ⓘ Saunt Lucia ; French: Sainte-Lucie is an island kintra in the eastren Caribbean Sea on the boondary wi the Atlantic Ocean. Pairt o the Lesser Antilles, it is lo ..


Paceco is a toun an comune in Wastren Sicily, Italy, admeenistratively pairt o the province o Trapani, locatit nearbi the Trapani ceety aurie. It haes 11.110 indwallers as o 2004. Paceco is a sma rural centre: amang its agricultural products thare are melons, cereals, olives, grapes, an cheese dairy products. In Paceco are present some sheep-breedins an aw. The centre wis foondit in 1607 bi the marquis Placido Fardella. The toun is housomeivver namit efter his wife, Teresa Paceco o Vigliena. Conceivit in conformity wi a meditatit urban scheme, Pacecos installation is a mesh perfectly ortho ...


ⓘ Saunt Lucia

Saunt Lucia ; French: Sainte-Lucie) is an island kintra in the eastren Caribbean Sea on the boondary wi the Atlantic Ocean. Pairt o the Lesser Antilles, it is locatit north/northeast o the island o Saunt Vincent, northwast o Barbados an sooth o Martinique. It covers a land aurie o 620 km 2 an haes an estimatit population o 173.765. Its caipital is Castries. The island naition haes been the hame o twa Nobel laureates, Arthur Lewis an Derek Walcott. It is the naition wi the seicont maist sic honorees per capita efter the Faroe Islands.

  • Saunt Lucy, a Christian saunt kent as Santa Lucia in Italian, Sankta Lucia in Swadish an Santa Lucía in Spainyie, haes gien her name tae mony places, an
  • Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico Saunt Lucia Saunt Kitts an Nevis Saunt Vincent an the Grenadines Trinidad an Tobago Anguilla Breetish
  • Walcott, KCSL OBE OCC born 23 Januar 1930 died 17 Mairch 2017 wis a Saunt Lucia poet an playwricht. He received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Leeteratur. Derek
  • Naitional Alliance Portugal Saunt Lucia Naitional Alliance Saint Lucia Saunt Martin Naitional Alliance Saunt Maarten San Marino San Marinese
  • Santa Luzia is Portuguese for Saunt Lucia an it mey refer tae: in Brazil Santa Luzia, Bahia, a municipality in the State o Bahia Santa Luzia, Maranhão
  • inherited the teetle o Viceroy o New Fraunce an received the island o Saunt Lucia as his private property as well as a muckle personal fortune. In 1698
  • Island tae Grenada. Tae the north o St. Vincent lies St. Lucia tae the east Barbados. Saunt Vincent an the Grenadines is densely populatit ower 300
  • Seychelles, wis named efter him. The villages o Choiseul an Praslin in Saunt Lucia are an aa named efter him. On 30 Apryle 1732 he mairit Anne Marie de
  • o New Zealand Queen o Papua New Guinea Queen o Saunt Kitts an Nevis Queen o Saunt Lucia Queen o Saunt Vincent an the Grenadines Queen o the Solomon Islands