ⓘ Banner o Iceland. The Banner o Iceland wis offeecially describit in Law No. 34, set oot on 17 Juin 1944, the day Iceland became a republic. The law is entitled ..


ⓘ Banner o Iceland

The Banner o Iceland wis offeecially describit in Law No. 34, set oot on 17 Juin 1944, the day Iceland became a republic. The law is entitled "The Law o the Naitional Banner o Icelanders an the State Airms" an describes the Icelandic banner as follaes:

The ceevil naitional flag o Icelanders is blue as the sky wi a snaw-white cross, an a fiery-red cross inside the white cross. The airms o the cross extend tae the edge o the flag, an their combined width is 2/9, but the red cross 1/9 o the combined width o the flag. The blue auries are richt angled rectangles, the rectilinear surfaces are parallel an the ooter rectilinear surfaces as wide as them, but twice the length. The dimensions atween the width an length are 18:25.

Icelands first naitional banner wis a white cross on a deep blue backgrund. It wis first shawn in parade in 1897. The modren banner dates frae 1915, when a reid cross wis insertit intae the white cross o the oreeginal banner. This cross represents Christianity. It wis adoptit in 1918 an became the naitional banner when Iceland gained unthirldom frae Denmark in 1944. For the Icelandic fowk the banners colourin represents a vision o thair kintras landscape. The colours staund for 3 o the elements that mak up the island. Red is the fire produced bi the islands volcanoes, white recaws the ice an snaw that covers Iceland, an blue for the Atlantic Ocean.

The state flag Tjúgufáni differs frae the ceevil ane, that the ooter rectangles are three times langer than the hoist side rectangles an split at the end, cut directly frae the ooter corners tae its centre line. Cuttin the inner edges o the ooter rectangles at 4/7 o ooter length an 3/7 o inner length o the ooter rectangles. When this cut encoonters the edge o the red cross it is cut vertically.
  • banner The shieldbearers are the fower protectors o Iceland landvættir staundin on a pahoehoe lava block. The bull Griðungur is the protector o
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  • cawed Merkið which means the banner or the mark It resembles the banners o neighbouring Norrowey an Iceland The banner wis devised in 1919 bi Jens
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  • ceeties o Iqaluit an St. John s in Canadae, an Reykjavík in Iceland Nuuk is the seat o govrenment for the Sermersooq municipality. It haes a population o 15
  • the 2nt Preses o Iceland 1960 - Dahomey, nou Benin, gains unthirldom frae Fraunce. 1960 - Islamabad is declared the federal caipital o Pakistan. 1968
  • Angkor, in wha is nou Cambodie. 1777 - The Stars an Stripes becomes the Banner o the Unitit States. 1891 - A brig collapse naur Munchenstein, Swisserland
  • marines land on Iwo Jima, Japan. 1976 Iceland breaks off diplomatic relations wi the Unitit Kinrick, acause o the Cod Wars. 1985 An Iberia Airlines
  • 358 fowk. 1906 - The current Banner o Swaden is adoptit. 1911 - George V o the Unitit Kinrick is crouned. 1919 - The Banner o the Faroe Islands is raised