ⓘ Banner o Kazakhstan. The current banner o Kazakhstan or Kazakh banner wis adoptit on 4 Juin 1992, replacin the banner o the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. Th ..


ⓘ Banner o Kazakhstan

The current banner o Kazakhstan or Kazakh banner wis adoptit on 4 Juin 1992, replacin the banner o the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. The banner wis designed bi Shaken Niyazbekov.


1. Description

The naitional banner o the Republic o Kazakhstan haes a gowd sun wi 32 rays abuin a soarin golden steppe eagle, baith centred on a sky blue backgrund; the hoist side displays a naitional ornamental pattern "koshkar-muiz" the horns o the ram in gowd; the blue colour is o releegious significance tae the Turkic fowks o the kintra, an sae seembolizes cultural an ethnic unity; it an aa represents the endless sky as well as watter; the sun, a soorce o life an energy, exemplifies wealth andplenitude; the suns rays are shaped lik grain, which is the basis o abundance an prosperity; the eagle haes appeared on the flags o Kazakh tribes for centuries an represents freedom, pouer, an the flight tae the future. The width o the banner tae its lenth is 1:2.


2. Interpretation

The pattern represents the airt an cultural tradeetions o the auld khanate an the Kazakh fowk. The licht blue backgrund stands for the various Turkic fowks that mak up the present-day population o the kintra, includin the Kazakhs, Tatars, Mongols, Uyghurs, Uzbeks an ithers. Amang thir fowk blue haes a releegious significance, representin the sky god Tengri, "the eternal wide blue sky", an watter as well. The licht blue colour an aa seembolizes cultural an ethnic unity o Kazakhstani fowk.

The sun represents the soorce o life an energy. It is an a seembol o wealth an abundance; the suns rays are lik grain which is the basis o abundance an prosperity.

Fowk o different Kazakh tribes haed the golden eagle on thair banners for centuries. The eagle seembolizes the pouer o the state. For the modren naition o Kazakhstan the eagle is a seembol o unthirldom, freedom an flight tae future.

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