ⓘ Sardinie is the seicont-lairgest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an autonomous region o Italy, an the nearest land masses are the French island o Corsica ..


ⓘ Sardinie

Sardinie is the seicont-lairgest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an autonomous region o Italy, an the nearest land masses are the French island o Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, Tunisie an the Spaingie Balearic Islands.

The name Sardinie is frae the pre-Roman noun sard, romanised as sardus feminine sarda; that the name haed a releegious connotation is suggestit frae its uise an aa as the adjective for the auncient Sardinie meethological hero-god Sardus Pater "Sardinie Faither" misunnerstuid bi mony modren Sardinies/Italians as being "Faither Sardus", as well as being the stem o the adjective "sardonic". Sardinie wis cawed Ichnusa the Laitinised form o the Greek Hyknousa, Sandalion, Sardinia an Sardo bi the auncient Greeks an the Romans.

  • Victor Amadeus III o Sardinie Vittorio Amadeo Maria 26 Juin 1726 16 October 1796 wis Keeng o Sardinie frae 1773 tae his daith. He wis the faither
  • Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie Vittorio Amedeo Francesco 14 Mey 1666 31 October 1732 wis Duke o Savoy frae 1675 tae 1730. He aa held the teetles Marquis
  • wis born a Prince o Savoy an wis later the last mainline Savoyard king o Sardinie He was a nephew o Charles III o Spain an cousin o Maria I o Portugal as
  • Charles Albert o Sardinie Carlo Alberto Emanuele Vittorio Maria Clemente Saverio 2 October 1798 28 Julie 1849 wis the King o Sardinie frae 27 Aprile
  • Victor Emmanuel I o Sardinie Vittorio Emanuele 24 Julie 1759 10 Januar 1824 wis the Duke o Savoy an Keeng o Sardinie 1802 1821 Victor Emmanuel
  • The Province o Sooth Sardinie Italian: Provincia del Sud Sardegna is an Italian province o Sardinie institutit on 4 Februar 2016.
  • Charles Emmanuel III o Sardinie 27 Apryle 1701 20 Februar 1773 wis the Duke o Savoy and King o Sardinie frae 1730 until his daith. he mairit three
  • Keeng o Sardinie frae 1796 tae 1802. He abdicated in favour o his brither Victor Emmanuel I. eldest son o Victor Amadeus III, King o Sardinie an his wife
  • The Kinrick o Sardinie wis a state in Soothren Europe that existed frae the early 14t till the mid - 19t century. It wis the predecessor state o the Kinrick
  • Iglesias wis a co - caipital o the umwhile province o Carbonia - Iglesias, Sardinie Italy. Carbonia is twinned wi: Oberhausen, Germany Behren - lès - Forbach
  • listen  help info is a comune o province o Carbonia - Iglesias, region o Sardinie Italy. Oberhausen, Germany, syne 2002 Pisa, Italy, syne 2009 Aw demografics
  • intermediate level atween a municipality comune an a region regione Sardinie - follaein the ootcome o the regional referendums o 2012 it wis decreed

Carbonia, Sardinie

Carbonia (pronounced listen is a toun an comune, which alang wi Iglesias wis a co-caipital o the umwhile province o Carbonia-Iglesias, Sardinie, Italy.


Basilica o Superga

The Ryal Basilica o Superga is a muckle kirk on the outskirts o the Italian ceety o Turin. It wis commissioned bi Keeng Victor Amadeus II o Sardinie. It wis designed bi Filippo Juvarra. The site wis originally bare Construction lastit frae 1717 till 1731. The buildin is aften compared tae the muckler an mair famous St. Peters Basilica. Maist o the Kings o Sardinie is buried there.



Isili, Ìsili in Sardinie leid, is a comune in the Metropolitan Ceety o Cagliari, soothren Sardinie, Italy, locatit aboot 60 kilometre north o Cagliari in the Sarcidano tradeetional region. Isili borders the follaein municipalities: Gergei, Gesturi, Laconi, Nuragus, Nurallao, Nurri, Serri, Villanova Tulo.



Escolca, Scorca or Scolca in Sardinie leid, is a comune in the Province o Cagliari in the Italian region Sardinie, locatit aboot 50 kilometre north o Cagliari. As o 31 Dizember 2004, it haed a population o 652 an a aurie o 14.7 square kilometre. The municipality o Escolca conteens the frazione subdiveesion San Simone. Escolca borders the follaein municipalities: Barumini, Gergei, Gesico, Mandas, Serri, Villanovafranca.


Tempio Pausania

Tempio Pausania listen is a toun o aboot 14.000 indwallers in the Gallura region o northren Sardinie, Italy, the admeenistrative caipital o the province o Olbia-Tempio.



Alghero, is a toun o aboot 44.000 indwallers in the Italian insular province o Sassari in northwastren Sardinie, next tae the Mediterranean Sea.