ⓘ Banner o Italy. The Banner o Italy is a tricolour featurin three equally sized vertical pales o green, white, an reid, wi the green at the hoist side. Its curre ..

Reggio Calabria

Reggio di Calabria, commonly kent as Reggio Calabria or simply Reggio in Soothren Italy, is the biggest ceety an the maist populatit comune o Calabrie, Soothren Italy.

Campo Grande

Campo Grande is the caipital an lairgest ceety o the Brazilian state o Mato Grosso do Sul in the Center-Wast region o the kintra.


ⓘ Banner o Italy

The Banner o Italy is a tricolour featurin three equally sized vertical pales o green, white, an reid, wi the green at the hoist side. Its current form haes been in uise syne 19 Juin 1946 an wis formally adoptit on 1 Januar 1948.

The first entity tae uise the Italian tricolour wis the Repubblica Cispadana Cispadane Republic in 1797, efter Napoleons victorious airmy crossed Italy. Durin this time mony sma republics o Jacobin inspiration supplantit the auncient absolute states an amaist aw, wi variants o colour, uised banners characterised bi three baunds o equal size, clearly inspired bi the French model o 1790. The colours chosen bi the Republic wur reid an white, the colours o the banner o Milan, an green, which wis the colour o the uniform o the Milanese civic guard.

Some hae attributit parteecular values tae the colours, an a common interpretation is that the green represents the kintras plains an the hills; white, the snaw-capped Alps; an reid, bluid spilt in the Wars o Italian Unthirldom. A mair releegious interpretation is that the green represents hope, the white represents faith, an the reid represents charity; this references the three theological virtues.

  • uised for the banner o the Ethiopian Empire in 1897, a year efter Ethiopie decisively defendit itsel frae colonial Italy at the Battle o Adwa. The banner s
  • The banner o Vatican Ceety wis adoptit on Juin 7, 1929, the year Pape Pius XI signed the Lateran Treaty wi Italy creatin a new independent state governed
  • The naitional banner o Slovenie features three equal horizontal baunds o white top blue, an reid, wi the Slovenian coat o airms locatit in the upper
  • Italy Italian: Italia offeecially the Italian Republic Repubblica Italiana is a kintra in the sooth o Europe. It comprises a buit - shapit, peninsula
  • ane o the 20 admeenistrative regions o Italy situatit in the central peninsular section o the kintra. Wi aboot 5.7 million residents an a GDP o mair
  • Piemont Inglis: Piedmont is a reigion in noorth - wast Italy It haes aboot 4.4 million fowk an a aerie o 25, 399 km². Piemontese is the heid local leid. Occitan
  • Coat - o - Airms, Banner an Anthem o the Republic o Slovenia an the Banner o the Slovene Naition Zakon o grbu, zastavi in himni Republike Slovenije ter o slovenski
  • o the Order o the Gowden Fleece anaw. The Banner o Scotland an banner o Nova Scotia featur St Andra s saltire cross. The saltire is on the Banner o Tenerife
  • those o the Spaingie banner uised as the banner for the New Kinrick o Granada. In 9 October 1952, exactly 142 year efter thir events, decree 555 o 1952
  • recognises the Banner o the Faroe Islands. 1945 - Warld War II: The Nazi occupation airmy o Northren Italy surrenders. 1967 - The Banner o Swaziland is