ⓘ Banner o Monaco. The naitional banner o Monaco haes twa equal horizontal baunds o reid an white, baith o which hae been the heraldic colors o the Hoose o Grimal ..


ⓘ Banner o Monaco

The naitional banner o Monaco haes twa equal horizontal baunds o reid an white, baith o which hae been the heraldic colors o the Hoose o Grimaldi syne at least 1339. The present bicolor design wis adoptit on Aprile 4, 1881, unner Prince Charles III.

Monacos oreeginal banner, which wis seemilar tae its current state banner but bore an aulder version o its coat o airms, wis in uise frae the principalitys early days except durin its annexation tae Fraunce frae 1793 tae 1814 till the present, simpler design wis adoptit in 1881.

Anither design belaw, the banner o the state airms lozenges in the Grimaldi faimily colors, in heraldic terms "lozengy argent an gules", wis uised at various times, parteecularly in the 17t century, as an unoffeecial banner, an still appears in some ryal photographs. Housomeivver, it haes nae designatit uise, an daes no represent ony Monegasque offeecial in parteecular.


1. State banner

Monacos state banner, which consists o the full achievement o the coat o airms on a white backgrund wi a reid line, is flewn at govrenment offices, the Princes palace, in the presence o govrenment offeecials, an as an ensign on the Princes yacht.


2. Princely staundar

The princely staundar, which consistit o the Croun o Monaco ower twa opposin letters A on a white backgrund, is the personal banner o Prince Albert II, an is anerlie uised in his immediate presence, parteecularly on caurs in which he travels. It is aften seen wi a gowd fringe on the tap, bottom, an richt, which is ane-nint the heicht o the white field.


3. Similar banners

Except for its proportions, the banner o Monaco is identical tae the banners o Indonesie an the German state o Hesse baith o which are langer. It is an aa seemilar tae the banners o Singapore which haes a crescent an five starns in the tap left, Poland an the German state o Thuringie the order o the colours is reversed on the latter twa. Monacos banner is ane o the warlds auldest banners.

  • German state an banner o Monaco excludin the ratio. Red represents courage, while white represents purity o intent. The Naval Jack o Indonesie is reserved
  • Principality o Monaco Frainch: Principauté de Monaco Monégasque: Principatu de Múnegu Occitan: Principat de Mónegue Italian: Principato di Monaco for ordinar
  • The banner o Poland consists o twa horizontal stripes o equal width, the upper ane white an the lawer ane reid. The twa colors are defined in the Polish
  • shares it s northren alpine mairch wi Monaco Fraunce, Swisserland, Austrick an Slovenie. The independent kintras o San Marino an the Vatican Ceety is enclaves
  • Airchduchess Gisella o Austrick d. 1932 1864 - George Washington Carver, American botanist an inventor d. 1943 1870 - Louis II, Prince o Monaco d. 1949 1884
  • white an reid, the colors o the naitional banner o Fraunce, kent as the drapeau tricolore, an the coq gaulois is the seembol o the team. Fraunce is colloquially
  • corner o Fraunce. The depairtment is surroondit bi the French depairtments o Var, Alpes - de - Haute - Provence, Italy an the principality o Monaco tae the
  • border, tae the sooth bi the Mediterranean Sea an bi the principality o Monaco tae the north bi Rhône - Alpes, an tae the wast bi Languedoc - Roussillon
  • sector. The kintra is the seicont maist densely populatit in the warld efter Monaco A.T. Kearney named Singapore the maist globalised kintra in the warld in
  • The 8t o Januar is the 8t day o the year in the Gregorian Calendar, wi 357 days ti come 358 in lowp years 1297 - Monaco gains unthirldom. 1697 - Thomas
  • Coontess o Carladès 2014 - Jacques, Hereditary Prince o Monaco 1198 - Averroes, Spaingie astronomer, pheesicist an philosopher b. 1126 1865 - Leopold I o Belgium