ⓘ Banner o Costa Rica. The banner o Costa Rica wis offeecially adoptit on November 27, 1906. Housomeivver, the blue, white an reid horizontal design wis creatit a ..


ⓘ Banner o Costa Rica

The banner o Costa Rica wis offeecially adoptit on November 27, 1906. Housomeivver, the blue, white an reid horizontal design wis creatit an uised syne 1848 when Costa Rica left the Federal Republic o Central Americae an declared itsel a Sovereign Republic. Pacífica Fernández, wife o the preses, José María Castro Madriz creatit it inspired on the colors o the French Banner. The state banner an ensign includes the coat o airms o Costa Rica, while the ceevil ensign omits the coat o airms.

The blue colour staunds for the sky, opportunities, idealism an perseverance. The white colour staunds for peace, wiceheid an happiness. The reid colour staunds for the bluid spilt bi martyrs in defence o the kintra, as well as the warmth an generosity o the fowk. The stripes are in the ratio 1:1:2:1:1.

The banner o Costa Rica is seemilar tae the Banner o Thailand, which wis adoptit 11 years later. It an aa resembles the Banner o North Korea which wis adoptit amaist 42 years later in 1948.

Red, white, an blue recaw the colors o the French tricolor. Blue an white wur the colors o the oreeginal banner o the Unitit Provinces o Central Americae.

The Central American banner remained in uise in Costa Rica till 1848 when, in response tae events in Fraunce, it wis decidit tae incorporate the French colors intae the naitional banner. This wis done bi addin a central reid stripe. The coat o airms wis an aa revised an placed in the centre o the banner. In 1906, it wis placed in a white disk on the reid stripe, an later on an oval, set toward the hoist.

The coat o airms depicts the isthmus atween the Paceefic ocean an the Caribbean Sea, wi 3 volcanoes. The 7 starns staund for the 7 provinces o Costa Rica. The Spainyie name o the kintra is scrolled on a white banner, Republica de Costa Rica Republic o Costa Rica, an the Central American union is recognised in the blue upper scroll, Americae Central, recawin the umwhile Unitit Provinces o Central Americae.

  • Costa Rica pronounced  ˌkoʊstə ˈriːkə deprecatit template offeecially the Republic o Costa Rica Spaingie: Costa Rica or República de Costa Rica
  • Afore 1821, Costa Rica wis pairt o the Spainyie Empire an did no hae a local coat o airms. The airms o the reignin monarch wur uised instead. The anerlie
  • wi the Allies o Warld War I, which an aa haed the colours blue - red - white in thair flags. The banner resembles the banner o Costa Rica which wis adoptit
  • caipital an lairgest ceety o Costa Rica Locatit in the Central Valley, San José is the seat o naitional govrenment, the focal point o poleetical an economic
  • represent the five naitions o the umwhile Federal Republic o Central Americae El Salvador, Costa Rica Nicaragua, Honduras, an Guatemala an the hope that
  • Demilitarized Zone. The banner - pole is 160m taw. The banner o North Korea slichtly resembles the banners o Thailand an Costa Rica Thare ar few ither kent
  • is a province o Costa Rica It is locatit in the central pairt o the kintra, an borders clockwise beginnin in the north the provinces o Alajuela, Heredia
  • José is the name o the first canton in the province o San José in Costa Rica The canton covers a aurie o 44.62 km² an haes a population o 288, 054 6, 455
  • settin o the Japanese fable Momotarō Okayama haes 6 sister ceeties aroond the warld. San Jose, Californie, Unitit States 1957 San José, Costa Rica 1969