ⓘ Tunisie Revolution. The Tunisie Revolution wis an intensive campaign o ceevil resistance, includin a series o street demonstrations takin place in Tunisie. The ..


ⓘ Tunisie Revolution

The Tunisie Revolution wis an intensive campaign o ceevil resistance, includin a series o street demonstrations takin place in Tunisie. The events began in December 2010 an led tae the oostin o langtime Preses Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Januar 2011.

The demonstrations wur precipitatit bi heich unemployment, fuid inflation, corruption, a lack o freedom o speech an ither poleetical freedom an poor livin conditions. The protests constitutit the maist dramatic wave o social an poleetical unrest in Tunisie in three decades an hae resultit in scores o daiths an injuries, maist o which wur the result o action bi polis an security forces against demonstrators. The protests wur spairked bi the sel-immolation o Mohamed Bouazizi on December 17 an led tae the oostin o Preses Zine El Abidine Ben Ali 28 days later on 14 Januar 2011, whan he offeecially resigned efter fleein tae Saudi Arabie, endin 23 years in pouer. Labour unions wur said tae be an integral pairt o the protests. The protests inspired seemilar actions throughoot the Arab warld; the Egyptian revolution began efter the events in Tunisie an a led tae the oostin o Egyps langtime preses Hosni Mubarak; furthermair, protests hae an aa taken place in Algerie, Yemen, Libie, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Mauritanie, Pakistan an elsewhaur in the wider Middle East an North Africae.


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In Tunisie an the wider Arab warld, the protests an chynge in govrenment are cried the Sidi Bouzid Revolt, derived frae Sidi Bouzid, the ceety whaur the initial protests began. In the media, thir events hae been dubbed the Jasmine Revolution in keepin wi the geopoleetical nomenclature o "color revolutions", awtho the comparison is disputit, notably bi mony Tunisians thairsels.

  • democracy in Tunisie in the wake o the Jasmine Revolution o 2011. The Naitional Dialogue Quartet comprises the follaein organisations in Tunisie ceevil society:
  • The 2011 2012 Yemen revolution referred tae as the Yemeni uprisin an aw, follaeed the initial stages o the Tunisie revolution an occurred simultaneously
  • demonstrations, protests, riots, coups an ceevil wars in North Africae an the Middle East that begoud on 17 December 2010 in Tunisie wi the Tunisie Revolution
  • Tunisie offeecially the Tunisian Republic الجمهورية التونسية al - Jumhūriyya at - Tūnisiyya is the northrenmaist kintra in Africae. It is an Arab kintra
  • Preses o Tunisie is Tunisie s electit Heid o State. The current Preses o the Republic is Beji Caid Essebsi. This is a leet o Presidents o Tunisie syne the
  • born 29 November 1926 deed 25 Julie 2019 wis a Tunisie politeecian wha wis Preses o Tunisie frae December 2014 tae his daith in Julie 2019. He wis
  • o Tunisie Through his career he haes been a human richts activist, physeecian an politeecian. On 12 December 2011, he wis electit Preses o Tunisie bi
  • first clashes o the Tunisian Revolution It wis the steid o a battle which teuk place in Februar 1943, pairt o the Tunisie Campaign o Warld War II. This
  • main ceety o the Sooth wast o Tunisie It is baith a historical oasis an the hame o the Phosphate minin industry o Tunisie The ceety haes an estimatit
  • aest, Sudan tae the soothaest, Chad an Niger tae the sooth, an Algerie an Tunisie tae the wast. The World Factbook Africa: Libya CIA World Factbook. CIA
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