordin tae the 2008 census, Elche haes a population o some 228.300 inhabitants, rankin as the ...


Economy is traditionally based on agriculture, with cultivation of olives, almonds, carob and vine. Irrigated areas grow oranges. Livestock include sheep.

Villarreal CF

Villarreal Club de Fútbol, S.A.D., uisually abbreviatit tae Villarreal CF or just Villarreal, is a Spaingie fitbaw club based in Vila-real, a ceety in the province o Castellón athin the Valencie Commonty. Foondit in 1923, it plays in La Liga, hau ...


Sarrià, Barcelona, a municipality in Barcelona, Catalonie, Spain. Callosa den Sarrià, a municipality in the Valencie Commonty. The destrict o Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, whaure the umwhile is locatit. Sarria, a municipality in the profince o Lugo, Galic ...

Province o Verona

The province haes an aurie o 3.109 km², an a tot population o aboot 0.9 million. Thare are 98 comuni singular: comune in the province. Important comuni include Bovolone, Bonavigo, Bussolengo, Cerea, Isola della Scala, Legnago, Negrar, Peschiera d ...

Paula von Preradović

Paula Preradović, kent profeesionally as Paula von Preradović or bi her marriet name as Paula Molden, wis a Austrian writer an poet. She wis a granddochter o the poet Petar Preradović. She wis born in Vienna but her faimily muivit in 1889 tae Pul ...


Melissia, is a suburb in the northeastren pairt o Athens, Greece. The oreegin o the name comes frae its beehives. Syne the 2011 local govrenment reform it is pairt o the municipality Penteli, o which it is the seat an a municipal unit.

Athens (disambiguation)

Athens is the caipital ceety o Greece. Athens Prefectur 1987-2010 History o Athens Classical Athens, the ceety in Classical Antiquity Municipality o Athens Central Athens regional unit creatit 2011 Athens mey also refer tae: Lonnie Athens, Americ ...


Esztergom an aa kent bi alternative names), is a ceety in northren Hungary, 46 kilometre northwast o the caipital Budapest. It lies in Komárom-Esztergom coonty, on the richt bank o the river Danube, which forms the border wi Slovakie thare.


Miskolc, Slovak: Miškovec) is a ceety in northeastren Hungary, mainly wi hivy industrial backgrund. Wi a population close tae 170.000, Miskolc is the fowert lairgest ceety o Hungary It is an aa the caipital o Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Coonty an the re ...


Székesfehérvár) is a ceety in central Hungary an is the 9t lairgest in the kintra. Locatit aroond 65 km soothwast o Budapest. It is inhabitit bi 101.973 fowk, wi 136.995 in the Székesfehérvár Subregion. The ceety is the centre o Fejér Coonty an t ...

An-Nusayriyah muntains

The an-Nusayriyah Muntains, kent as al-Alawiyin Muntains an aw - baith names referrin tae the Alawi sect which haes traditionally livit there - or unner their Sirie offeecial name o Coastal Muntain Range, are a muntain range in northwastren Sirie ...

Koidula, Põlva Coonty

Koidula is a veelage in Värska Pairish, Põlva Coonty, in sootheastren Estonie, on the border wi Roushie. Its locatit few kilometeres northwast o Roushie toun Pechory. Koidula is the border crossin point o Karisilla–Pechory road, Tartu–Pechory an ...


Tartu is the seicont lairgest ceety o Estonie. In contrast tae Estonies poleetical an financial caipital Tallinn, Tartu is aften considert the intellectual an cultural hub, especially syne it is hame tae Estonies auldest an maist renouned varsity ...

Ostrovsky Destrict, Pskov Oblast

Ostrovsky Destrict is a admeenistrative an municipal destrict, ane o the twinty-fower in Pskov Oblast, Roushie. It is locatit in the wast o the oblast an borders wi Pskovsky Destrict in the north, Porkhovsky Destrict in the northeast, Novorzhevsk ...

Pauline Therese o Württemberg

Pauline Therese o Württemberg wis a wife o King Wilhelm I o Württemberg. She is aa cried Pauline o Württemberg ".

