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Kinrick o Alba

The Kinrick o Alba refers tae the Kinrick o Scotland atween the daiths o Donald II in 900, an o Alexander III in 1286 which then led indirectly tae the Scots Wars o Unthirldom.

Christina Bruce

Christina Bruce, kent as Christina de Brus forby, wis a dochter o Marjorie, Coontess o Carrick, an her husband, Robert de Brus, jure uxoris Yerl o Carrick, an a sister o Robert the Bruce, Keeng o Scots.


Serro is a Brazilian municipality locatit in the state o Minas Gerais. The ceety belangs tae the metropolitan aurie o Belo Horizonte an tae the microregion o Conceição do Mato Dentro. In colonial times the ceety wis kent bi the name Vila do Prínc ...

Cheshire (disambiguation)

Cheshire Coonty, New Hampshire Cheshire Tounship, Gallia Coonty, Ohio Cheshire, Connecticut Cheshire, Oregon Cheshire, Massachusetts Cheshire Tounship, Michigan Cheshire, Ohio


Auvergne mey refer tae: Rulers o Auvergne, a leet o the various rulers o Auvergne Auvergne No. 76, Saskatchewan, a landwart municipality in Saskatchewan, Canadae Auvergne province, the historical independent coonty an later French province Bleu d ...

Arcos de Canasí

The toun wis foondit in 1738 at the mooths o the Rio Canasi. Due tae frequent floodin, the toun wis muivit tae heicher grund in 1808, on the actual location. It wis its awn municipality admeenisterin an aurie o 125 square kilometre 48 sq mi) o th ...

Fleein saucer

Fleein saucer is the name gien tae a kynd o unidentified fleein object wi a disc- or saucer-shapet body, uisually describit as siller or metallic, whiles reportit as happit wi runnin lichts or surroondit wi a glowin licht, hoverin or muivin swipp ...


Berd is a ceety in Armenie in the Tavush Province, an considered the regional centre for the Shamshadin aurie. It is locatit tae the left o the Tavush rivers, 211 km frae Yerevan, an is surroondit bi law muntains. Locatit near the ceety are the r ...


Capsicum is a genus o flouerin plants in the nichtshade faimily Solanaceae. Its species are native tae the Americas, whaur thay hae been cultivatit for thoosands o years. In modren times, it is cultivatit warldwide, an haes acome a key element in ...


Bisbrooke is a veelage an ceevil parish in the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands o Ingland. It is locatit aboot twa mile east o Uppingham close tae the A47. In 2001, it haed a population o 219. The parish kirk o St John the Baptist dates frae ...

Myrica gale

Myrica gale is a species o flouerin plant in the genus Myrica, native tae northren an wastren Europe an pairts o northren North Americae.

Luzula sylvatica

Luzula sylvatica, the gait-girse, is a plant o the genus Luzula. It is 10–30 centimetre lang while its stems are 30–80 centimetre heich and its tepals are 3–3.5 millimetre. The flouers grow in groups o 3 or 4.

Cuenca de Campos

Cuenca de Campos is a municipality o Spain in the region o Tierra de Campos in Valladolid province, autonomous commonty o Castile an León. It covers a aurie o 47.93 square kilometre wi a population o 272 inhabitants in 2012.


Pairkheid is ae pairt o the ceety o Glesga. It maks up pairt o the ceetys east end an is haime tae the famous Celtic Football Club. It is the hame o A.G. Barr plc, the company that maks Irn-Bru, an aw. In foretimes Pairkheid haed ane o the muckle ...

Verin Shorzha

Verin Shorzha is a sma hamlet in the Gegharkunik Province o Armenie. Verin Shorzha an the nearbi Nerkin Shorzha are baith reached bi a short drive frae Ayrk.

San José de Gracia, Aguascalientes

Template:Itherplaces San José de Gracia, or simply San José, is a toun in the Mexican state o Aguascalientes. It staunds at 22°09′N 102°25′W. It serves as the municipal seat for the surroondin municipality o San José de Gracia.

