ⓘ Banner o Libie. The Libie Unthirldom Banner is the current banner o Libie, consistin o three horizontal baunds o reid, black an green, wi a white crescent muin ..


ⓘ Banner o Libie

The Libie Unthirldom Banner is the current banner o Libie, consistin o three horizontal baunds o reid, black an green, wi a white crescent muin an a starn in its centre. It wis the oreeginal banner o the Kinrick o Libie introducit in 1951 follaein the creation o the Libie state in the post-Warld War II period. It wis oreeginally creatit bi Omar Faiek Shennib an appruivit bi Keeng Idris wha comprised the UN delegation representin the regions o Cyrenaica, Fezzan an Tripolitanie at UN discussions that resultit in a unifeed Libie in 1951.

This banner wis adoptit bi the Naitional Transitional Cooncil an anti-Gaddafi forces an formally reclaimit as the kintras naitional banner in the Libie interim Constitutional Declaration issued on 3 August 2011, as a result o the Faw o Tripoli frae the Gaddafi govrenment in the Libie ceevil war in August 2011.


1. Historical banners

Great Socialist Fowk Libie Arab Jamahiriya

The banner o the Gaddafi-led Great Socialist Fowk Libie Arab Jamahiriya wis adoptit on 11 November 1977 an consists o a green field. It wis the anerlie naitional banner in the warld wi juist ae colour an nae design, insignia, or ither details. It wis chosen bi Libie leader Muammar Gaddafi tae seembolise his poleetical philosophy efter his Green Beuk.

The green colour tradeetionally seembolises Islam, reflectin the historical green banners o the Fatimid Caliphate. In Libie, green wis an aw a colour tradeetionally uised tae represent the Tripolitanie region.

Libie 2011-

This banner wis oreeginaly the banner o the Kinrick o Libie atween 1951 an 1969. The banner wis first uised bi murmlers durin the Libyan protests o 2011. It is nou uised bi the Naitional Transeetional Cooncil.

  • its Constitutional Declaration o August 2011 defines the Banner o Libie it daes no mak ony proveesions for a coat o airms. The Naitional Transitional
  • reid - white - black banner wi a gowden hawk in the white stripe wis uised as a banner for the Federation o Arab Republics which consistit o Sirie, Egyp an Libie The
  • The banner o Egyp Egyptian Arabic: علم مصر is a tricolour consistin o the three equal horizontal reid, white, an black baunds o the Arab Liberation
  • Libie Arabic: ليبيا Lībiyā is a kintra locatit in North Africae. Borderin the Mediterranean Sea tae the north, Libie lies atween Egyp tae the aest
  • The Banner o the Arab Revolt wis a banner uised bi Arab naitionalists durin the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire in World War I. The banner wis
  • seembol o the Coat o airms o Sirie Arabic: شعار سوريا is the Sirian hawk o hawk o Qureish which haulds a shield o the naitional banner in vertical
  • o Arab naitionalism bi Iraq, Palestine, an Yemen an umwhile bi Libie Coat o airms o the Sultanate o Egyp 1914 - 1922 Coat o airms o the Kinrick o Egyp
  • north o Libie The kintra s offeecial leids is Maltese an Inglis. Roman Catholicism is the maist muckle releegion on the island. The kintra o Maltae
  • the wast, Libie tae the sootheast, an the Mediterranean Sea tae the north an east. Its aurie is amaist 165, 000 km², wi an estimatit population o juist ower
  • Ethiopie tae the east, the Sooth Sudan tae the sooth, Chad tae the wast an Libie tae the northwast. The warld s langest river, the Nile, divides the kintra
  • Asie. Kiverin an aurie o aboot 1001450 sqkm, Egypt haes laund mairchs wi Libie tae the wast, Sudan tae the sooth an the Gaza Strip an Israel tae the east
  • warld. Algeirie is bordered in the northaest bi Tunisie, in the east bi Libie in the wast bi Morocco, in the soothwast bi Wastren Sahara, Mauritanie