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Random-access memory

Random-access memory is a form o computer data storage which stores frequently uised program instructions tae increase the general speed o a seestem.

Sant Boi

Sant Boi, Catalan for Saunt Baudilus, mey refer tae: Sant Boi, railwey station in the municipality o Sant Boi de Llobregat Sant Boi de Llobregat Museum, museum in Sant Boi de Llobregat Sant Boi de Llobregat, toun in the comarca o Baix Llobregat S ...


Maidla mey refer tae several places in Estonie: Maidla, Ida-Viru Coonty, veelage in Maidla Pairish, Ida-Viru Coonty Maidla, Juuru Pairish, veelage in Juuru Pairish, Rapla Coonty Maidla, Harju Coonty, veelage in Saue Pairish, Harju Coonty Maidla P ...


Sõtke mey refer tae several places in Estone: Sõtke River, river in Ida-Viru Coonty Sõtke, Ida-Viru Coonty, veelage in Vaivara Pairish, Ida-Viru Coonty Sõtke, Rapla Coonty, veelage in Märjamaa Pairish, Rapla Coonty


Mõisamaa mey refer tae several places in Estonie: Mõisamaa, Lääne-Viru Coonty, veelage in Rakke Pairish, Lääne-Viru Coonty Mõisamaa, Jõgeva Coonty, veelage in Jõgeva Pairish, Jõgeva Coonty Mõisamaa, Rapla Coonty, veelage in Märjamaa Pairish, Rapl ...


Uusküla mey refer tae several places in Estonie: Uusküla, Harju Coonty, veelage in Jõelähtme Pairish, Harju Coonty Uusküla, Ida-Viru Coonty, veelage in Alajõe Pairish, Ida-Viru Coonty Uusküla, Lääne Coonty, veelage in Martna Pairish, Lääne Coonty ...


Metsküla mey refer tae several places in Estonie: Metsküla, Lääne Coonty, veelage in Lihula Pairish, Lääne Coonty Metsküla, Saare Coonty, veelage in Leisi Pairish, Saare Coonty Metsküla, Märjamaa Pairish, veelage in Märjamaa Pairish, Rapla Coonty ...

Aruküla (disambiguation)

Aruküla mey refer tae several places in Estonie: Aruküla, Hiiu Coonty, veelage in Pühalepa Pairish, Hiiu Coonty Aruküla, Pärnu Coonty, veelage in Varbla Pairish, Pärnu Coonty Aruküla, Lääne-Viru Coonty, veelage in Vinni Pairish, Lääne-Viru Coonty ...

San Bartolo Yautepec Zapotec

San Bartolo Yautepec Zapotec is a Oto-Manguean leid o wastren Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a divergent Zapotec leid, 10% intelligible wi Tlacolulita Zapotec an no at aw intelligible wi ither varieties. It is moribund, wi aw speakers born afore 1955. The ...


Jason wis an auncient Greek meethological hero wha wis famous for his role as the leader o the Argonauts an thair quest for the Gowden Fleece. He wis the son o Aeson, the richtfu king o Iolcos. He wis mairied tae the sorceress Medea. He wis an aa ...

Henderson, Nevada

Henderson, offeecially the City of Henderson, is a city in Clark Coonty, Nevada, Unitit States. It is the seicont lairgest city in Nevada, efter Las Vegas, wi an estimated population o 270.811 in 2013.

Pailace o the Dukes o Alba

The Pailace o the Dukes o Alba is a ducal pailace in Piedrahita, Province o Ávila, Spain. The pailace wis constructed bi Jaime Marquet atween 1755 an 1766 as a summer residence for the Dukes o Alba, an currently hooses a schuil. The pailace wis r ...

Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter is a toun locatit in Palm Beach County, Florida. As o the 2000 census, the toun haed a tot o 39.328 Indwallers. As o 2004, the number recordit bi the U.S. Census Bureau is 46.752. The toun wis cried Jupiter endue tae a misspellin o the "J ...

Arevik, Armavir

Arevik is a toun in the Armavir Province o Armenie. The name Arevik comes frae the ruit Arev meanin "sun".