Freeport, Bahamas

Freeport is a ceety an free trade zone on the island o Grand Bahama, locatit approximately 100 mile east-northeast o Fort Lauderdale, Florida an is a destrict o the Bahamas. In 1955, Wallace Groves, a Virginian financier wi lumber interests on th ...

Charleston, Sooth Carolina

Charleston is the auldest an seicont-lairgest ceety in the U.S. state o Sooth Carolina, the coonty seat o Charleston Coonty, an the principal ceety in the Charleston–North Charleston–Summerville Metropolitan Statistical Area. The ceety lees juist ...


Arenal can refer tae the follaein: Places Arenal, Belize, a veelage in Cayo Destrict, Belize El Arenal, Hidaldo, a municipality in Hidalgo, Mexico Arenal, Yoro, a municipality in Honduras El Arenal, Castile an León, a toun in Spain El Arenal, Maj ...

Maxcanú Municipality

Maxcanú is a municipality in the wastren/soothwastren section o Mexican state o Yucatán. Its seat is the toun o Maxcanú. The municipality covers a aurie o approximately 1.321 km² an haes a total population o ower 18.800 inhabitants. The municipal ...

Liechtenstein naitional fitbaw team

The Liechtenstein naitional fitbaw team is the naitional fitbaw team o Liechtenstein an is controlled bi the Liechtenstein Fitbaa Association. The organisation is kent as the Liechtensteiner Fussballverband in German. The teams first match wis an ...


Comino is an island o the Maltese airchipelago atween the islands o Malta an Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea, measurin 3.5 square kilometre in aurie.

Ludwig Rudolph, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

page: Ludwig Rudolph, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel 22 Julie 1671 – 1 Mairch 1735, a member o the Hoose o Welf, wis Duke o Brunswick-Lüneburg and ruling Prince o Wolfenbüttel frae 1731 until his daith. Since 1707, he ruled as an immediate Prince ...

Philippe de Bourbon, Duke o Vendôme

Philippe de Bourbon, Duke o Vendôme He wis also a general. After the daith o Louis Joseph, Philippe inherited his brithers ducal titles. He died without childer. The dukedom became extinct after his daith.

Mariano Francisco de Borja José Justo Téllez-Girón y Beaufort-Spontin, 12t Duke o Osuna

Mariano Francisco de Borja José Justo Téllez-Girón y Beaufort-Spontin, 12t Duke o Osuna Spontin wis a member o the Spaingie nobility an the 12t Duke o Osuna.


Paceco is a toun an comune in Wastren Sicily, Italy, admeenistratively pairt o the province o Trapani, locatit nearbi the Trapani ceety aurie. It haes 11.110 indwallers as o 2004. Paceco is a sma rural centre: amang its agricultural products thar ...


Amarapura is a umwhile caipital o Myanmar, an nou a tounship o Mandalay. Amarapura is bundit bi the Ayeyarwady River in the wast, Chanmyathazi Tounship in the north, an the ceety o Innwa in the sooth. Amarapura, Pali for Ceety o Immortality, wis ...

San Fernando

San Fernando de Atabapo, Amazonas San Fernando de Apure, Apure

Belgian First Diveesion A

The Belgian Pro League is the top league competeetion for association fitbaw clubs in Belgium. Contestit bi 16 clubs, it operates on a seestem o promotion an relegation wi the Belgian Seicont Diveesion.

Hainaut (province)

Hainaut" ; German: Hennegau ; Walloon: Hinnot ; Picard: Hénau) is a province o Belgium in the Walloon region.


Levallois-Perret is a commune in the northwastren suburbs o Paris, Fraunce. It is locatit 6.4 km frae the centre o Paris.

Club Brugge KV

Club Brugge Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging, commonly referred tae as juist Club Brugge, is a fitbaw club based in Bruges in Belgium.


Gaul wis the name gien tae the region o wastren Europe in auncient times by the Romans. The region wis made up o whit is nou modren day Fraunce, Northren Italy, Belgium an Wastren Swisserland as weel as pairts o the Netherlands an Germany wast o ...

Euskirchen (destrict)

Euskirchen is a Kreis in the sooth-wast o North Rhine-Westphalie, Germany. Neebourin destricts are Aachen, Düren, Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Rhein-Sieg, Ahrweiler, Daun, Bitburg-Prüm, an the Liège province.