1. FC Nürnberg

1. Fußball-Club Nürnberg Verein für Leibesübungen e. V., eften cried 1. FC Nürnberg or simply Nürnberg, is a German association fitbaw club in Nuremberg, Bavarie.

K.A.A. Gent

Koninklijke Atletiek Associatie Gent si ˈɣɛnt", Scots: Ryal Athletic Association Ghent), eften simply kent as Ghent or bi thair nickname De Buffalos, is a Belgian fitbaw, track an field an field hockey club, based in the ceety o Ghent, East Flanders.

VfL Bochum

Verein für Leibesübungen Bochum 1848 Fußballgemeinschaft, commonly referred tae as simply VfL Bochum, is a German association fitbaw club based in the ceety o Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalie.

FC Metz

Football Club de Metz, commonly referred tae as simply Metz, is a French association fitbaw club based in Metz. The club wis furmed in 1932 an haes spent maist o its history in the Ligue 1, awbesit thay play in the Ligue 2 thir days, the seicont ...

Atlético Junior

Categoría Primera A: 9 1977, 1980, 1993, 1995, 2004-II, 2010-I, 2011-II, 2018-II, 2019-I Copa Colombia: 2 2015, 2017 Superliga de Colombia: 1 2019

Stibble hen

The stibble hen, an aa kent simply as the paitrick, is a gemmebird in the pheasant faimily Phasianidae o the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds.

Primera B Nacional

Primera B Nacional is the seicont maist important category o Argentine fitbaw organisit bi the Argentine Fitbaa Association. It is played bi teams frae aw ower the kintra. Clubs frae Buenos Aires surroondins, as well as some frae Santa Fe provinc ...

San Juan Teposcolula

San Juan Teposcolula is a toun an municipality in the State o Oaxaca, Mexico, aften kent simply as Teposcolula. The name Teposcolula means" next tae the twist in copper”. It is pairt o the Teposcolula Destrict in the centre o the Mixteca Region.

Contact lens

A contact lens, or simply contact, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface o the ee. Contact lenses are conseedert medical devices can be worn tae correct veesion, for cosmetic or therapeutic raisons.


Goizueta mey refer tae: Roberto Goizueta, umwhile Chairman an CEO o Coca-Cola frae 1980-1997 Goizueta, Navarre, a municipality in the province an autonomous commonty o Navarre, Spain

Plainfield, Connecticut

Plainfield is a toun in Windham Coonty, Connecticut, Unitit States. The population wis 15.405 at the 2010 census. The toun comprises fower villages: Plainfield, Moosup, Wauregan, an Central Village. Each veelage haes their awn respective United S ...


Elgoibar is a industrial toun locatit in the province o Gipuzkoa, in the autonomous commonty o Basque Kintra, northren Spain. It is locatit in a valley an it is traversed bi the Deba river. Elgoibar is elk-namit the "caipital ceety o the Machine ...

Casas del Monte

Casas del Monte is a municipality locatit in the province o Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. Accordin tae the 2006 census, the municipality haes a population o 850 inhabitants.

Roman Kinrick

The Roman Kinrick wis the period o the auncient Roman ceevilization characterized bi a monarchical furm o govrenment o the ceety o Roum an its territories.

Province o Avellino

The Province o Avellino is a province in the Campanie region o Italy. The aurie is teepifeed bi mony sma touns an veelages scattered athor the province; in fact anerlie twa touns hae a population ower 20.000; its caipital ceety is Avellino.


Mongiana is a comune in the Province o Vibo Valentia in the Italian region Calabrie, locatit aboot 50 km soothwast o Catanzaro an aboot 25 km sootheast o Vibo Valentia. Mongiana wis the seat o the main ironworks an foondries o the Kinrick o Twa S ...

Hoose o Borghese

The Hoose o Borghese princely family of Italian noble an papal background, originating as the Borghese or Borghesi in Siena, where they came to prominence in the 13t century holding offices under the commune. The head o the faimily, Marcantonio, ...

Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is the title character an protagonist o J. R. R. Tolkiens 1937 novel The Hobbit, as well as a supportin character in The Lord of the Rings.


