ⓘ Banner o Lebanon. The banner o Lebanon is formed o twa horizontal reid stripes envelopin a horizontal white stripe. The white stripe is tae be twa times a reid ..


ⓘ Banner o Lebanon

The banner o Lebanon is formed o twa horizontal reid stripes envelopin a horizontal white stripe. The white stripe is tae be twa times a reid ane - a Spaingie fess. The green cedar in the middle touches each o the reid stripes an its width is ane third o the width o the banner.


1. Seembolism

It wis designed tae be a neutral banner, no allied tae ony ane o Lebanons releegious groups. The reid stripes seembolise the pure bluid shed in the aim o leeberation. The white stripe seembolizes peace, an the white snaw coverin Lebanons muntains. The green cedar Arz Species: Cedrus libani or Lebanon Cedar seembolizes immortality an steadiness.


2.1. History French Mandate o Lebanon

Durin the French Mandate o Lebanon, the Lebanese banner wis designed bi the preses o the Lebanese Renaissance Movement, the late Naoum Mukarzel. It wis seemilar tae the tricolour banner o Fraunce but wi a Cedar in the middle.


2.2. History Lebanese Republic

The preses Lebanese banner wis adoptit juist prior tae unthirldom frae Fraunce in 1943. Seekin for unthirldom, the actual banner wis first drawn bi member o parliament Henri Pharaon in the Chamber o deputies Saeb Salams hoose in Mousaitbeh bi the deputies o the Lebanese parliament. It wis adoptit on December 7, 1943, durin a meetin in the parliament, whaur the airticle 5 in the Lebanese constitution wis modified.

Ane theory is that syne Henri Pharaon wis a lang-time consul in Vienna, Austrick an wis an avid friend an foonder o the "Austro-Lebanese Association o Friendship", the colors coud hae been inspired bi the reid-white-red Banner o Austrick. The Austrian banner is ane o the auldest in the warld, datin tae the 13t century when it first probably appeared efter the Siege o Acre durin the Third Crusade.

  • cedar tree. It is vera seemilar tae the banner o Lebanon wi the exception o the Spaingie fess on the banner bein chynged intae a bend sinister. Its blazon
  • stripes wi Spainyie fess. The banner o Lebanon bears a close resemblance, showin the green cedar in white field. The Lebanese banner haes seemilar upper - doun
  • 833 Lebanon pronounced  ˈlɛbənɒn deprecatit template or ˈlɛbənən Arabic: ل ب ن ان Lubnān French: Liban offeecially the Republic o Lebanon Arabic:
  • current banner o Sirie Arabic: علم سوريا wis re - adoptit in 1980. It is an aa the banner o the umwhile Unitit Arab Republic. The first banner tae be
  • lairgest ceety o Lebanon wi a population rangin frae some 1 million tae ower 2 million as o 2007. Locatit on a peninsulae at the midpoint o Lebanon s coastline
  • becomes Keeng o Spain, efter the daith o Francisco Franco. 1977 - Concorde maks its flicht frae Paris tae New York Ceety. 1989 - Preses o Lebanon René Moawad
  • those o the Spaingie banner uised as the banner for the New Kinrick o Granada. In 9 October 1952, exactly 142 year efter thir events, decree 555 o 1952
  • attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the hame o the American Paceefic fleet. 1943 - Lebanon gets its current banner 1970 - Wast German Chancellor Willy Brandt
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  • إسرائيل, Isrā īl is a kintra in the sooth - eastren Middle East that mairches Lebanon Sirie, Jordan an Egyp. The caipital an muckle maist ceety is Jerusalem