ⓘ Banner o Liechtenstein. The banner o Liechtenstein consists o twa equal horizontal baunds o blue an reid wi a gowd ducal croun on the hoist side o the blue baun ..


ⓘ Banner o Liechtenstein

The banner o Liechtenstein consists o twa equal horizontal baunds o blue an reid wi a gowd ducal croun on the hoist side o the blue baund. The colours are likely tae hae been derived frae the livery colours o the Principalitys ryal hoosehauld in the 18t century.

The reid an blue o Liechtensteins banner date frae 1921. The croun wis addit in 1937, efter it wis discovered bi Liechtensteins team at the 1936 Simmer Olympics that the banner then in uise wis identical tae the banner o Haiti. The design o the croun wis slichtly modified in 1982. The banner can be hung vertically or horizontally, but the croun aaways remains upricht.

  • 47.14 N 9.55 E 47.14 9.55 The Principality o Liechtenstein German: Fürstentum Liechtenstein is a sma, laundlockit kintra in central Europe. It
  • Triesenberg is a municipality in Liechtenstein wi a population o 2, 564. Bevölkerungsstatistik 31. Dezember in German Amt für Statistik AS Liechtensteinische
  • St. Gallen an Liechtenstein The anerlie Austrian federal state that shares a mairch wi Vorarlberg is Tyrol tae the east. The caipital o Vorarlberg is
  • an Italy tae the sooth, an Swisserland an Liechtenstein tae the wast. Austrick haes been a member - state o the EU sin 1995. The fowk in Austrick speak
  • collapses. 2020 - COVID - 19 pandemic: Argentinae, Chile, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein an Ukraine record thair first COVID - 19 cases. 1756 - William Godwin
  • the North, Fraunce tae the Wast, Italy tae the Sooth an Austrick an Liechtenstein tae the East. Historically it wis a Confederation but syne 1848 it haes
  • 1975 Prince Wenzeslaus o Liechtenstein an Prince Rudolf o Liechtenstein b. 1974 an 1975, resp. Princess Mathilde, Duchess o Brabant b. 1973 Marianne
  • 108t Mayor o New York Ceety 1945 - Hans Adam II, Prince o Liechtenstein 1951 - Kevin Keegan, Inglis fitbawer 1967 - Mark Rutte, Prime meenister o the Netherlands
  • anarchist an writer b. 1946 Independence Day Indie Naitional Day Liechtenstein Republic o the Congo, Sooth Korea Ferragosto Italy Assumption Roman Catholic
  • Carstens becomes Preses o Wast Germany. 1984 Richard von Weizsaecker becomes Preses o Germany. 1984 Weemen in Liechtenstein get the richt tae vote
  • Republic of Bulgaria, 2008 - 03 - 20 Liechtenstein anerkennt den Kosovo Archived 3 Apryle 2008 at the Wayback Machine, Liechtenstein government, 2008 - 03 - 28 in
  • estimatit population o amaist 30, 000. Its caipital is the Ceety o San Marino. Ane o the European microstates, alang wi Liechtenstein the Vatican, Monaco