ⓘ Holden HJ. The Holden HJ is a series o automobiles which wur produced bi General Motors-Holden’s in Australie frae 1974 tae 1976. The HJ series wis released on ..


ⓘ Holden HJ

The Holden HJ is a series o automobiles which wur produced bi General Motors-Holden’s in Australie frae 1974 tae 1976. The HJ series wis released on 4 October 1974 an wis an improved an faceliftit version o the supersedit Holden HQ series which haed been in production since 1971.


1. Model range

Aw HJ models, aside frae the One Tonner, wur easily identified frae the HQ bi haein a squared-aff frontal treatment wi wrap-aroond indicator lichts. The rear o the sedan models featured a new bumper an wraparoond triangular taillichts, while aw ither bodystyles kept the previous HQs rear stylin.

The mainstream passenger caur range consistit o 4 door sedan an 5 door wagon models in three trim levels.

  • Kingswood wagon
  • Premier sedan
  • Belmont wagon
  • Kingswood sedan
  • Belmont sedan
  • Premier wagon

The Premier wis distinguisht frae the cheaper models bi a fower heidlicht frontal treatment. Wagons rode on a wheelbase which wis three inches 76.2 mm langer than that o the sedans.

The performance orientatit Monaro range includit twa-door coupe an fower-door sedan models:

  • Monaro GTS sedan
  • Monaro GTS coupe
  • Monaro LS Coupe

The base model Monaro Coupe wis no carried forrit frae the HQ series an the new range an aa saw the demise o the Monaro GTS350 Coupe an Sedan meaning that the importit Chevrolet 350 cubic inch 5.7 litre V8 ingine wis nae langer affered in ony Holden model.

Commercial vehicle derivatives includit coupe utility, panel van an cab chassis truck models:

  • Sandman panel van
  • Kingswood utility
  • Kingswood Sandman utility
  • Utility
  • Panel van
  • Sandman utility
  • One Tonner

The base model utility an panel van models did no carry the Belmont name which haed been applied tae their HQ series equivalents an they wur marketit simply as the Holden utility an Holden panel van respectively while The Sandman variants wur equipt wi various features frae the Monaro GTS models.

The cab/chassis model wis marketit as the Holden One Tonner, which still uised its awn unique front treatment introduced wi the previous HQ range, an woud continue wi the model till 1980.


2. Ingines

2.8 litre an 3.3 litre inline sax cylinder ingines wur available, as wur 4.2 litre an 5.0 litre V8 units. The twa Monaro GTS models wur ae affered wi the aicht cylinder ingines.


3. Statesman HJ

  • The Statesman HJ range o lang wheelbase luxury sedans developed frae the Holden HJ series wis an aa released in 1974. The twa models in the range, the de Ville an the Caprice, wur marketit as Statesmans rather than as Holdens.
  • generation HQ HJ HX HZ WB cab chassis version o the Holden HQ HJ HX HZ WB utility. Seicont generation VY II VZ cab chassis version o the Holden Ute VY
  • in 1971 as the HQ series Statesman, replacin the short - lived Holden Brougham. Subsequent HJ HX an HZ models wur updates tae the oreeginal HQ bodywirk
  • Statesman wis an automotive marque creatit bi General Motors Holden GMH the Australian subsidiary o General Motors in 1971. Statesman vehicles wur sauld