ⓘ Banner o Albanie. The naitional banner o Albanie is a reid banner wi a silhouette black twa-heidit eagle in the centre. It is the ae reid an black banner o a re ..


ⓘ Banner o Albanie

The naitional banner o Albanie is a reid banner wi a silhouette black twa-heidit eagle in the centre. It is the ae reid an black banner o a recognised sovereign state. It is claimed tae be derived frae the seemilar seal o Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, a 15t century Albanian who led the revolt against the Ottoman Empire that resultit in brief unthirldom for some regions o Albanie frae 1443 tae 1478. The current banner wis offeecially adoptit on 7 Aprile 1992, but previous Albanian states sic as the Kinrick o Albanie an the post-war communist state haed uised muckle the same banner, wi the umwhile sportin the "Helmet o Skanderbeg" abuin the eagle an the latter a reid starn wi a yellae rim.

The Naitional Assembly o Vlora which proclaimed Albanian unthirldom on 28 November 1912 approved the banner as a seembol o the Albanian naition.

The horizontal open-winged eagle seembolises the lack o submission o the hieland Albanians tae foreign conquest. The communist regime addit a yellae five-pointit starn tae the banner, which wis removed bi the first Albanian pluralist parliament in 1992 efter the communist collapse.

Albanies civil ensign an naval ensign, baith maritime banners are different frae the naitional banner. The civil ensign consists o three horizontal baunds o reid, black, an reid. The naval ensign is seemilar tae the naitional banner, except that the eagle is on a white field, an the lawer portion o the banner haes a reid stripe.

The presidential banner o the Republic o Kosova an proposals regardin the banner o Kosovo, which is ethnically lairgely Albanian are an aa based on the banner o Albanie.

The eagle o the banner o Albanie is depictit on the reverse o the Albanian 5 leke coin, issued in 1995 an 2000.

  • coat o airms o Albanie is a adaptation o the banner o Albanie It is based on the seal o Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. The emblem abuin the heid o the twa - heidit
  • forms the basis o the current banner o Serbie. The Albanian population uised the banner o Albanie syne the 1960s as thair naitionality banner Baith banners
  • The Coonty o Tirana Albanie Qarku i Tiranës is ane o the 12 coonties o Albanie It consists o the districts Kavajë an Tirana an its caipital is Tirana
  • Tirana Albanie Tiranë, Tirana or Tirona is the caipital an the lairgest ceety o Albanie Modren Tirana wis foondit as an Ottoman toun in 1614 bi Sulejman
  • tae the nor wast, Serbie in the nor east, the Republic o Macedonie in the south an wi Albanie in the sooth east. Serbie hinna recognised Kosovo as a kintra
  • laund mairches wi Hungary in the North, Romanie an Bulgarie in the East, Albanie Kosovo an North Macedonie in the Sooth an Montenegro, Croatie an Bosnie
  • laundlockit kintra in the Balkans region o Sooth - Wastren Europe. It is laund mairched wi Kosovo tae the North, Albanie tae the Wast, Greece tae the Sooth an
  • leader Vladimir Lenin dees agit 53. 1925 - Albanie declares issel a republic. 1948 - The current Banner o Quebec is adoptit. 1951 - The Mt. Lamington
  • the seicont lairgest ceety o Albanie It is the maist auncient an ane o the maist economically important ceeties o Albanie It is locatit on the central
  • North - East an wi Albanie tae the Sooth - East. Its caipital city is Podgorica. It wis independent frae the meedle ages tae 1918 whan it wis than pairt o aw the different
  • ither Italian regions o Molise tae the north, Campanie tae the wast, an Basilicata tae the soothwast. It neighbours Greece an Albanie athort the Ionian