ⓘ Banner o Afghanistan. The banner o Afghanistan wis adoptit bi the transitional govrenment o the Transitional Islamic State o Afghanistan in 2002–2004. This bann ..


ⓘ Banner o Afghanistan

The banner o Afghanistan wis adoptit bi the transitional govrenment o the Transitional Islamic State o Afghanistan in 2002–2004. This banner is seemilar tae the ane flewn in Afghanistan durin the monarchy atween 1930 an 1973. The difference is the addition o the shahadah at the tap o the coat-o-airms in the center. The new banner wis adoptit Januar 4, 2004.

This banner consists o three stripes o the colors black, red, an green. This haes been present on maist banners o Afghanistan in the last twintie years. The centre emblem is the classical emblem o Afghanistan wi a mosque wi its mihrab facin Mecca.

The pre-Taliban-era an Afghan Northren Alliance banner featurt the same emblem, but wi green, white an black horizontal stripes insteid.

Afghanistan haes haed mair chynges o its naitional banner durin the twintiet century than ony ither kintra in the warld.

  • The Naitional Emblem o Afghanistan haes appeared in some form on the Banner o Afghanistan syne the inception o that naition. The maist notable absence
  • The Islamic Republic o Afghanistan commonly kent as Afghanistan æfˈɡænɨstæn listen is a landlocked an muntainous kintra in sooth - central Asie
  • is strack bi lichtnin durin the experiment, wi nobody noticin. 1919 - Afghanistan gains full unthirldom frae the Unitit Kinrick. 1941 - The Kodiak Naitional
  • kintra in Central Asie. Afghanistan borders it tae the sooth, Uzbekistan tae the wast, Kyrgyzstan tae the north, an Fowkrepublic o Cheenae tae the east.
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  • colonial times, Iowa wis a pairt o French Louisiana an Spaingie Louisiana its state banner is patterned efter the banner o Fraunce. Efter the Louisiana Purchase
  • Naitions in a naitional referendum. 2002 - A yirdquauk in the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan kills 166 fowk. 2009 - The Sri Lanka cricket team is attackit in Pakistan
  • Republic Turkmen SSR Turkmenistan is ane o the sax independent Turkic states. It is bordered bi Afghanistan tae the sootheast, Iran tae the sooth an soothwast
  • pairt o the Soviet Union. It shares borders wi Kazakhstan tae the wast an tae the north, Kyrgyzstan an Tajikistan tae the east, an Afghanistan an Turkmenistan
  • Armenie an the Republic o Azerbaijan, tae the north bi the Caspian Sea, tae the northeast bi Turkmenistan, tae the east bi Afghanistan an Pakistan, tae the
  • region in the northwast o Pakistan, lyin atween the province o Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, an the neighboring kintra o Afghanistan The FATA comprise