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The concept o leid can be exponed in monie weys, fur exemple: a wey o communicatin anent hings, acts an ideas seembols impleein actions or inactions a set o meanins common tae sindry fowk a teep o thocht But the foremaist meanin o leid is human langage. Some fowk says that ainimals haes leids or can be leart leids; ithers dinna gree wi this, an seys that "ainimal leids" isna complicate or meaninfu eneuch tae be cried "leids", or that thay dinna hae the grammar needit tae be thocht o as leids; this o coorse lippens on the defeneition o leid a bodie is wirkin wi. Mathaematics an computer sci ...

Ukrainian leid

Ukrainian is a leid o the East Slavic subgroup o the Slavic leids. It is the offeecial state leid o Ukraine. Written Ukrainian uises a variant o the Cyrillic alphabet. The Ukrainian leid traces its oreegins tae the Auld East Slavic o the early medieval state o Kievan Rus. In its earlier stages it wis kent as Ruthenian. Ukrainian is a lineal descendant o the colloquial leid used in Kievan Rus 10t–13t century. Despite active discouragement the Ukrainian leid haes continued tae exist an be uised bi Ukrainians. It haes aaways maintained a sufficient base amang the Ukrainian fowk in its fowklor ...

French leid

French is the leid thats spak in Fraunce, Canadae, Soothren Belgium, Luxembourg an Wastren Swisserland. It wis spreid tae Africae, Sooth Aest Asie an pairts o the New Warld throu French colonisation. French is a Romance leid, meanin that it comes frae the Laitin leid. Like maist Romance leids, its nouns haes masculine an feminine gender.

Scots leid

Scots is a Wast Germanic leid o tha Anglic varietie thats spaken on tha Lawlands o Scotland an en tha stewartrie o Ulster en Ireland an tha leids o Scots Wikipedia. En maist airts, it is spaken anent tha an Inglis leid. Up til tha 15t yeirhunder Scottis modern furm Scots wis the name o the Gallic, the Celtic leid o the aunshint Scots. Thaim that bruikit Scots cried tha Gaelic Erse meinin Irish. Tha Gallic o Scotland is noo maistly cried the Scots Gallic an is yit spaken bi sum en tha western Scots Hielands an ilands. Fur tha maist pairt, Scots originatit fae tha Northumbrian variety o Angl ...

Inglis leid

Inglis is a Wast Germanic leid that arose in the Anglo-Saxon kinricks o England an spread intae whit wis tae acome sooth-east Scotland unner the influence o the Anglian medieval kinrick o Northumbrie. Follaein the economic, poleetical, military, scienteefic, cultural, an colonial influence o Great Breetain an the Unitit Kinrick frae the 18t century, via the Breetish Empire, an o the Unitit States syne the mid-20t century, it haes been widely dispersed aroond the warld, acome the leadin leid o internaitional discourse, an haes acquired uise as lingua franca in mony regions. It is widely lea ...

Mongolien leid

The Mongolien leid is the best-kent member o the Mongolic leid family. It haes aboot 5.7 million speakers, includin ower 90% o the residents o Mongolie an mony o the Mongolien residents o the Inner Mongolie autonomous region o Cheenae. In Mongolie, the Khalkha dialect o Mongolien, written in Cyrillic, is predominant; in Inner Mongolie, the leid is mair dialectally diverse an written in the traditional Mongolien script. Mongolien haes vouel hermony an a complex seellabic structure for a Mongolic leid that allous up tae three seellable-final consonants. It is a typical agglutinative leid tha ...

Persie leid

Persie is an Iranie leid athin the Indo-Iranie brainch o the Indo-European leids. It is widely spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan an tae some extent in Armenie, Iraq, Bahrain, an Oman. The Persie leid, whase native names is فارسی Fārsi, Dari the dialect o Afghanistan or Fārsi-ye-Dari Persian, can be clessifeed linguistically as a conteenuation o Middle Persie, the offeecial releegious an leeterar leid o Sassanid Persie, itsel a conteenuation o Auld Persian, the leid o the Persiae Empire in Achaemenids era. Persie is a pluricentric leid an its grammar is seemilar tae that o ...

Italian leid

Italian is a leid spoken bi aboot 70 million fowk, maistly fowk frae Italy, frae whaur it gets its name. It is an ofeecial leid in Italy, San Marino, Vatican Ceety, Swisserland an in some ceeties o Slovenie an Croatie. It is uised in some pairts o Monaco, Maltae, Albanie, Dodecaneso, Eritrea, Libie, Ethiopie, Somalie, Tunisie, Slovenie, Croatie an some ither places an aw. It is maistly derived frae Laitin, wi some wirds frae Greek, Etruscan an ithergates. It is cried an inflectit leid - that means that the meanin o wirds can be chynged bi chyngin their endins. Italian noons is aither mascu ...


