ⓘ Banner o Norawa. The banner o Norawa is reid wi an indigo blue Scandinavian cross ootlined in white that extends tae the edges o the banner; the vertical pairt ..


ⓘ Banner o Norawa

The banner o Norawa is reid wi an indigo blue Scandinavian cross ootlined in white that extends tae the edges o the banner; the vertical pairt o the cross is shiftit tae the hoist side in the style o the Dannebrog, the banner o Denmark. The proportions o the naitional banner are 22:16, its colour elements haein widths o 6:1:2:1:12 an heichts o 6:1:2:1:6. The proportions o the state banner are 27:16, or 6:1:2:1:6:11 horizontally an 6:1:2:1:6 vertically.

The reid colour shall be PMS 200 an the blue PMS 281 in the Pantone seestem. This approximates tae the RGB values #BA0C2F red an #00205B blue.


1. Seembolism

Fredrik Meltzer submittit his proposal juist in time tae be exhibitit in parliament on 4 Mey 1821 thegither wi a lairge nummer o ither proposals. It wis approved bi baith chambers durin the follaein twa weeks. Meltzer hissel providit nae written explanation o his choice o design an colours. Housomeivver, his intentions mey be inferred frae an earlier letter o 30 Aprile wi his comments regardin the proposal frae the banner committee. That design wis dividit quarterly reid an white. Meltzer objectit tae the colours acause thay wur too seemilar tae those o the Dens banner. He addit that it wad be equally unseemly tae choose the colours o ony o "those states wi which we hae been or are connectit". Instead, he recommendit a tricolor o reid, white an blue, "three colours that nou denote freedom, such as we hae seen in the French banner o freedom, an still see in that o the Dutch an Americans, an in the Union o the Inglish".

His eventual choice a few days later o a Nordic cross wis drawn bi his son, Gerhard, an wis clearly based on the tradeetion establisht bi the ither Nordic kintras, Denmark an Swaden. The reid an blue colours an aa explicitly referred tae the same twa kintras, umwhile an present union pairtners. It wis clearly unnerstuid bi aw who teuk pairt in the banner discussions locally, in the press or in parliament what those colours denotit. A predominantly reid banner haed mony adherents amang those who wur attached tae the union wi Denmark or tae its banner, which for centuries haed an aa been that o Norawa. Ithers, who saw Denmark as an oppressor, favoured the blue colour associatit wi the new Swadish dynasty. Consequently, maist o the ither banner proposals on the agenda haed either reid or blue as the predominant colour, dependin on the poleetical preferences o the proposers.

  • the hoist side. The cross design o the Dens banner wis subsequently adoptit bi the ither Nordic kintras Swaden, Norawa Finland, Iceland an the Faroe Islands
  • The Kinrick o Norawa or Norrowey whiles cried Norseland is a Nordic kintra in the wastren pairt o the Scandinavian Hauf - island. Hit haes mairches wi
  • reclaimit its oreeginal Norse name, Oslo. The diocese o Oslo is ane o the five oreeginal dioceses in Norawa which oreeginatit aroond the year 1070. Oslo is
  • Trondhjem is the historic Viking caipital o Norawa an a ceety an municipality in Sør - Trøndelag coonty, Norawa The ceety o Trondheim wis established as a municipality
  • banner wi the Coat o airms. The Naitional Commissioner o Icelandic Polis uises a white banner wi the Coat o airms, when the uise o the state banner is
  • listen is the seicont lairgest ceety in Norawa wi a population o 260, 700. Bergen is the admeenistrative centre o Hordaland coonty. Greater Bergen or Bergen
  • Hordaland  help info is a coonty in Norawa borderin Sogn og Fjordane, Buskerud, Telemark an Rogaland. Hordaland is the third largest county efter Akershus
  • Prince o Pontecorvo, nor as King o Swaden an Norawa contrary tae the illustration belaw. The starns wur introduced as an element in the ryal coat o airms
  • o Julie is the 210t day o the year 211t in lowp years in the Gregorian Calendar, wi 155 days ti come. 1030 - Olaf II o Norawa dees at the Battle o Stiklestad