ⓘ Banner o Finland. The banner o Finland, cried Siniristilippu an aw, dates frae the beginnin o the 20t century. On a white backgrund, it features a blue Nordic c ..

Kose Pairish

Kose Pairish is a landwart municipality in northren Estonie. It is a pairt o Harju Coonty. The municipality haes a population o 5.737 an covers a aurie o 237.33 km². The population densitie is 24.2 inhabitants per km². On 20 October 2013, neebourin Kõue Pairish wis mergit wi Kose Pairish. Admeenistrative centre o the municipality is the smaw burgh Estonie: alevik o Kose. Thare are total o 5 smaw burghs an 58 veelages in Kose Pairish: Aela, Ahisilla, Äksi, Alansi, Harmi, Kadja, Kanavere, Kantküla, Karla, Kata, Katsina, Kirivalla, Kiruvere, Kolu, Kõrvenurga, Kõue, Krei, Kuivajõe, Kukepala, L ...

Abja Pairish

Abja Pairish is a landwart municipality o Estonie, in Viljandi Coonty. It haes a population o 2.719 an a aurie o 290.21 km 2.

Kambja Pairish

Smaw burgh Kambja Veelages Aakaru - Ivaste - Kaatsi - Kammeri - Kavandu - Kodijärve - Kõrkküla - Kullaga - Lalli - Madise - Mäeküla - Oomiste - Paali - Palumäe - Pangodi - Pulli - Pühi - Raanitsa - Rebase - Reolasoo - Riiviku - Sipe - Sirvaku - Sulu - Suure-Kambja - Talvikese - Tatra - Vana-Kuuste - Virulase - Visnapuu


ⓘ Banner o Finland

The banner o Finland, cried Siniristilippu an aw, dates frae the beginnin o the 20t century. On a white backgrund, it features a blue Nordic cross, which represents Christianity. The state banner haes a coat o arms in the centre, but is otherwise identical tae the civil banner. The swallow-tailed state banner is uised bi the military. The presidential staundart is identical tae the swallae-tailed state banner but haes in its upper left corner the Cross o Liberty efter the Order o the Cross o Liberty an aw, which haes the Preses o Finland as its Grand Maister. Lik Swadens, Finlands naitional banner is based on the Scandinavian cross. It wis adoptit efter unthirldom frae Roushie, when mony patriotic Finns wantit a special banner for thair kintra, but its design dates back tae the 19t century. The blue colorin is said tae represent the kintras thoosans o lakes an the sky, wi white for the snaw that covers the land in winter. This colour combination haes been uised ower the centuries in various Finnish provincial, military, an toun banners an aw.


1. History

The current blue-crossed design wis first uised in Finland bi Nyländska Jaktklubben, a yacht club foondit in Helsinki in 1861. In addition tae the blue cross on the white backgrund, the yacht club banner haed the crouned airms o the province o Uusimaa athin twa crossed branches in the upper hoist quarter. Except for the poseetion o the cross, the banner wis seemilar tae the banner o the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, foondit the previous year. The design can be traced tae the Roushie Navy ensign, which haes a blue cross saltire on a white backgrund.

Shortly efter Finland gained unthirldom in 1917, a competeetion wis held for the design o the Finnish banner. Several different designs wur submittit. Regardin the colours, the entries fell mainly intae twa categories - ane uisin the reid an yellae frae the Finnish coat o airms, an the ither uisin the present blue an white colours.

Ane entry haed the Dannebrog cross design, but wi a yellae cross on a reid backgrund. Anither entry haed diagonal blue an white stripes, but it wis criticized as bein mair suitable for a baurber shop than a newly-independent kintra.

  • hoist side. The cross design o the Dens banner wis subsequently adoptit bi the ither Nordic kintras Swaden, Norawa, Finland Iceland an the Faroe Islands
  • The Banner o Swaden is a Scandinavian cross that extends tae the edges o the banner This Scandinavian cross represents Christianity. The design an colours
  • Finland Finnish: Suomi offeecially the Republic o Finland Finnish: Suomen tasavalta is a Nordic kintra situatit in the Fennoscandie region o Northren
  • The Banner o Iceland Icelandic: Íslenski fáninn wis offeecially describit in Law No. 34, set oot on 17 Juin 1944, the day Iceland became a republic.
  • listen is a ceety on the soothwast coast o Finland at the mooth o the Aura River, in the region o Finland Proper. Turku, as a toun, wis settled durin
  • is a ceety on the wast coast o Finland Area of Finnish Municipalities 1.1.2018 PDF National Land Survey of Finland Retrieved 30 Januar 2018. Suomen
  • Joensuu lit. mooth o the river is a ceety an municipality in North Karelie in the province o Eastren Finland Linköping, Swaden Ísafjarðarbær, Iceland
  • smawest region o Finland wi anerlie 0.49 o its land aurie, an 0.50 o its population. Åland comprises Fasta Åland the Main Island, wi 90 o the population
  • Halsua, Finland Kaavi, Finland Kaustinen, Finland Nilsiä, Finland Perho, Finland Rautavaara, Finland Ullava, Finland Vehmaa, Finland Veteli, Finland Hella
  • 358 fowk. 1906 - The current Banner o Swaden is adoptit. 1911 - George V o the Unitit Kinrick is crouned. 1919 - The Banner o the Faroe Islands is raised
  • funeral o George VI takes place in Lunnon. 1956 - Urho Kekkonen is electit Preses o Finland 1965 - Canadae chooses the Red Maple Leaf as its Banner 1971
  • Tazovaldkund is a federal subject o Roushie. Historically, Karelie wis a region tae the northwast o Roushie, east o present - day Finland controlt bi the Novgorod