ⓘ Banner o Japan. The naitional banner o Japan is a white rectangular banner wi a lairge reid disk in the center. This banner is offeecially cried Nisshōki in Jap ..


Ichikawamisato is a toun locatit in Nishiyatsushiro Destrict, Yamanashi Prefectur, Japan. As o Julie 2012, the toun haed a estimatit population o 16.626 an a population density o 221 bodies per km². The total aurie wis 75.07 km².


Morioka is the caipital ceety o Iwate Prefectur locatit in the Tōhoku region o northren Japan. As o 1 October 2016, the ceety haed an estimatit population o 296.739 an a population density o 335 persons per km 2. The tot aurie o the ceety wis 886.47 square kilometre.


ⓘ Banner o Japan

The naitional banner o Japan is a white rectangular banner wi a lairge reid disk in the center. This banner is offeecially cried Nisshōki in Japanese, but is mair commonly kent as Hinomaru.

The Nisshōki banner is designatit as the naitional banner in Law Regardin the Naitional Banner an Naitional Anthem, which wis promulgatit an became effective on August 13, 1999. Awtho no earlier legislation haed specified a naitional banner, the sun-disc banner haed awready acome the de facto naitional banner o Japan. Twa proclamations issued in 1870 bi the Daijō-kan, the govrenmental body o the early Meiji Era, each haed a proveesion for a design o the naitional banner. A sun-disc banner wis adoptit as the naitional banner for merchant ships unner Proclamation No. 57 o Meiji 3 issued on Februar 27, 1870, an as the naitional banner uied bi Navy unner Proclamation No. 651 o Meiji 3 issued on October 27, 1870. Uise o the Hinomaru wis severely restricted during the early years o the American occupation efter Warld War II, awtho restrictions wur later relaxed.

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  • The Empire o Japan 大日本帝國, Dai Nippon Teikoku, literally Empire o Great Japan wis an empire an warld pouer that existit frae the Meiji Restoration
  • frae Japan wi a taoist yin - yang seembol seemilar tae that in the Sooth Korean banner but later revised its banner tae mair closely reflect that o the USSR
  • o Okayama Prefectur in the Chūgoku region o Japan The ceety wis foondit on Juin 1, 1889. As o August 2010, the ceety haes an estimatit population o 705
  • lairgest aurie in Japan an the seivent lairgest aurie in the warld. Historically the commercial caipital o Japan Osaka functions as ane o the command centres
  • 八尾市, Yao - shi is a ceety in Osaka, Japan As o 2009, the ceety haes an estimatit population o 271, 454 an the densitie o 6, 510 persons per km². The tot aurie
  • is the caipital ceety o Fukuoka Prefectur an is situatit on the northren shore o the iland o Kyushu in Japan Rankit as the 12t o the warld s maist livable
  • locatit in Kanagawa Prefectur, Japan atween Tokyo an Yokohama. It is the 9t maist populatit ceety in Japan an ane o the main ceeties formin the Greater
  • the Communist Pairty o Cheenae, remnant warlords, an Japan Naition - biggin teuk a backseat tae war wi Japan in 1937 1945. Japan occupied coastal auries