ⓘ Banner o Cuba. The banner o Cuba wis adoptit on Mey 20, 1902, containin a field wi three blue stripes an twa white stripes, an a reid equilateral triangle at th ..

Cárdenas, Cuba

Cárdenas is a maritime port toun on the level an somewha mairshy shore o a spacious bay o the northren coast o the island Bay o Cárdenas, sheltered bi a lang promontory Hicacos peninsula. The ceety lees atween the sea an hills. A lairge quantity o asphalt haes been taken frae the bed o the harbour. A flow o fresh watter frae the bed o the harbour is anither peculiar featur; it presumably comes frae the ootlets o subterranean rivers. Thare are maistly narrae streets, various squares includin the Plaza de Colón, wi a bronze statue o Columbus gien tae the ceety bi Queen Isabella II. an erecti ...


Zapopan is a big toun an municipality locatit in the Mexican state o Jalisco. First settelt bi muckle Zapotec, Nahua and Maya families fae doon south in the 12t an 14t centuries. They later cowpt aff wi Aztecs. Tha aw gaed agley wi a stramash whin the Spaingie cam in 1530.


ⓘ Banner o Cuba

The banner o Cuba wis adoptit on Mey 20, 1902, containin a field wi three blue stripes an twa white stripes, an a reid equilateral triangle at the hoist wi a white 5-pointit starn. The banner o Cuba wis designed in 1848 for the liberation movement, which sought unthrildom frae Spain. The banner wis briefly hoistit in 1850 at Cardenas but wis no offeecially adoptit till 1902, when unthrildom wis grantit bi the Unitit States.


1. Birth o the banner

The Cuban banner wis creatit bi Narciso López, Miguel Teurbe Tolón, José Aniceto Iznaga Borrell, his nephew José María Sánchez Iznaga, Cirilo Villaverde y Juan Manuel Macías, an swore tae fecht tae the daith for Cuban Unthrildom frae Spain- "Historia de la isla de Cuba - Page 77 bi Carlos Márquez Sterling, Manuel Márquez Sterling - History - 1975 - 392 pages. The Cuban banners oreegins date frae Juin 1849, when various movements tae liberate Cuba frae Spainyie rule emerged, mainly amang Cuban exiles in the Unitit States. Anti-Spainyie Cuban exiles unner the leadership o Narciso López adoptit a banner suggestit bi the poet Miguel Teurbe Tolón. His design incorporates three blue stripes, representin the three pairts that the kintra wis dividit durin the unthrildom wars, central, occidental, an oriental auries o the kintra, an twa white stripes seembolisin the purity o the patriotic cause. The reid triangle o masonic significance staunds for the bluid shed tae free the naition, which is placed whaur the starn is, seembolisin the sky turned reid frae the bluid shed in battle. The white starn in the triangle staunds for unthrildom. López carried this banner in battle at Cárdenas 1850 an Playitas 1851. Awtho Lopez wis no victorious, this wis the first instance o the banner bein raised in Cuba.

At the first unthrildom war, the Ten Years War, thare wis anither banner in uise, the "banner o Yara", cried "banner o La Demajagua" an aw; while the ane wi the triangle an the stripes became the offeecial Cuban banner, the Yara ane is hoistit "wherever the legislators o the Cuban fowk meet"; in parteecular it is displayed, alang wi the naitional banner, in the Naitional Assembly.


2. Subsequent uise o the banner

In Aprile 1869, Narciso Lópezs banner wis designated the naitional banner bi the Congress o the Republic o Cuba in Airms. Lópezs banner wis the model for the banner o Puerto Rico adoptit in 1892 bi the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee, a pro-unthrildom group that wirked unner the auspices o Cuban Revolutionary Pairty.

Efter the Unitit States seized Cuba frae Spain durin the Spainyie-American War, the Starns an Stripes flew frae Januar 1, 1899, till unthrildom wis grantit. On Mey 20, 1902, the Cuban naitional banner wis hoistit as a seembol o unthrildom an sovereignty. It haes been uised iver syne, remainin unchynged efter the Cuban Revolution o 1959. Durin the revolution, Cuban preses Fidel Castros 26t o Julie Movement creatit a pairty banner equally dividit in reid an black, uisually in horizontal stripes an aften wi inscriptions, which is aften flewn on public buildings.


3. Symbolism in the Cuban flag

The Cuban govrenments current, offeecial version o the meanin o the Cuban banner states that the blue stripes refer tae the three auld divisions o the island; an the twa white stripes represent the strength o the independent ideal. The reid triangle symbolizes equality, fraternity an freedom, as well as the bluid shed in the islands struggle for unthirldom. Finally, the white starn is meant tae seembolise freedom.

The banner o Cuba influenced the design o the Estelada banner o the Catalan independentism movement an aw; the numerous Catalan residents in Cuba during the unthirldom process added a blue triangle wi a white starn tae the naitional banner tae design a battle banner for the unthirldom movement in Catalonia.

  • Province o Cuba aboot 175 km 109 mi east o Havana. Cárdenas is a maritime port toun on the level an somewha mairshy shore o a spacious bay o the northren
  • Seicont Secretary haes been José Ramón Machado Ventura. File: Cuba Banner JPG Cuba haed a nummer of communist and anarchist organisations frae the early
  • 25, 2016 wis a Cuban revolutionary an politeecian. He wis the Prime Meenister o Cuba frae 1959 tae 1976. He wis the Preses o Cuba frae 1976 tae 2008.
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  • Louis, Missouri, is foondit. 1898 - Battleship USS Maine explodes in Havana, Cuba killin 274. 1909 - The Flores Theater Fire in Acapulco, Mexico, kills 250
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