ⓘ Banner o Brunei. The naitional banner o Brunei wis adoptit on September 29, 1959 when the kintra wis a Breetish protectorate, an wis retained when the kintra ga ..


ⓘ Banner o Brunei

The naitional banner o Brunei wis adoptit on September 29, 1959 when the kintra wis a Breetish protectorate, an wis retained when the kintra gained full unthirldom on Januar 1, 1984, as Brunei Darussalam. The banner haes the Crest o Brunei in the centre, on a yellae field. The field is cut bi black an white diagonal stripes, awtho thay are offeecially cawed parallelograms.

The coat o airms is as follaes: a crescent seembolising Islam joined wi a parasol seembolising monarchy, an twa gloves on baith sides. Belaw the crescent is a ribbon. On the crescent an ribbon are Arabic inscriptions translatin as "State o Brunei, Abode o peace" an Bruneis motto, "Aaways in service wi Gods guidance"

In Sootheast Asie, yellow is tradeetionally the colour o royalty, an the ryal staundarts o Malaysie an Thailand, alang wi the presidential banner o Indonesie, an aa uise a yellae field.

Black an white stripes represent Bruneis chief meenisters, an yellae represents the Sultan o Brunei. The naitional emblem wis placed in the center in 1959. A seemilar version o this banner, athoot the coat o airms, wis first uised in 1906. The coat o airms bears a crescent seembolic o the Islamic faith, an the central mast is a seembol o the state. The banner an umbrella are seembols o ryalty, an the upturned haunds signify the benevolence o the govrenment. The Arabic motto on the crescent translates as, Aaways render service bi Gods guidance. Belaw it, a scroll bears the inscription Brunei Darussalam, the kintras offeecial title, meanin Ceety o Peace.

  • The Naitional Crest o Brunei is featurt prominently on the Banner o Brunei It wis adoptit in 1932. Thare are five main components te the naitional crest
  • 667 Brunei pronounced  bruːˈnaɪ deprecatit template in Inglis offeecially the State o Brunei Darussalam or the Naition o Brunei the Abode o Peace
  • Januar 2011. Rozan Yunos 21 September 2008 How Brunei lost its northern province The Brunei Times. Archived frae the original on 28 October 2013
  • Herz - Sommer, Czech - born pianist an Holocaust survivor b. 1903 Defender o the Faitherland Day Roushie Republic Day Guyana Naitional Day Brunei
  • Pérez de Cuéllar becomes Secretar - General o the Unitit Naitions. 1984 - Brunei gains unthirldom. 1985 - Greenland leaves the European Economic Community
  • Naitions. 1981 - Belize gains unthirldom frae the Unitit Kinrick. 1984 - Brunei jyns the Unitit Naitions. 1991 - Armenie gains unthirldom frae the Soviet
  • chairges. 2019 - The Varsity o Aiberdeen remuives an honorar degree frae Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah o Brunei ower the introduction o the daith penalty for gay
  • kintras hae set up thair consulates in Kota Kinabalu, includin Australie, Brunei Finland, Indonesie, Japan, Romanie an Swaden. Kota Kinabalu currently haes