ⓘ Banner o Canadae. The Naitional Banner o Canadae, forby kent as the Maple Leaf, an lUnifolié, is a reid banner wi a white square in its centre, featurin a styli ..


ⓘ Banner o Canadae

The Naitional Banner o Canadae, forby kent as the Maple Leaf, an lUnifolié, is a reid banner wi a white square in its centre, featurin a stylized 11-pynt reid maple leaf. Its adoption in 1965 markit the first time a naitional banner haed been offeecially adopt in Canadae tae replace the Union Banner. The Canadian Red Ensign haed been unoffeecially uised syne the 1890s an wis approved bi a 1945 Order-in-Cooncil for uise "whitiver place or occasion mey mak it desirable tae fly a distinctive Canadian banner". In 1964, Prime Meenister Lester B. Pearson appointit a committee tae redd up the issue, sparkin a serious debate aboot a banner chynge. Oot o three choices, the maple leaf design bi George F. G. Stanley an John Matheson based on the banner o the Ryal Military College of Canada wis selectit. The banner made its first appearance on Februar 15, 1965; the date is nou celebratit annually as Naitional Banner o Canadae Day.

Mony different banners hae been creatit for uise bi Canadian offeecials, govrenment bodies, an military forces. Maist o these banners contain the maple leaf motif in some fashion, aither bi haein the Canadian banner chairged in the canton, or bi includin maple leafs in the design. The Ryal Union Banner is an offeecial banner in Canadae an aa, uised as a seembol of Canadaes membership in the Commonweel o Naitions, an o its allegiance tae the Croun. The Union Banner remains a component o ither Canadian banners, includin the provincial banners o Breetish Columbie, Manitoba an Ontario.

  • Red Ensign. The Banner o the Govrenor General o Canadae whilk umwhile uised the shield ower the Union Banner nou uises the crest o the airms on a blue
  • naitional banner o the Principality o Andorrae wis adoptit in 1866. The banner is a vertical tricolour o blue, yellow, an reid wi the coat o airms o Andorrae
  • as that o the banner o Romanie, the banner o Andorrae, the banner o Moldovae, an the banner o Queen s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canadae Blue seembolizes
  • Coordinates: 60 N 95 W 60 N 95 W 60 - 95 Canadae is a kintra in North Americae, ane o the northmaist in the warld, an the mucklest kintra bi area
  • funeral o George VI takes place in Lunnon. 1956 - Urho Kekkonen is electit Preses o Finland. 1965 - Canadae chooses the Red Maple Leaf as its Banner 1971
  • The Union Banner is the offeicial banner an naitional banner o the Unitit Kinrick. The banner represents the three kintras o the Breetish Croun, Scotland
  • Ontario ɒnˈtɛəri.oʊ is a Province o Canadae locatit in the east - central pairt o Canadae It is the lairgest Province bi population an seicont lairgest
  • became the saxt province o Canadae The caipital o Breetish Columbie is Victoria, the fifteent lairgest metropolitan region in Canadae The lairgest ceety
  • bilateral relations atween the bordering kintras o Canadae an the Unitit States. Relations atween Canadae an the Unitit States historically hae been extensive
  • a province o Canadae It is the mucklest province gaun bi area o Canadae Quebec haes a population o 7, 651, 531 fowk. The offeecial leid o Quebec is French
  • New Scotland is ane o the provinces o Canadae The caipital is Halifax. It is the seicont smawest province o Canadae wi an aurie o 55, 284 square kilometres
  • Alberta ælˈbɜːrtə is a province o Canadae It haed a population o 3, 645, 257 in 2011, makkin it the maist populous o Canadae s three prairie provinces