Felucia is a feectional planet in the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars Episode III: Revenge o the Sith, Felucia is the location whaur Aayla Secura wis killed bi her Clone Truipers durin the Jedi Purge.


Polygonella Michx. – nou includit in Polygonum Aconogonon Meisn. Rchb. – nou includit in Koenigia Parapteropyrum A.J.Li – nou includit in Fagopyrum Rubrivena M.Král – nou includit in Koenigia Homalocladium F.Muell. L.H.Bailey – nou includit in Mu ...

Silene dioica

Silene dioica, kent as thunner-an-lichtnin is a yerbaceous flouerin plant in the faimily Caryophyllaceae, native ootthrou central, wastren an northren Europe, an locally in soothren Europe.


Follaein Wilson 2011 Subfaimily Psiloxyloideae tribe Heteropyxideae tribe Psiloxyleae Subfaimily Myrtoideae tribe Chamelaucieae tribe Myrteae tribe Kanieae tribe Backhousieae tribe Syncarpieae tribe Lindsayomyrteae tribe Xanthostemoneae tribe Osb ...

Empetrum nigrum

Empetrum nigrum, crawberry or crowpert, is a flouerin plant species in the heather faimily Ericaceae wi a near circumboreal distribution in the northren hemisphere.


Myricaceae is a smaa faimily o dicotyledonous shrubs an smaa trees in the order Fagales. Thare are three genera in the faimily, altho some botanists separate mony species frae Myrica intae a fowert genus Morella. Aboot 35 species are uisually acc ...


Apocynaceae is a faimily o flouerin plants that includes trees, shrubs, yerbs, stem succulents, an vines, commonly cried the dogbane faimily, efter the American plant kent as dogbane, Apocynum cannabinum.


Orthion Standl. & Steyerm. Anchietea A.St Hil. Noisettia Kunth Agatea A.Gray included Agation Brongn. Viola L. (including Erpetion Sweet, Mnemion Spach Corynostylis Mart. Hybanthopsis Paula-Souza Schweiggeria Spreng. Mayanaea Lundell Hybanthus Jacq.

Circaea lutetiana

Circaea lutetiana enchanters nichtshade is a plant in the evening primrose faimily, Onagraceae. The genus name comes frae the enchantress Circe o Greek meethology an the generic designation is derived frae Lutetia, the Laitin name for Paris. Pari ...

Rosales Municipality

Rosales is ane o the 67 municipalities o Chihuahua, in northren Mexico. The municipal seat lees at Santa Cruz de Rosales. The municipality covers an aurie o 1716.6 km². As o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o 15.935.

Coronel Rosales Partido

Coronel Rosales Partido is a partido locatit on the soothren coast o Buenos Aires Province in Argentinae. The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o aboot 61.000 inhabitants in a aurie o 1.312 km 2 507 sq mi, an its caipital ceety is Punta A ...

Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña Depairtment

Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña Depairtment is a depairtment o Córdoba Province in Argentinae. The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o aboot 34.647 inhabitants in a aurie o 8.228 km², an its caipital ceety is Laboulaye, which is locatit aroon ...


Calera mey refer tae: Calera de Víctor Rosales, Mexico Calera y Chozas, Spain Calera, Alabama Calera de Tango, Chile Calera, Oklahoma Calera, Chile Calera Capital Calera de León, Spain

Prunus armeniaca

Prunus armeniaca, the maist commonly cultivatit apricot species, cried ansu apricot, Siberian apricot, Tibetan apricot an aw, is a species o Prunus, clessifeed wi the ploum in the subgenus Prunus. The native range is somewhit uncerteen due tae it ...


Saxifragaceae is a plant faimily wi aboot 460 kent species in 36 genera. In Europe thare are 12 genera. The flouers are hermaphroditic an actinomorphic. Thay hae 4 or 5 petals an 5 or 10 stamens. Weel kent species include: Heuchera x brizoides Sa ...


Brazil Campestre de Goiás, Goiás Campestre, Minas Gerais Campestre da Serra, Rio Grande do Sul São José do Campestre, Rio Grande do Norte Campestre do Maranhão, Maranhão Campestre do Menino Deus, Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul Campestre, Alagoas ...