A byleid, whiles cryed a dialect an aa, is a variety o a leid. It is the name gien tae a variety o spaek that isna conseidert tae differ eneuch frae the "staundart" variety o a leid for tae be cryed a leid o its ain. Hou muckle differs there maun be afore a dialect becomes a leid is gey subjective an aften lippens on poleitical conseiderations the debate ower whither Scots is a leid o its ain or juist a dialect o Inglis is a prime exemplar. This gies rise tae the saw that "a leid is juist a dialect wi an airmy an a navy" - that is, ae variety o langage is mair like tae be cryed a leid gin ...


The grammar o a leid is a set o rules tae produce sentences in thon leid. The term refers baith tae rules that descrives whit fowk actually says descriptive grammar, an thaim that prescrives whit fowk shuid say prescriptive grammar. The term grammar whan uised in schuils for ordinar refers tae prescriptive grammar, but linguists mair aften uises grammar wi the first o thae meanins. Linguists uises the seimilar term seentax tae refer tae the internal structur o sentences produced bi a grammar. Baith linguists an computer scientists, specially thaim in the field o naitural langage processin, ...

Internaitional Mither Tongue Day

The 21st o Februar wis proclaimt Internaitional Mither Tongue Day bi UNESCO in November 1999. The Internaitional Mither Tongue Day is obserred ilka year in UNESCO memmer states an at its heidquarters fer tae forder lingueestic an cultural diversitie an monieleidism. It is the internaitional recogneetion o Leid Martyrs Day, commemoratit in Bangladesh syne 1952, whan monie Bengali-spaekin fowk wis massacred bi the Pakistani polis an airmie in Dhaka.

Leet o leids

Germanic leids Dutch leid Fleems leid Afrikaans East Frisie leid Saterland Frisie leid) Seeltersk Wast Frisie leid Frysk Frisie leids Islaund North Frisie leids North Frisie leids Mainlaund North Frisie leid Frasch Sylt Frisie leid Sölring Föhr Frisie leid Fering Heligoland Frisie leid Halunder Amrum Frisie leid Öömrang Inglis leid Auld Inglis leid German leid Auld Saxon leid Law Saxon leid "Law German" leid Scots leid Lallans Ulster Scots leid Ullans, Ulstèr-Scotch Yiddish leid Mirandese leid Aragonese leid Asturie leid Romance leids Astur-Leonese leids Leonese leid Picard leid French lei ...


Lingueestics is the studie o leids n langage. It is ae gey braid subject, encompassin: phonetics - the studie o the soonds o peoples langage phonologie - the studie o whit soonds is in indiveedual leids, hou thir soonds is pitten thegather tae form permitable wairds in thae leids historical lingueestics - the studie o the evolution o leids, n the ettle tae reconstruct leids o the bygane psycholingueestics - the studie o hou leids is perceeved wiin the harn sociolingueestics - the studie o the function n effect o langage wiin wider societie, n the effect o societal facters oan langage n aw ...


Nether-Saxon, is a name for the regional leid varieties o the Laich Germanic leids thats tae the maist pairt spak in the north o Germany, the sooth o Denmark an the east Netherlands. Forby thon theres immigrant communities in a wheen airts athort the warld, sic as Canadae. The ISO 639-2 langage code for Nether-Saxon is nds syne Mey 2000.


Phone is a hamelt term for telephone. In phonetics an phonology, a phone is a speech soond conseedert as a pheesical event athoot regaird tae its place in the soond seestem semantics o a langage. A soond lith that haes kenspeckle acoustic properties. A pairteecular kythin o a speech soond lith. The basic soond unit shawn fae phonetic speech analysis. Phonetic seembology is hauden athin square brackets. Compear wi a phoneme, a set o phones that cairies the same meanin. The wird oreeginates fae the Greek φωνή for soond/vyce.


In spoken leids, a phoneme is a basic, theoretical unit o soond that disteenguishes wirds. The phoneme is a basic soond lith, thats lingueestic function is tae disteenguish the morphemes o a wird. Phonemes isna pheesical soonds, but abstractions. Phonemes is for ordinar seen as a faimlie o phones, thats seen as a single soond, an is pitten ower wi a common seembol. Phones thats phoneme instance variants, an represents the phonetic qualities o actual soond lithes, is kent as allophones. The basic soond unit comes oot throu phonemic analysis. Phonemic seembology is pitten atween slashes. A c ...

