ⓘ Banner o Argentinae. The naitional. banner o Argentinae is a tribaund, componed o three equally wide horizontal baunds coloured licht blue, white an licht blue. ..

Belgrano Depairtment, Santa Fe

The Belgrano Depairtment is a admeenistrative subdiveesion o the province o Santa Fe, Argentinae. It is locatit in the soothwast o the province. It limits wi the depairtments o San Martín, San Jerónimo, Iriondo, an Caseros ; tae the wast it limits wi the province o Córdoba. The depairtment haes aboot 41.000 inhabitants. Its heid toun is Las Rosas population 13.000. Ither ceeties an touns are Armstrong, Bouquet, Las Parejas, Montes de Oca, an Tortugas. The name o this depairtment is an homage tae General Manuel Belgrano, the creator o the Argentine banner.


Alessandria listen is a ceety an comune in Piemont, Italy, an the caipital o the Province o Alessandria. The ceety is steidit on the alluvial plain atween the Tanaro an the Bormida rivers, c. 90 km sootheast o Turin. Alessandria is an aa a major railwey hub.

Tres Arroyos

Tres Arroyos is a ceety in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae. It is the caipital o the Tres Arroyos Partido. The ceety haes a sizable population o Dutch an Dens strynd.


ⓘ Banner o Argentinae

The naitional. banner o Argentinae is a tribaund, componed o three equally wide horizontal baunds coloured licht blue, white an licht blue. The banner wis creatit bi Manuel Belgrano, in line wi the recent creation o the Cockade o Argentinae, an wis first raised at the ceety o Rosario on Februar 27, 1812, durin the Argentine War o Unthirldom. The Naitional Banner Memorial wis later biggit on the site. The First Triumvirate did no approve the uise o the banner, but the Asamblea del Año XIII alloued the uise o the banner as a war banner. It wis the Congress o Tucumán which finally designatit it as the naitional banner, in 1816. In 1818, a yellae Sun o Mey wis addit tae the center.

The full banner featurin the sun is cawed the Offeecial Ceremonial Banner Spaingie: Bandera Oficial de Ceremonia. The banner athoot the sun is considered the Ornamental Banner Bandera de Ornato. While baith versions are equally considered the naitional banner, the ornamental version must always be hoistit belaw the Offeecial Ceremony Banner. In vexillological terms, the Offeecial Ceremonial Banner is the ceevil, state an war banner an ensign, while the Ornamental Banner is an alternative ceevil banner an ensign.

Popular belief attributes the colors tae those o the sky, clouds an the sun; some anthems tae the banner lik "Aurora" or "Salute tae the banner" state sae as well. Housomeivver, historians uisually disregard sic idea, an attribute them tae aither the devotion o Virgin Mary or lealtie tae the Hoose o Bourbon.

Virgin Mary is uisually represented dressed in white an wi a licht blue piece o cloth. She wis the patron o the Commerce Consulate o Buenos Aires, directit bi Manuel Belgrano, an it is tho that the Consulate uised a white an licht blue banner. Belgrano hissel haed strang Catholic beliefs. The sodgers o Juan Martín de Pueyrredón mey hae an aa uised white an licht blue ribbons for sel-identification durin the Breetish invasions o the Río de la Plata, which wur taken frae the sanctuary o the Virgin o Luján.

Anither interpretation attributes the colors tae those o the Hoose o Bourbon. Syne the Mey Revolution, the first times o the Argentine War o unthirldom claimed tae be actin in behauf o the Spainyie King Ferdinand VII, who wis prisoner o Napoleón Bonaparte durin the Peninsular War. Whenever sic lealtie wis real or a trick tae conceal independentism is a topic o dispute. The creation o a new banner wi those colors wad hae been then a wey tae denote autonomy, while keepin the relations wi the captive king alive.

  • banner o El Salvador wis inspired bi the banner o the Federal Republic o Central Americae, an bi the banner o Argentinae the kintra that sent ane o the
  • Coat o Airms o Argentinae Spaingie: Escudo de la República Argentina wis established in its current form in 1944, but haes its oreegins in the seal o the
  • departamento o the province o Santa Fe, Argentinae It is locatit in the soothwast o the province. It limits wi the depairtments o San Martín north
  • ceety in the province o Santa Fe, in central Argentinae It is located 300 km 186 mi northwast o Buenos Aires, on the wastren shore o the Paraná River.
  • Chile an the Unitit Kinrick, are suspendit bi the Antarctic Treaty o 1961. Argentinae claims the Fauklan Isles Islas Malvinas an Sooth Georgie an the
  • James I. 1707 - The Act o Union atween Scotland an Ingland an Wales is signed. 1902 - New Zealand adopts its current banner 1944 - Warld War II: German
  • those o the Spaingie banner uised as the banner for the New Kinrick o Granada. In 9 October 1952, exactly 142 year efter thir events, decree 555 o 1952
  • Atween Rivers is a central province o Argentinae locatit in the Mesopotamie region. It borders the provinces o Buenos Aires sooth Corrientes north
  • Gandhi becomes prime meenister o Indie for a seicont time. 2004 - Georgie chynges its banner tae the five - cross banner 2005 - The Cassini - Huygens space
  • naitional banner is draped on each side o the shield. The shield is broken intae three portions. In the lawermaist portion is a depiction o ships, pointin
  • Autonomous City o Buenos Aires. The area o the province, 307, 571 km2 118, 754 sq mi maks it the lairgest in Argentinae wi aroond 11 o the Kintra s total