Whan a leam o licht glents ontae something, that thing will cast a daurk eemage o itsel ontae the grund or anither surface. This image is for ordinar cried shaidae. A place whaur the sun daesna rax whan it is glentin can be crieed shade an aw. Ta ...


Belton-in-Rutland is a veelage an civil parish in the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands o Ingland. It is locatit aboot sax mile sooth-wast o Oakham an aboot fower mile wast o Uppingham an owerleuks the A47. At present the veelage haes ane Pub ...


Isis is a goddess in Auncient Egyptian releegious beliefs, whose wirship spread throuoot the Greco-Roman warld. She wis wirshippit as the ideal mither an wife as well as the patroness o natur an magic. She wis the friend o slaves, sinners, airtis ...


Sauropodomorpha is an extinct clade o lang-necked, yerbivorous, saurischian dinosaurs that includes the sauropods an thair auncestral relatives.


The Mustelidae are a faimily o carnivorous mammals, includin the otter, badger, weasel, marten, foumart, mink an wolverine.


Streptococcus is a genus o coccus Gram-positive bacteria alangin tae the phylum Firmicutes an the Lactobacillales order.


Bacilli refers tae a taxonomic class o bacteria. It includes twa orders, Bacillales an Lactobacillales, which contain several well-kent pathogens sucn as Bacillus anthracis.


The Staphylococcaceae is a faimily o Gram positive bacteria that includes the genus Staphylococcus, notit for encompassin several medically significant pathogens.


The Streptococcaceae are a faimily o Gram-positive bacteria, placed within the order Lactobacillales. Representative genera include Lactococcus, Lactovum, Pilibacter, an Streptococcus.


Sciara mey refer tae: Sciara sheep, a breed o sheep frae Calabrie, Italy Sciara, Sicily, a toun on Sicily Sciara gnat, a genus o fungus gnats Sciara del Fuoco, a lava flow on Stromboli, Italy


Naica is a toun in the Mexican state o Chihuahua. It is locatit in the municipality o Saucillo an reportit a population o 4.775 in the 2005 INEGI Census and I dont even no hal too spel. It is a minin toun an the location o the renouned Naica Mine.

Mixtepec Mixtec

Mixtepec Mixtec is a Mixtec leid spoken in the toun o San Juan Mixtepec in Oaxaca, an bi emigrants in Californie. It is no close tae ither varieties o Mixtec.

Huamelula leid

Huamelultec, kent as Huamelula Chontal, Lawland Oaxaca Chontal, an Chontal de la Costa de Oaxaca an aw, is ane o the Chontal leids o Oaxaca. The name haes been misspelled Tlamelula.

Quioquitani Zapotec

Quioquitani Zapotec, or Quioquitani-Quierí Zapotec, natively Tiits Se, is a Zapotec leid o Oaxaca, Mexico. San Pedro Leapi Zapotec is divergent, an aiblins a separate leid.

Ayautla Mazatec

Ayautla Mazatec is a Mazatecan leid spoken in the Mexican state o Oaxaca, in the toun o San Bartolomé Ayautla. Egland foond 80% intelligibility wi Huautla, the prestige variety o Mazatec. See Mazatecan languages for a detailed description o these ...

Yatee Zapotec

Yatee Zapotec an Lachirioag Zapotec are dialects o a Zapotec leid o Oaxaca, Mexico. The Mexican govrenment organization INALI recognizes baith Yalálag Zapotec an Yatee Zapotec as a variety o Zapotec cried Zapoteco serrano, del sureste.


Feliformia is a suborder within the order Carnivora consistin o "cat-lik" carnivorans, includin cats, hyenas, monguises, civets, an relatit taxa.


The Accipitriformes is an order that haes been proponed tae include maist o the diurnal birds o prey: hawks, eagles, vultures, an mony ithers, aboot 225 species in aw.


The Gruiformes are an order conteenin a conseederable nummer o livin an extinct bird faimilies, wi a widespread geografical diversity. Gruiform means "cran-lik".


Nine faimilies o lairgely arboreal birds mak up the order Piciformes, the best-kent o them bein the Picidae, that includes the spechts an close relatives.


