ⓘ Sicily is the lairgest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Alang wi the surroondin minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region o Italy, the Regione Sicilian ..

Province o Messina

Messina is a province in the autonomous island region o Sicily in Italy. Its caipital is the ceety o Messina.


ⓘ Sicily

Sicily is the lairgest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Alang wi the surroondin minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region o Italy, the Regione Siciliana.

Sicily haes a rich an unique cultur, especially wi regard tae the airts, muisic, literatur, cuisine, airchitectur an leid. The Sicilian economy is diversifeed. The agricultur sector is significant wi citrus fruits mainly oranges an lemons, olives an olive ile, grapes an wine. Tourism an real estate are economically important for the island. Sicily an aa holds importance for aircheological an auncient steids such as the Necropolis o Pantalica, the Valley o the Temples an Selinunte.


1. Admeenistrative diveesions

Admeenistratively Sicily is dividit intae nine provinces, each wi a caipital ceety o the same name as the province. Sma surroondin islands are pairt o various Sicilian provinces an aw: Aeolian Islands o Messina, isle o Ustica Palermo, Aegadian Islands Trapani, isle o Pantelleria Trapani an Pelagian Islands Agrigento.


2. Freemit airtins

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  • The Kinrick o Sicily Italian: Regno di Sicilia, Laitin: Regnum Siciliae, Sicilian: Regnu di Sicilia, Neapolitan: Regno e Sicilia, Catalan: Regne de Sicília
  • Alia is a comune in the province o Palermo, on the Italian island o Sicily
  • Συράκουσαι, Syrakousai medieval Greek: Συρακοῦσαι is a heestoric ceety in Sicily the caipital o the province o Syracuse. Ceety population i.e. that o
  • a comune municipality in the Province o Palermo in the Italian region Sicily locatit aboot 40 kilometre 25 mi sootheast o Palermo. As o 31 Dizember
  • Nicosia Sicilian: Nicusìa is a veelage an comune o the province o Enna in Sicily soothren Italy. Nicosia, alang wi Troina are the northmaist touns in the
  • Princess Maria Antonia o Naples, Princess o Sicily Maria Antonietta Teresa Amelia Giovanna Battista Francesca Gaetana Maria Anna Lucia 14 December 1784
  • Ferdinand IVo o the Kinrick o Naples an Ferdinando III o the Kinrick o Sicily He wis an aw Keng o Gozo. He wis deposed twice frae the throne o Naples:
  • Vita is a toun an comune in inland Soothwastren Sicily Italy, admeenistratively pairt o the province o Trapani. It is the smawest municipality aurie o
  • Johanna Antonia 13 August 1752 8 September 1814 wis Queen o Naples an Sicily as the wife o King Ferdinand IV & III. As de facto ruler o her husband s
  • Prince Giuseppe o Naples an Sicily Giuseppe Carlo Gennaro 18 Juin 1781 19 Februar 1783 was the first Prince o Naples an Sicily The title was later conferred


Mither Kirk o San Lorenzo Kirk o Santa Maria la Cava The Regional Airchaeological Museum o Aidone contains mony airchaeological remains frae Morgantina.



Salemi the place whaur Giuseppe Garibaldi annoonced the annexation o Sicily on Mey 14, 1860 as pairt o the expedition o the Thoosan, briefly makin the toun his heidquarters efter his landin at Marsala twa days earlier.



Calascibetta is a comune in Sicily, Italy in the Province o Enna. Calascibetta is a smaw toun in Sicily. Mony Calascibettas live throuoot the warld. Wi hunders throuoot North Americae an mony scattered throuoot Europe. Calascibetta is no anerly a toun but an Italian last name that haes been used throuoot mony generations o fowk.



Capaci is a toun an comune in the Province o Palermo in Sicily, Italy. In 2004 the commune wis inhabitit bi 10.129 fowk, wi the density o 1.688.2 fowk per square kilometer.


Buseto Palizzolo

Buseto Palizzolo is a toun an comune in Northwastren Sicily, Italy, admeenistratively pairt o the province o Trapani. It haes 3.170 indwallers.