ⓘ Sri Lanka. The Democratic Socialist Republic o Sri Lanka; Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා, Tamil: இலங்கை is a kintra aff the soothren coast o the Indian subcontinent. An is ..


Amarapura is a umwhile caipital o Myanmar, an nou a tounship o Mandalay. Amarapura is bundit bi the Ayeyarwady River in the wast, Chanmyathazi Tounship in the north, an the ceety o Innwa in the sooth. Amarapura, Pali for Ceety o Immortality, wis the caipital o Myanmar for three discrete periods durin the Konbaung Dynasty in the 18t an 19t centuries afore finally supplantit bi Mandalay 11 km north in 1857. Though historically referred tae as Taungmyo in relation tae Mandalay, Amarapura the day is pairt o Mandalay, as a result o the urban sprawl.


ⓘ Sri Lanka

The Democratic Socialist Republic o Sri Lanka); Sinhala: ශ්‍රී ලංකා, Tamil: இலங்கை) is a kintra aff the soothren coast o the Indian subcontinent. An island naition in Sooth Asie, it wis till 1972 kent as Ceylon. Sri Lanka is surroondit bi the Indian Ocean, the Gulf o Mannar, the Palk Strait an lies in the vicinity o Indie an Maldives.

Sri Lanka is a republic an a unitary state which is governed bi a semi-presidential seestem wi its offeecial seat o government in Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, the caipital.

As a result o its location in the path o major sea routes, Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link atween Wast Asie an Sootheast Asie. It haes an aa been a centre o the Buddhist releegion an cultur frae auncient times an is ane o the few remainin abodes o Buddhism in Sooth Asie alang wi Ladakh, Bhutan an the Chittagong hill tracts The Sinhalese community forms the majority o the population; Tamils, who are concentratit in the north an east o the island, form the lairgest ethnic minority. Ither communities include Moors, Burghers, Kaffirs, Malays an the aboreeginal Vedda fowk.

The kintra is famous for the production an export o tea, coffee, coconuts, rubber an cinnamon, the latter which is native tae the kintra. The naitural beauty Sri Lanka haes led tae the title The Pearl o the Indian Ocean, it is full o lush tropical forests, white beaches an diverse landscape throughoot alang wi a rich biodiversity. The kintra lays claim tae a lang an colorful history o ower three thoosan years, haein ane o the langest documentit histories in the warld. Sri Lankas rich cultur can be attributit tae the mony different communities in the island. Sri Lanka is a foondin member state o SAARC an a member o the Unitit Nations, Commonweel o Naitions, G77 an Non-Aligned Movement.


1. Name

In auncient times, Sri Lanka wis kent bi a variety o names: auncient Greek geographers cawed it Taprobane /. The name derives frae the Sanskrit श्री लंका śrī venerable an lankā island, the name o the island in the auncient Indian epics Mahabharata an the Ramayana.

In 1972, the offeecial name o the kintra wis chynged tae "Free, Sovereign an Independent Republic o Sri Lanka". In 1978 it wis chynged tae the "Democratic Socialist Republic o Sri Lanka".

The name Ceylon is still in uise in the names o a nummer o organisations; in 2011, the Sri Lankan government annoonced a plan tae rename aw o those for which it is responsible.

  • The naitional emblem o Sri Lanka Sinhala: ශ ර ල ක ව ර ජ ය ල ඡනය is uised bi the Sri Lankan Govrenment in connection wi the admeenistration an govrenment
  • Sri Lanka It is locatit ayont the eastren suburbs o the commercial caipital Colombo an is aften cried New Caipital Territory. The Parliament o Sri Lanka
  • The Banner o Sri Lanka forbye cried the Lion Banner, consists o a gowd lion, haudin a swuird in its richt fore paw, afore a crimson backgrund wi fower
  • Teegers wis a separatist militant organisation that wis based in northren Sri Lanka Foondit in Mey 1976 bi Velupillai Prabhakaran, it waged a secessionist
  • Ceylon is the umwhile Inglis name gien tae Sri Lanka bi the Breetish, unner their occupation o the island naition in Sooth Asie. Ceylon mey an aa refer
  • lairgest ceety an umwhile caipital o Sri Lanka It is locatit on the wast coast o the island an adjacent tae Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, the caipital.
  • Yala mey refer tae: Yala Naitional Pairk, Sri Lanka Yala is the dry saison in Sri Lanka Its coonterpairt is Maha, the wet saison. Yala Province, Thailand
  • Manis crassicaudata is a pangolin foond in the plains an hills o Indie, Sri Lanka Nepal an Bhutan. Baillie, J. Challender, D. Kaspal, P. Khatiwada
  • Ramayana whaur he is depictit as Rakshasa demon king o Lanka Identifee d bi mony wi modren - day Sri Lanka Mani, Vettam 1975 Puranic Encyclopaedia: A Comprehensive
  • soothwast o Christmas Island an approximately midway atween Australie an Sri Lanka Cocos Keeling Islands The World Factbook. CIA. Retrieved 27 Januar
  • blue Mormon, is a muckle swallaetail butterflee foond in Sooth Indie an Sri Lanka It is the state butterflee o the Indie state o Maharashtra. RASHID
  • in South Africa - Joshua Project Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka - Population by ethnic group according to districts, 2012 Australia