ⓘ Banner o Fraunce. The naitional banner o Fraunce is a tricolour featurin three vertical baunds coloured ryal blue, white, an reid. It is kent tae Inglis speaker ..


Gelendzhik is a resort toun in Krasnodar Krai, Roushie, locatit on the Gelendzhik Bay o the Black Sea, atween Novorossiysk tae the northwast) an Tuapse tae the sootheast).


ⓘ Banner o Fraunce

The naitional banner o Fraunce is a tricolour featurin three vertical baunds coloured ryal blue, white, an reid. It is kent tae Inglis speakers as the French tricolour or simply the tricolour.

The ryal govrenment uised mony banners, the best kent bein a blue shield an yellae fleur-de-lis on a white backgrund, or state banner. Early in the French Revolution, the Paris militia, which played a prominent role in the stormin o the Bastille, wore a cockade o blue an reid, the ceetys traditional colors. Accordin tae Lafayette, white, the "ancient French colour", wis addit tae militia cockade tae create a tricolor, or naitional, cockade. This cockade became pairt o the uniform o the Naitional Guard, which succeedit the militia an wis commandit bi Lafayette. The colors an design o the cockade are the basis o the Tricolour banner, adoptit in 1790. A modified design bi Jacques-Louis David wis adoptit in 1794. A solit white banner wis uised durin the Bourbon restoration in 1815-1830, but the tricolor haes been uised syne.

  • colours o the Duchy o Brabant, an the vertical design mey be based on the banner o Fraunce The naitional banner haes the unuisual proportions o 13: 15
  • reid, the colors o the naitional banner o Fraunce kent as the drapeau tricolore, an the coq gaulois is the seembol o the team. Fraunce is colloquially
  • the banner o Fraunce The centre stripe is thocht tae staund for unity: reid is the colour o unity, an the starn is referred tae as the starn o unity
  • the tricolour banner o Fraunce but wi a Cedar in the middle. The preses Lebanese banner wis adoptit juist prior tae unthirldom frae Fraunce in 1943. Seekin
  • The current banner o the Union o the Comoros offeecially French: Union des Comores Arabic: الات حاد القمري al - Ittiḥādd al - Qamariyy wis designed in
  • the banners o Fraunce an Spain, the twa states that pertect the unthirldom o the sma state. A banner o three bars is seemilar tae that o the French Tricolore
  • state banner but bore an aulder version o its coat o airms, wis in uise frae the principality s early days except durin its annexation tae Fraunce frae
  • The Banner o Niger haes been the naitional seembol o the Wast African Republic o Niger syne 1959, a year prior tae its formal unthirldom frae Fraunce It
  • the Ottoman banner an is therefore an indication o Tunisie s history as a pairt o the Ottoman Empire. For the Tunisian embassy in Fraunce the colour
  • The banner o the Central African Republic wis adoptit on December 1, 1958. It wis designed bi Barthélemy Boganda, the first preses o the autonomous territory


The Côtes-dArmor, umwhile named Côtes-du-Nord, are a depairtment in the north o Breetany, in northwastren Fraunce.