ⓘ Japan is a sovereign island naition in Eastren Asie. Locatit in the Paceefic Ocean, it lies off the eastren coast o the Asie Mainland an stretches frae the Sea ..

Chita, Aichi

Chita is a ceety locatit in Aichi Prefectur, Japan. As o 2011, the toun haes a estimatit population o 84.598 an a population density o 1850 bodies per km². The tot aurie is 45.76 km².

Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka

JR West Kansai Main Line Yamatoji Line: Tobu-shijo-mae Station Higashisumiyoshi-ku is close tae stations on the Hanwa Line an aw, Bishōen, Minami-Tanabe an Tsurugaoka in Abeno-ku. Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line: Kita-Tanabe Station - Imagawa Station - Harinakano Station - Yata Station Osaka Municipal Subway Tanimachi Line: Tanabe Station - Komagawa-Nakano Station

Tsurumi-ku, Osaka

Tsurumi is ane o 24 wairds o Osaka, Japan. It is best kent for its muckle pairkland, Tsurumi-Ryokuchi, the steid o the 1990 Internaitional Garden Exposition.


The Daimyo wur the pouerfu territorial lairds in pre-modren Japan that ruled maist o the kintra frae thair vast, hereditary laund hauldins.

San Bruno, Californie

San Bruno is a ceety in San Mateo Coonty, Californie, Unitit States. The population wis 41.114 at the 2010 census. The ceety is next tae San Francisco Internaitional Airport an Golden Gate National Cemetery.


Niigata is a name o a place o Japan an the Chubu region. Niigata mey refer tae: Niigata Stadium, an athletic stadium in Niigata, Japan. Niigata Transys, a Japanese railway vehicle manufacturer Niigata Prefectur in Japan Albirex Niigata, the ceetys professional fitbaa club Niigata Shimbun, 19t century newspaper, editit bi Yukio Ozaki Niigata, Niigata, a ceety in Japan an the caipital o Niigata Prefectur


ⓘ Japan

Japan is a sovereign island naition in Eastren Asie. Locatit in the Paceefic Ocean, it lies off the eastren coast o the Asie Mainland an stretches frae the Sea o Okhotsk in the north tae the East Cheenae Sea an Taiwan in the soothwast.

The kanji that mak up Japans name mean "sun origin". 日 can be read as ni an means sun while 本 can be read as hon, or pon an means origin. Japan is eften referred tae in the Wast bi the famous epithet "Laund o the Risin Sun" in reference tae its Japanese name.

Japan is a stratovolcanic airchipelago conseestin o aboot 6.852 islands. The fower lairgest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu an Shikoku, which mak up aboot ninety-seiven percent o Japans laund aurie an eften are referred tae as hame islands. The kintra is dividit intae 47 prefecturs in aicht regions. Hokkaido bein the northrenmost prefectur an Okinawa bein the soothernmaist ane. The population o 127 million is the warlds tent lairgest. Japanese fowk mak up 98.5% o Japans tot population. Approximately 9.1 million fowk live in the core ceety o Tokyo, the caipital o Japan.

Airchaeological resairch indicates that Japan wis inhaibitit as early as the Upper Paleolithic period. The first written mention o Japan is in Cheenese history texts frae the 1st century AD. Influence frae ither regions, mainly Cheenae, follaed bi periods o isolation, pairteecularly frae Wastren Europe, haes chairacterised Japans history. Frae the 12t century till 1868, Japan wis ruled bi successive feudal militar shoguns wha ruled in the name o the Emperor.

Japan entered intae a lang period o isolation in the early 17t century, which wis endit in 1853 when a Unitit States fleet pressured Japan tae open tae the Wast. Efter nearly twa decades o internal conflict an insurrection, the Imperial Coort regained its poleetical pouer in 1868 throu the help o several clans frae Chōshū an Satsuma, an the Empire o Japan wis established. In the late 19t an early 20t centuries, victories in the First Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War an Warld War I allaed Japan tae expand its empire during a period o increasin militarism.

The Seicont Sino-Japanese War o 1937 expandit intae pairt o World War II in 1941, which came tae an end in 1945 follaein the atomic bombins o Hiroshima an Nagasaki an the Japanese surrender. Syne adoptin its revised constitution on Mey 3, 1947 during the occupation bi the SCAP, Japan haes maintained a unitar pairlamentary constitutional monarchy wi an Emperor an electit legislatur cried the Naitional Diet.

Japan is a member o the UN, the OECD, the G7, the G8, an the G20 an is conseedert a great pouer. The kintra haes the warlds third-lairgest economy bi nominal GDP an the warlds foerrth-lairgest economy bi purchasin pouer parity. It is an aa the waarlds fowert-lairgest exporter an fowert-lairgest importer. The kintra benefits frae a heichly skilled wirkforce an is amang the maist heichly eddicatit kintras in the warld, wi ane o the heichest percentages o its ceetizens hauldin a tertiary eddication degree.

Awtho Japan haes offeecially renoonced its richt tae declare war, it mainteens a modren militar wi the warlds aicht-lairgest militar budget, uised for sel-defence an peacekeepin roles. Japan is a developit kintra wi a very heich staundart o livin an Human Development Index. Its population enjoys the heichest life expectancy an the third lawest infant mortality rate in the warld.

  • The Japan naitional fitbaw team サッカー日本代表, Soccer Nippon Daihyō represents Japan in association fitbaw an is operatit by the Japan Fitbaa Association
  • The Empire o Japan 大日本帝國, Dai Nippon Teikoku, literally Empire o Great Japan wis an empire an warld pouer that existit frae the Meiji Restoration
  • Pairty o Japan 自由民主党, Jiyū - Minshutō frequently abbreviatit tae LDP, Jimintō 自民党 or Lib Dems, is a conservative poleetical pairty in Japan It is ane
  • The prefecturs o Japan is the kintra s 47 first - order subnational jurisdictions on a state or provincial level: ane metropolis 都, to Tokyo ane circuit territory
  • New Japan Pro - Wrestling Co., Ltd. 新日本プロレスリング株式会社, Shin Nihon Puroresuringu Kabushiki - kaisha NJPW is a Japanese professional warsillin promotion basit
  • The Sea o Japan is a marginal sea o the wastern Paceefic Ocean, atween the Asie mainland, the Japanese airchipelago an Sakhalin. Coordinates: 40 N 135 E
  • Bootlegged in Japan is a live album frae the 5 August 1996 concert at the Liquid Rooms, Tokyo, Japan bi Napalm Death. It wis recordit as a buitleg an efter
  • A city 市, shi is a local administrative unit in Japan Cities are ranked on the same level as towns 町, machi and villages 村, mura with the difference
  • hame tae the Japanese govrenment an the emperor, makkin it the Caipital o Japan It is the naition s maist populous urban aurie an aw 12 million fowk