ⓘ Banner o Belize. The banner o Belize is a continued version o the earlier banner o Breetish Honduras. Breetish Honduras obtained a coat-o-airms on Januar 28, 19 ..


ⓘ Banner o Belize

The banner o Belize is a continued version o the earlier banner o Breetish Honduras.

Breetish Honduras obtained a coat-o-airms on Januar 28, 1907, which formed the basis o the badge uised on Breetish ensigns. The coat o airms mynds o the loggin industry that first led tae Breetish dounset thare. The figures, tuils, an mahogany tree represents this industry. Frae 1950 onwart, an unoffeecial naitional banner wis in uise. It wis blue, wi a modified version o the airms on a white disc in the centre whiles a blank white circle wis uised as the coat o airms wis difficult tae draw. The naitional motto, Sub Umbra Floreo, meanin A Flourish in the Shade, is written in the lawer pairt o the coat-o-airms.


1. Description

The banner is ryal blue, wi a white disc at the centre conteenin the Naitional Coat o Airms held bi a white an a black man surroondit bi fifty mahogany leaves. The banner is bund at tap an bottom bi twa reid stripes.

The colours on the banner is respectively thaim o the kintras naitional pairties, the Fowk Unitit Pairty PUP an Unitit Democratic Pairty Belize UDP. The UDP, established in 1973, haed objectit tae the oreeginal blue an white design, thae twa colour bein the PUPs representative colours. The twa reid stripe at the tap an bottom wur addit tae the oreeginal design at unthirldom. The coat o airms wis grantit in 1907. Red stripes is addit tae denote the colour o the opposition pairty. Blue is the pairty colour o the PUP (Fowks United Pairty. The 50 leafs mynd o 1950, the year PUP came tae pouer.


2. Uniqueness

The banner o Belize is unique in that it conteens twal colours, three mair nor on ony ither naitional banner. It is the anerlie kintra tae hae human beins depictit on its naitional banner, tho the banners o Breetish dependencies Montserrat an the Virgin Islands depict humans an aa.

  • Flourish The banner o Belize features the coat o airms in its centre. National Symbols frae the Belizean Government wabsteid Template: Coat o airms o North Americae
  • American naition. Belize haes a diverse society, comprisin mony culturs an leids. Awtho Kriol an Spaingie are spoken amang the population, Belize is the ae kintra
  • Belize Ceety is the lairgest ceety in the Central American kintra o Belize an wis ance the caipital o the umwhile Breetish Honduras. Ann Arbor, Unitit
  • Unitit Naitions. 1976 - The Seychelles jyn the Unitit Naitions. 1981 - Belize gains unthirldom frae the Unitit Kinrick. 1984 - Brunei jyns the Unitit
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