ⓘ Banner o Ethiopie. The Banner o Ethiopie is a banner that wis adoptit on Februar 6, 1996. The three traditional colours date back tae Emperor Menelik an wur fir ..


ⓘ Banner o Ethiopie

The Banner o Ethiopie is a banner that wis adoptit on Februar 6, 1996. The three traditional colours date back tae Emperor Menelik an wur first uised in a banner in 1895. The current banner an emblem wis adoptit efter the defeat o the Marxist Mengistu regime. The emblem is intendit tae represent baith the diversity an unity o the kintra. Blue represents peace, the starn represents diversity an unity, an the suns rays seembolise seil. The green mynds o the land, yellae stauns for peace an hope, an reid is seembolic o strenth.


1. Colours o the banner

The colours o African unity reid, green an yellae is seen here on ane o the auldest African banners. These colours is uised for the banner o the Ethiopian Empire in 1897, a year efter Ethiopie decisively defendit itsel frae colonial Italy at the Battle o Adwa. The banners tri-colour scheme haes existit syne the early 19t century, an wis the offeecial banner o the Ethiopian Empires Solomonic dynasty afore. The colours green, yellae, an reid hae cairried special importance syne at least the early 17t century.

The ryal banner aften featurt the emblem o a Lion o Judah, a crouned lion cairryin a cross centred in the banners yellae mid-section. The banner is unnerstuid tae be a link atween the Ethiopian kirk, the fowk, an the naition that wis unitit. The processional cross cairried bi the lion wis the umwhile "banner" or seembol o Ethiopie, an haes been in uise syne at least the early 17t century, as weel. While reid is currently featurt at the bottom o the horizontal tricolour, this wis reversed till the mid-19t century. The emblem wis addit in 1996. Whit the colours seembolise varies dependin on pynt o view, but generally, reid represents pouer or African bluid spillt in defense o the land, yellae represents peace an harmony atween Ethiopies various ethnic an releegious groups, an green is said tae seembolise howp, or the land an its fertility. Ither African naitions, upon gainin unthrildom frae thair colonial rulers aften adoptit thir three colours that is kent as the Pan-African colours.


2. Emblem

Afore 1996 an tae some extent even the day the plain banner wis commonly seen athort the naition an the warld. Previously, enspecially unner the Derg regime, a nummer o different emblems wur experimentit wi. Housomeivver, the basic colour schematic haes remained constant. Even the oppressive Derg didna daur tae tamper wi the colours layoot, but simply removed an chynged the imperial emblem efter Haile Selassies owerthrow. An alternative emblem featurin a five pynt starn an rays ower a cogwheel surroondit bi a wreath o leafs is nou the featurt emblem.

The starn is yellae on a blue disc whilk owerlaps the green an reid stripes. The starn testifies tae Ethiopies bricht future an possibly echoes the connection wi the Hoose o Keeng Solomon, while the yellae rays whilk it emits is equidistant an is said tae represent the equality o aw Ethiopians regairdless o race, creed, or gender.

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  • tae distinguish it frae the itherwise identical Banner o Guinea Derived frae the banner o Ethiopie the colours green, yellow an reid represented peace
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  • adoptit on 4 August 1984. The colours are the popular Pan - African colours o the Ethiopie reflectin baith a break wi the kintra s colonial past an its unity
  • The Emblem o Eritrea wis adoptit on 24 Mey 1993 on the occasion o the declaration o unthridom frae Ethiopie The emblem mainly depicts a camel surroondit
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  • bordered bi Egyp to the north, the Red Sea tae the northeast, Eritrea an Ethiopie tae the east, the Sooth Sudan tae the sooth, Chad tae the wast an Libie
  • offeecially the State o Eritrea, is a kintra in the North East o Africae. The caipital is Asmara. It is bordered bi Sudan in the wast, Ethiopie in the sooth