ⓘ Riga is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Latvie, a major industrial, commercial, cultural an financial centre o the Baltics, an important seaport, situatit on t ..

Koidula, Põlva Coonty

Koidula is a veelage in Värska Pairish, Põlva Coonty, in sootheastren Estonie, on the border wi Roushie. Its locatit few kilometeres northwast o Roushie toun Pechory. Koidula is the border crossin point o Karisilla–Pechory road, Tartu–Pechory an Valga–Pechory railweys. Currently anerly Tartu–Pechory line is open tae fricht traffic, Valga–Pechory is inactive. Syne 2008 a new railwey station is bein biggit in the neebourin Matsuri veelage. This enables the traffic atween Tartu–Pechory an Valga–Pechory lines athoot crossin the Russian border. It is theoretically possible tae be uised for traf ...


Tartu is the seicont lairgest ceety o Estonie. In contrast tae Estonies poleetical an financial caipital Tallinn, Tartu is aften considert the intellectual an cultural hub, especially syne it is hame tae Estonies auldest an maist renouned varsity. Situatit 186 km sootheast o Tallinn, the ceety is the centre o soothren Estonie. The Emajõgi river, that connects the twa lairgest lochs o Estonie, crosses Tartu. The ceety is served bi Tartu Airport.

Ostrovsky Destrict, Pskov Oblast

Ostrovsky Destrict is a admeenistrative an municipal destrict, ane o the twinty-fower in Pskov Oblast, Roushie. It is locatit in the wast o the oblast an borders wi Pskovsky Destrict in the north, Porkhovsky Destrict in the northeast, Novorzhevsky Destrict in the sootheast, Pushkinogorsky an Krasnogorodsky Destricts in the sooth, Pytalovsky Destrict in the wast, an wi Palkinsky Destrict in the northwast. The aurie the destrict is 2.400 square kilometer. Its admeenistrative centre is the toun o Ostrov. Population: 31.096 ; 36.685 ; 14.199. The population o Ostrov accoonts for 69.7% o the de ...

Pauline Therese o Württemberg

Pauline Therese o Württemberg wis a wife o King Wilhelm I o Württemberg. She is aa cried Pauline o Württemberg ".


ⓘ Riga

Riga) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Latvie, a major industrial, commercial, cultural an financial centre o the Baltics, an important seaport, situatit on the mouth o the Daugava. Wi 706.413 inhabitants, it is the lairgest ceety o the Baltic states an third-lairgest in the Baltic region, ahint Saunt Petersburg an Stockholm. Rigas territory covers 307.17 km2 an lies atween 1 an 10 metres abuin sea level, on a flat an sandy plain.

Rigas historical centre haes been declared a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid, an the ceety is pairticularly notable for its extensive Jugendstil German Art Nouveau airchitecture, which UNESCO considers tae be unparalleled onywhere in the warld.


1. Etymology

Ane theory for the oreegin o the name Riga is that it is a corruptit borraein frae the Liv ringa meanin luip, referrin tae the auncient natural harbour formed bi the tributary luip o the Daugava. The ither is that Riga awes its name tae this awready-established role in commerce atween East an Wast, as a borraein o the Latvian rija, for threshin barn, the "j" becomin a "g" in German - notably, Riga is cried Rie bi Inglis geographer Richard Hakluyt 1589, an German historian Dionysius Fabricius 1610 confirms the oreegin o Riga frae rija. Anither theory coud be that Riga wis named efter Riege, the German name for the River Rīdzene, a tributary o the Daugava.


2.1. Sports Sports clubs

  • TTT Riga - a womens basketbaw team, which throughoot 1960 an 1982 wan aichteen FIBA EuroLeague Women titles.
  • VEF Riga
  • Barons LMT - a mens basketbaw team, twa-time Latvian champion, as well as the 2008 FIBA EuroCup winner.
  • Basketbaw
  • Ice hockey
  • Dinamo Riga - an ice hockey club established in 2008. It plays in the Kontinental Hockey League. Dinamo wis established as a successor tae the umwhile hockey team wi the same name, which wis foondit in 1946 but ceased tae exist in 1995.
  • Skonto FC - a fitbaa club established in 1991. The club wan fowerteen successive Latvian Higher League titles. For a lang time it providit the core o the Latvian naitional fitbaa team.
  • FK Jaunība
  • Fitbaa
  • JFK Olimps/RFS

2.2. Sports Sports events

  • Eurobasket 1937
  • 2006 Mens World Ice Hockey Championships
  • EuroBasket Women 2009
  • Riga Marathon

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  • The 2019 Riga Masters also known as the 2019 Kapersky Riga Masters due tae sponsorship wis a professional rankin snooker toornament held from 26 tae
  • Ķīšezers is a lake in Riga Latvie, wi primary inflow o the Jugla River. The lake is 1, 730 ha 4, 300 acres lairge, it haes 2.4 metres 7 ft 10 in o average
  • listen seaside German: Riga - Strand, Baltische Riviera is a ceety in Latvie, aboot 25 kilometre 16 mile wast o Riga Jūrmala is twinned wi: Anadia
  • municipality is crossed bi the road o internaitional importance Riga - Moscow an bi the railwey Riga - Moscow. Admeenistrative diveesions o Latvie Ludza The Ministry
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