ⓘ Banner o Laos. The banner consists o three horizontal strips, middle blue strip is twice the heicht o the tap an bottom reid stripes. In the middle is a white d ..


ⓘ Banner o Laos

The banner consists o three horizontal strips, middle blue strip is twice the heicht o the tap an bottom reid stripes. In the middle is a white disc, the diameter o the disc is 0.8 times the heicht o the blue stripe. The banner ratio is 2:3. The naitional banner o Laos wis adoptit in 1975, when the kintra became a fowkrepublic. It is ane o the few Communist flags that daes nae uise the five-pyntit star as an emblem. This banner replaced the oreeginal banner o Laos, which wis reid, wi a triple-headed white elephant on a pedestal beneath a parasol. This expressed the auncient name o the kintra, "Land o a Million Elephants," an dated frae the 19t century. Frae 1953 onward the royal govrenment waged war wi the Pathet Lao, whose banner wis blue wi a white disk an reid borders at the tap an bottom. Frae 1973-1975, the Pathet Lao formed pairt o the govrenment coalition, afore assuming power directly an prompting the abdication o the keeng. Thair banner wis adoptit as the naitional banner. In the center is a white disk seembolisin the unity o the fowk unner the leadership o the Lao Fowks Revolutionary Pairty an the kintras bricht future. It is an aa said to represent a full muin against the Mekong River. The reid stripes staund for the bluid shed bi the fowk in thair struggle for freedom, an the blue symbolizes thair prosperity.


1. Heestory

Frae 1952 until the faw o the royal govrenment in 1975 the kintra haed a reid banner, wi a white three-headed elephant the god Erawan in the middle. On tap o the elephant is a nine-folded umbrella, while the elephant itself stands on a five-level pedestal. The white elephant is a common royal seembol in Soothaest Asie, the three heads referred tae the three umwhile kinricks Vientiane, Luangprabang, an Champasak which made up the kinrick. The nine-folded umbrella is an aa a royal seembol, originating frae Mt. Meru in the Buddhist cosmology. The pedestal represented the law on which the kintra rested.

The Wastren heraldic blazon is A banner Gules, a Spainyie fess azure charged with a plate. This new banner haes replaced the ane uised syne 1952.

  • Coordinates: 18 N 105 E 18 N 105 E 18 105 Laos pronounced  ˈlɑː.oʊs deprecatit template ˈlaʊ or ˈleɪ.ɒs offeecially the Lao Fowkdemocratic
  • Kinrick o Thailand, is an independent kintra that lies in the hert o Sootheast Asie. It is bordered tae the north bi Burma an Laos tae the aest bi Laos an
  • Kinrick o Cambodie is a kintra in Sootheast Asie that borders Thailand tae the wast an northwast, Laos tae the north, Vietnam tae the east, an the Gulf o Thailand
  • Peninsula in Sootheast Asie. It is bordered bi Fowkrepublic o Cheenae FRC tae the north, Laos tae the northwast, Cambodie tae the soothwast, an the Sooth
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  • Scots sangwriter b. 1945 2020 - Valéry Giscard d Estaing, Preses o Fraunce b. 1926 Naitional Day o Laos Naitional Day o the Unitit Arab Emirates
  • Colombian novelist d. 2014 1936 - Choummaly Sayasone, umwhile Preses o Laos 1937 - Valentina Tereshkova, Roushie pilot an cosmonaut 1941 - Ann Winterton
  • Eurovision Sang Contest. 1997 - The Unitit States acknowledges a Secret War in Laos 2004 - Sooth Africae gets the richt tae host the 2010 FIFA Warld Cup. 2004
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