ⓘ Banner o Luxembourg. The banner o Luxembourg consists o three horizontal stripes, red, white an blue, can be in 1:2 or 3:5 ratio. It wis first uised atween 1845 ..


ⓘ Banner o Luxembourg

The banner o Luxembourg consists o three horizontal stripes, red, white an blue, can be in 1:2 or 3:5 ratio. It wis first uised atween 1845 an 1848 an offeecially adoptit on Juin 23, 1972. Luxembourg haed nae banner till 1830, when patriots wur urged tae display the naitional colors. The banner wis defined as a horizontal tricolor o reid, white, an blue in 1848, but it wis no offeecially adoptit till 1972. The tricolor banner is amaist identical tae that o the Netherlands, except that it is langer an its blue stripe is a lichter shade. The reid, white, an blue colorin wis derived frae the Grand Dukes coat o airms, which dates frae the 13t century.


1. History

The colours o the Banner o Luxembourg wur first adoptit aroond 1830 durin the Belgian Revolution. Thay wur probably derived frae the coonts, dukes an later grand-dukes o Luxembourgs coat o airms which in turn wis derived frae the combination o the dukes o Limbourgs Lion an the supposed striped banner o the early coonts o Luxembourg. The three-colored horizontal design wis fixed on Juin 12, 1845.

It teuk till Juin 23, 1972 afore a law wis passed regulatin the banner o Luxembourg. The same law an aa prescribed ensign an roondel for aircraft an ships registered in Luxembourg.

Ane important clarification brocht bi this law wis that the colour blue wis defined as bein a vera bricht blue, in contrast tae the banner o the Netherlands exactly the same design, but the Dutch banner uises daurk blue an a less oblong shape.

The heraldric blazon for the banner is per fess Gules an Azure, a fess Argent.


2. Ensign

The reid lion is the offeecial ensign for ships registered in Luxembourg. It is uised for river an sea shippin, as well as for aviation. This banner is based on the Coat o airms o Luxembourg an is uised as the ensign tae avoid the possibility o Luxembourgs ensign bein confused for that o the Netherlands. Ten white an blue stripes serve as the field for a reid lion wi a yellae tongue an croun. The proper ratio for this ensign is 5:7.

The Réglement Grand-Ducal o Julie 27, 1993 defined the ensigns colors as:

  • Yellae: Pantone 116c
  • White
  • Red: Pantone 032 c
  • Blue: Pantone 299 c

3. Banner discussion

On October 5, 2006, MP Michel Wolter introduced a legislative proposition tae replace the current reid-white-blue naitional banner wi the reid lion ensign. He argued that the current banner wis commonly ramfeeselt wi that o the Netherlands an that the reid lion on the ither haund wis mair popular, mair aesthetic an o greater historic value. Wolter an aa claimed he haed personally discussed the matter wi some three hunder fowk, maist o whom expressed thair support for his initiative.

On the ither haund, mony naitional politeecians includin leadin members o Wolters awn CSV an VIPs hae expressed astonishment in the local media concernin baith the timing an necessity for such a chynge. The anerlie poleetical pairty tae express support for Wolters initiative wis the naitionalist an populist ADR. On October 24, 2006 a local initiative cried Initiativ Roude Léiw Initiative Reid Lion held a press conference explainin thair intention tae support Wolters project on a non-partisan basis. Thair first actions wad include distribution o reid lion bumper stickers, a petition an a poll.

A formal obstacle for replacin the banner coud be that the neighbourin Belgian province o Luxembourg uises a coat o airms seemilar tae the reid lion banner on thair awn banner. The German state o Hesse an aa incorporates a somehou seemilar design on its coat o airms, which is in turn featurt on the state banner, tho the ceevil banner bears nae resemblance.

  • Armorial du pays de Luxembourg Dr. Jean - Claude Loutsch, Publications nationales du Ministère des Airts et des Sciences, Luxembourg 1974 Banner o Luxembourg
  • 49.750 6.167 The Grand Duchy o Luxembourg Luxembourgis: Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg. Frainch: Grand - Duché de Luxembourg German: Großherzogtum Luxemburg
  • naitional banner o Belgium Dutch: Vlag van België, French: Drapeau de la Belgique, German: Flagge Belgiens conteens three equal vertical baunds o black
  • Luxembourg Dutch: Luxemburg  help info same in German but wi a slichtly different pronunciation Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg Walloon: Lussimbork is
  • pheesicist an umwhile muisicker 1973 - Xavier Bettel, Prime meenister o Luxembourg 1977 - Ronan Keating, Erse sangster 1979 - Scott MacLeod, Scots rugby
  • Seville. 1890 - The daith o William III o the Netherlands ends the dual monarchy atween the Netherlands an Luxembourg 1904 - End o the 1904 Simmer Olympics
  • Sybilla o Normandy, Queen Consort o Scots b. 1092 1793 - Jean - Paul Marat, French politeecian b. 1743 1921 - Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg - French pheesicist
  • becomes the 32nt state o the Unitit States. 1867 - Luxembourg gains unthirldom. 1910 - Glacier Naitional Pairk is creatit in the US state o Montana. 1937 - Los
  • occupies Luxembourg 1922 - A typhoon hits Shantou, Republic o Cheenae, killin 50, 000 fowk. 1923 - Calvin Coolidge becomes the 30t Preses o the Unitit
  • Wast Germany, Fraunce, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium an Luxembourg 1975 - King Faisal o Saudi Arabie is shot deed bi his nephew. 2001 - Denmark, Finland