Scots Leid Associe

The Scots Leid Associe is a bodie that warks for the furdal o the Scots leid in "leiterature, drama, the media, education an ilka day uiss". It wis foundit in 1972, an haes about 350 memmers the nou. The SLA sets furth a bi-annual journal, Lallans, thats nou a 144-page magazine wi prose, musardrie, reviews, news etc. aw in Scots. Its furthset wi help by the Scottish Arts Council. Lallans is postit free tae memmers o the SLA, an it is estimate that it haes a readership o about a thousan, syne copies is also postit tae libraries an siclike. As weil as thon, the SLA hauds its "Annual Collogue ...


Slang is the byordinar uiss o wirds in the leed o a parteecular social group, an whiles the cleckin o new wirds or the inbringin o wirds frae anither leed. It is a kin o neologism. Slang can be descrieved as deviatin awa frae the ordinar uiss o a leed. Slang functions in twa weys; the cleckin o new langage an new uisses throu a process o creative informal uiss an adaptation, an the cleckin o a saicret leed thats juist unnerstuid bi them athin the group thats mynt tae unnerstaund it. Frae this, slang is a kin o sociolect ettlin tae exclude certain fowk frae cawin the crack. Slang firstlins ...


ⓘ Leid

  • The concept o leid cried langage forby can be exponed in monie weys, fur exemple: a wey o communicatin anent hings, acts an ideas a set o meanins common
  • Iberian Romance leid It is spak by atween 364 million an 400 million fowk. It is the maist braid spak Romance leid It is the naitional leid o Spainie, Argenteinie
  • yazik is the leid spak in Roushie. It uises the Cyrillic alphabet. It is an Indo - European leid in the Balto - Slavic faimily. The Roushie leid is the maist
  • French is the leid that s spak in Fraunce, Canadae Quebec, New Brunswick Soothren Belgium, Luxembourg alang wi German and Letzebuergisch an Wastren
  • lawland Scots Scots Gaelic: Beurla Ghallta Albais is a Wast Germanic leid o tha Anglic varietie that s spaken on tha Lawlands o Scotland an en tha
  • հայերեն լեզու, hayeren lezu or hayeren is a Indo - European leid It is the naitional leid o the Republic o Armenie an is spak in pairts o Georgie an aw
  • Inglis Inglis: English is a Wast Germanic leid that arose in the Anglo - Saxon kinricks o England an spread intae whit wis tae acome sooth - east Scotland
  • Germanic leid thus relatit tae an clessifee d alangside Inglis an Dutch. It is ane o the warld s major leids an the maist widely spaken first leid in the
  • A faimily o leids is a group o leids that s sib bi strynd frae a common forebeir. The aulder leid is cryed the proto - leid o the faimily.
  • Dutch Nederlands listen  help info is a Wast Germanic, Law German leid that s spoken warldwide bi aboot twintie - fower million fowk, maistly in the Netherlands
  • The Mongolien leid Mongγol kele Cyrillic: Монгол хэл, Mongol khel is the best - kent member o the Mongolic leid family. It haes aboot 5.7 million

Roushie leid

Roushie is the leid spak in Roushie. It uises the Cyrillic alphabet. It is an Indo-European leid in the Balto-Slavic faimily. The Roushie leid is the maist spak Balto-Slavic leid, an is the offeecial leid o Roushie, Belaroushie, Kazakhstan, an Kyrgyzstan. It is an offeecial leid o the Unitit Naitions an aa.


Armenie leid

Armenie is a Indo-European leid. It is the naitional leid o the Republic o Armenie an is spak in pairts o Georgie an aw. It haes aboot sieven million speakers athort the warld.


Dutch leid

Dutch is a Wast Germanic, Law German leid thats spoken warldwide bi aboot twintie-fower million fowk, maistly in the Netherlands, Suriname an Belgium. The kynd o Dutch spoke in Belgium is informally cried Fleems an aw. The leid is forbye cried Hollands bi hamelt spaekers awtho this is acomin less common nou; a curn folk conseeder it no tae be poleetically correct. Dutch is nearhaun ti the Sooth Africaen leid Afrikaans, in the wey Scots is tae Inglis.


Constructit leid

A planned or constructit leid is a leid whose phonology, grammar, an vocabulary hae been consciously devised for human or human-lik communication, insteid o havin developed naiturally.


Leet o leids bi time o extinction

This is a leet o extinct leids redd bi thair time o extinction. When the exact time o daith o the last remainin speaker o it is nae kent, aither an approximate time or the date when the leid wis last bein recordit is gien. Naetheless the leet is nae hail.