ⓘ Banner o Armenie. The naitional banner o Armenie, the Armenian Tricolour, consists o three horizontal baunds o equal width, reid on the tap, blue in the middle, ..

Salamina, Caldas

Salamina is a toun an municipality in the colombian department of Caldas. It is locatit north o the department an haes a township cried San Felix. It wis declared a naitional monument an historic heritage of mankind. Salamina wis foondit in 1825 bi Fermin Lopez, Juan de Dios Arantzazu, Francisco Marulanda an others. Salamina is kent as the "city of light" acause thare Caldas haes produced mony poets, musicians, actors an writers. It is forby kent as "Mother of Nations" acause it wis ane o the centers frae whaur the founders an first settlers of Neira, Aranzazu, Manizales, Santa Rosa de Cab ...


ⓘ Banner o Armenie

The naitional banner o Armenie, the Armenian Tricolour, consists o three horizontal baunds o equal width, reid on the tap, blue in the middle, an orange on the bottom. The Armenian Supreme Soviet adoptit the current banner on 24 August 1990. On 15 Juin 2006, the Law on the Naitional Banner o Armenie, governin its uisage, wis passed bi the Naitional Assembly o Armenie.

Throughoot history, thare hae been mony variations o the Armenian banner. In auncient times, Armenian dynasties wur representit bi different seembolic ainimals displayed on thair banners. In the twintiet century, various Soviet banners representit the Armenian naition.

The meanings o the colors hae been interpretit in mony different ways. For ensaumple, red haes stood for the bluid shed bi Armenian sodgers in war, blue for the Armenian sky, an orange represents the fertile lands o Armenie an the wirkers who wirk them.

The offeecial definition o the colors, as statit in the Constitution o the Republic o Armenie, is:


1. Design

Syne the Armenian govrenment daes no specify the exact shades o reid, blue, an orange, twa different versions o the banner are in common uise. The mair common version consists o brichter shades, whauras the colors o the less common version are mair mutit. The follaein table gies the approximate RGB values o the colors uised in those twa versions:

  • locatitd in Sooth Caucasus, is derived frae the banner o Armenie wi anerlie a white pattern addit. The banner wis adoptit on Juin 2, 1992. This seembolises
  • The naitional coat o airms o Armenie Armenian: Հայաստանի Զինանշան consists o an eagle an a lion supportin a shield. The coat o airms combines new an auld
  • Coordinates: 40 N 45 E 40 N 45 E 40 45 Armenie offeecially the Republic o Armenie Armenie Հայաստան Hayastan, Հայք Haykh is a muntainous kintra
  • The Armenie Soviet Socialist Republic Armenie Հայկական Սովետական Սոցիալիստական Հանրապետություն Haykakan Sovetakan Soc ialistakan Hanrapetut yun Roushie:
  • Hanrapetoutioun or Artsakh Republic o Muntainous Karabakh in Eastren Armenian. Coat o airms o Armenie Banner o Nagorno - Karabakh Artsakh Nagorno - Karabakh
  • Nagorno - Karabakh Republic NKR Armenie Լեռնային Ղարաբաղի Հանրապետություն Lernayin Gharabaghi Hanrapetut yun or Artsakh Republic Armenie Արցախի Հանրապետություն
  • Vagharshapat Armenie Վաղարշապատ commonly kent as Ejmiatsin in Eastren Armenie an Echmiadzin in Wastren Armenie Armenie Էջմիածին is the fowert - lairgest
  • attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the hame o the American Paceefic fleet. 1943 - Lebanon gets its current banner 1970 - Wast German Chancellor Willy Brandt
  • For the Armenie municipality, see David Bek, Armenie David Bek Armenie Դավիթ Բեկ - 1728 wis an Armenie militar commander an ane o the maist prominent
  • banner becomes the offeecial banner 2002 - The German states o Saxony an Saxony - Anhalt are hit bi their worst floods in a century. 2004 - Stairt o the
  • Köyü Armenie Վաքըֆ, Vak if is the anerlie remainin ethnic Armenie veelage in Turkey. Locatit on the slopes o Musa Dagh in the Samandağ destrict o Hatay
  • Angkor, in wha is nou Cambodie. 1777 - The Stars an Stripes becomes the Banner o the Unitit States. 1891 - A brig collapse naur Munchenstein, Swisserland