ⓘ Banner o the Netherlands. The banner o the Netherlands is a horizontal tricolour o reid, white, an blue. Introduced in 1572, it is ane o the first tricolours an ..


Gelderland is a province o the Netherlands. Its caipital ceity is Arnhem. Ither important ceities is Nijmegen an Apeldoorn thats baith lairger nor Arnhem. Guelders girst maks it the lairgest province o the Netherlands. In 2005 Gelderland haed 1 970 865 indwallers, 31% Protestant, 29% Catholic.


Berkelland is a municipality in the Dutch province o Gelderland. It wis creatit on 1 Januar 2005 frae the merger o the umwhile municipalities o Borculo, Eibergen, Neede, an Ruurlo. The new municipality was namit efter the Berkel, a sma river.


ⓘ Banner o the Netherlands

The banner o the Netherlands is a horizontal tricolour o reid, white, an blue. Introduced in 1572, it is ane o the first tricolours an the auldest tricolour still in uise the day. Syne 1937, the banner haes offeecially been the naitional banner o the Netherlands an o the Kinrick o the Netherlands.


1. Description

The naitional banner o the Netherlands is a tricolor banner. The horizontal fesses are baunds o equal size in the colours, frae tap tae bottom, reid offeecially describit as a "bricht vermilion", white silver, an blue "cobalt blue". The banner proportions width:lenth are 2:3. The first stadtholder o the Dutch Republic wis William I o Orange, who jynt wi Dutch naitionalists an led the struggle for unthrildom frae Spain. Pairtly oot o respect for him, the first banner adoptit bi the Dutch wis a horizontal tricolour o orange, white, an blue. It became kent as the Prinsenvlag "Princes banner" an wis based on the livery o William o Orange. The orange dye wis parteecularly unstable an tendit tae turn reid efter a while, sae in the mid-17t century, red wis made the offeecial colour. The banner haes flewn syne then, but wis confirmed bi Ryal Decree anerlie in 1937, at the same time the colour parameters wur exactly defined. As the first revolutionary banner, it haes haed a seminal influence throughoot the warld, parteecularly on the Pan-Slavic colors o Roushie. Till aboot 1800, in the case o baith the orange- an the reid-striped versions, the nummer o stripes an thair order frequently varied.

  • The Netherlands Dutch: Nederland is pairt o the Kinrick o the Netherlands Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden alang wi the Aruba, Curaçao, an Sint Martin
  • modren banner o the Netherlands The design o the flag wis simplified in 1991. First provisional flag o 1811. Ratio: 2: 3 Seicont provisional flag o 1811
  • 1972. The tricolor banner is amaist identical tae that o the Netherlands except that it is langer an its blue stripe is a lichter shade. The reid, white
  • the hoist side o the banner It is suggestit that the chynge wis tae mair clearly distinguish the banner o Belgium frae the banner o the Netherlands whilk
  • relatit tae the banner o the Netherlands Unner Dutch colonialism, ivery admeenistration uised the Netherlands Red - white - blue banner The banner o Indonesie
  • uised in the modern banner o the Netherlands an the banner o the Unitit Kinrick the colours white an blue wur an aa foond in the auld banner o Sooth Africae
  • listen is the caipital ceety o the province o Sooth Holland in the Netherlands Wi a population o 500, 000 indwallers as o 1 September 2011 an mair nor
  • The Caribbean Netherlands Dutch: Caribisch Nederland are the three special municipalities o the Netherlands that are locatit in the Caribbean Sea. Thay
  • French: Limbourg is the soothrenmaist o the 12 provinces o the Netherlands Limburg is the anly province in the Netherlands that caws the Keeng s Commissioner
  • frae the naitral warld, as ainimals or flouers but it micht can be onything. Naitional emblems can kythe on mony things siclike the naitional banner coat
  • municipality an a toun in the northeastren Netherlands Het college van burgemeester en wethouders in Dutch Gemeente Emmen. Archived frae the original on 14