The Coraciiformes are a group o uisually colourfu near passerine birds includin the keengfishers, the bee-eaters, the rollers, the motmots, an the todies. Thay generally hae syndactyly, wi three forrit-pyntin taes, tho in mony keengfishers ane o ...


Perciformes, cried the Percomorphi or Acanthopteri an aw, are the lairgest order o vertebrates, containin aboot 40% o aw bony fishes. Perciformes means "perch-like". Thay belang tae the class o ray-finned fish, an comprise ower 10.000 species foo ...


Stingrays are a group o rays, which are cartilaginous fish relatit tae shairks. They are classifeed in the suborder Myliobatoidei o the order Myliobatiformes an consist o aicht faimilies: Hexatrygonidae, Plesiobatidae, Urolophidae, Urotrygonidae, ...


Zhigulyovsk is a toun in Samara Oblast, Roushie, locatit on the richt bank o the Volga River in the Samara Bend near the Zhiguli Muntains, 92 kilometer wast o Samara. Population: 55.565 ; 48.770 ; 44.801.

Monte Partido

Monte Partido is a partido locatit in the eastren pairt o Buenos Aires Province in Argentinae. The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o aboot 17.500 inhabitants in a aurie o 1.847 km 2 713 sq mi, an its caipital ceety is Monte, locatit 110 ...


Aknalich is a toun in the Armavir Province o Armenie. The toun is situate on a loch, efter whilk it is namit, sinderin it frae the toun o Metsamor.


Locana is a comune in the Province o Turin in the Italian region Piemont, locatit aboot 45 kilometre northwast o Turin in the Orco Valley. Locana borders the follaein municipalities: Cogne, Ronco Canavese, Noasca, Ribordone, Sparone, Chialamberto ...

Santa María del Oro, Nayarit

Santa María del Oro is a municipality an municipal seat in the Mexican state o Nayarit. It is locatit in the sooth o the state an haes boondars wi the municipalities o El Nayar, Tepic, Ahuacatlán, Jala, San Pedro Lagunillas, La Yesca, an Xalisco. ...

Cannero Riviera

Cannero Riviera, is a comune wi a population o 1.073 an a aurie o 14.46 km² in the Province o Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in the Italian region Piemont. The dounset is situatit on the wastren shore o Loch Maggiore; it is aboot 130 km northeast o Turin a ...

Province o Brescia

The Province o Brescia is a Province in Lombardy, Italy. It borders wi the province o Sondrio in the an NW, the province o Bergamo in the W, province o Cremona in the SW an S, the province o Mantua tae the S, an tae the east, the province o Veron ...


Ranco mey refer tae: Chile - frae Mapudungun "Ran - Co" - tormentous watter Ranco Province Ranco Loch Lago Ranco, Chile a ceety an municipality in Chile Italy Ranco, Lombardy


Enniskillen or Inniskillin is the coonty toun o Coonty Fermanagh, ane o the sax coonties that maks up Northren Ireland. It bides awmaist richt in the middle o the coonty, atween Upper an Nether Loch Erne. It haes 13.599 indwallers an is the muckl ...

San Pedro Mártir, Oaxaca

San Pedro Mártir is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. The municipality covers a aurie o km². It is pairt o the Ocotlán Destrict in the sooth o the Valles Centrales Region As o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o.

San Juan del Río, Oaxaca

San Juan del Río is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. The municipality covers a aurie o 94.73 km². It is pairt of the Tlacolula Destrict in the east of the Valles Centrales Region. As o 2005, the municipality haed a total ...

San Antonio (disambiguation)

San Antonio Nanahuatipam, Oaxaca San Antonio Acutla, Oaxaca San Antonio, San Luis Potosí San Antonio Huitepec, Oaxaca San Antonio Tepetlapa, Oaxaca San Antonio de la Cal, Oaxaca San Antonio Sinicahua, Oaxaca

Santa Lucía del Camino

Santa Lucía del Camino is a ceety an its surroondin municipality locatit in the central pairt o the Mexican state o Oaxaca. It lees juist 3 km east o the state caipital ceety o Oaxaca, athin the Oaxaca metropolitan area. It is part of the Centro ...