ⓘ Romanie mafia. The Romanie mafia is a term uised for organisit creeme groups based in Romanie an componed o ethnic Romanies. Romanie creeme groups are active in ..


ⓘ Romanie mafia

The Romanie mafia is a term uised for organisit creeme groups based in Romanie an componed o ethnic Romanies. Romanie creeme groups are active in Romanie an in ither European Union kintras, maistly in northren Italy an Spain. Thay pairticipate in a wide range o creeminal activities rangin frae prostitution an extortion tae drog trokin. In recent years Romanie organisit creeminal groups hae expandit thair creeminal activities in the EU.


1. Structur

Romanie organisit creeminal groups aften operate in sma cells. Despite thair apparent autonomous activities thir cells are aften pairt o a lairger hierarchical group. Thir are pyramidal organisations wi strict centralisit control an a clear diveesion o tasks.


2. Creeminal activities

In Romanie thare are some gangs active in a wide range o creeminal activities. Some o thir gangs hae expandit thair operations tae ither European Union states. Pouerful clans are:

  • The Şteoacă clan frae Bucharest: the clan is considered ane o the lairgest drog gangs in Bucharest.
  • The Clamparu clan frae Botosani: the leader o the Clămparu clan, nicknamed Cap-de-Porc "Pighead", is involvit in the maist dangerous prostitution rings. Thay are involvit in drog trokin.
  • The Feraru clan: The clan controlled bi Feraru wis the ane which haed a prostitution netwirk in Spain; the leader o the group, Costel Feraru, is currently servin a sax year sentence.
  • The Vasile clan frae Vrancea: The "Lang haired" clan, led bi Tătaru Vasile, specialises in illegal sales o contrabaund cigarettes, uisury an caur trokin. In the same coonty, the group led bi Argint Costică specialises in racketeerin in Romanie an in Italy alike.
  • The Duduieni, Caran an Gigi Corsicanu clan: Gigi Corsicanu is the leader o the fans o the Rapid fitbaa club. The Duduianu an Caran clans are allegedly involvit in prostitution, uisury, store an hame robberies, drog trokin.
  • The Ghenosu clan frae Dambovita: The Ghenosu clan seems tae be enjoyin the support o several important fowk in the polis an courts seestems. The Ghenosu clan haes tees wi the Corduneanu clan an wi that o the Cămătaru brithers an is allegedly involvit in drog trokin, pimpin an racketeerin. The Ghenosu clan in parteecular haes expanded its operations intae ither European countries, mainly Ireland.
  • The Rohozeanu clan frae Arad: The clan o Uţu Rohozeanu, elk-namit "Stephen the Great" or "Vlad Ţepeş", coonts as the biggest an maist violent organisit creeme faction in Wastren Romanie, an awready haes unner his belt a conflict wi anither important clan in the region, the ane controlled bi Claudiu Baderca o Timişoara. In 2009, thay wur arrestit bi the authorities, but no for lang.

Romanie gangs control maist o the prostitution in Spain. Thay hae complete control ower prostitution in Catalonie, Valencie an Murcie.

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