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Akhisar is a coonty destrict an its toun centre in Manisa Province in the Aegean region o Wastren Turkey. Akhisar is an aa the auncient ceety o Thyatira or Thyateira. Wi archaeological findins that are provin settlements goin back tae 3000 BC, Akhisar haes been a busy tred centre wi its strategic location at the intersection o important roads durin auncient an medieval ages. It wis ane o the ceeties whaur money wis first uised. Akhisar an aa hostit ane o the Seiven Kirks o Revelation Thyateira, Thyatira. The name o the ceety is mentioned in the Bible. Akhisar maintained its importance as a ...


Tórshavn is the caipital an lairgest toun o the Faroe Islands. It is locatit in the soothren pairt on the east coast o Streymoy. Tae the north wast o the toun lies the 347-metre heich muntain Húsareyn, an tae the soothwast, the 350-metre heich Kirkjubøreyn. The ceety itsel haes a population o 19.000. The ceety wis foondit in the 10t century. The Vikings established thair parliament on the Tingenes peninsula in Tórshavn 825, sicweys Tórshavn wis made caipital o Faroe Islands an haes remained sae iver syne. Aw throu the Middle Ages the narrae peninsula juttin oot intae the sea made up the ma ...


Ghana, offeecially the Republic o Ghana, is a kintra locatit in Wast Africae. It is bordered bi Côte dIvoire tae the wast, Burkina Faso tae the north, Togo tae the east, an the Gulf o Guinea tae the sooth. The wird Ghana means "Warrior Keeng" an is derived frae the auncient Ghana Empire. Ghana wis inhabitit in pre-colonial times bi a nummer o auncient predominantly Akan kinricks, includin the Akwamu on the eastren coast, the inland Ashanti Empire an various Fante an non-Akan states, lik the Ga an Ewe, alang the coast an inland. The Mande-Gur speakin groups in the north o the kintra establi ...


Indonesie or /ˌɪndəˈniːʒə), offeecially the Republic o Indonesie, is a kintra in Sootheast Asie an Oceanie. Indonesie comprises 17.508 islands. Wi a population o aroond 238 million fowk, it is the warlds fowert maist populous kintra, an haes the warlds mucklest population o Muslims. Indonesie is a republic, wi an electit legislature an preses. The naitions caipital ceety is Jakarta. The kintra shares land borders wi Papua New Guinea, East Timor, an Malaysie. Ither neighborin kintras include Singapore, Philippines, Australie, an the Indian territory o the Andaman an Nicobar Islands. Indones ...


Beirs are carnivoran mammals o the faimily Ursidae. Thay are clessifeed as caniforms, or duglik carnivorans. Awtho anly aicht speshies o beirs are livin, thay are widespread, bidin in sindry habitats ootthrou the Northren Hemisphere an pairtially in the Soothren Hemisphere. Beirs are foond in North Americae, Sooth Americae, Europe, an Aisie. Common chairactereestics o modren beirs include muckle bouks wi stocky legs, lang snoots, smaw roond lugs, shaggy hair, plantigrade paws wi five nonretractile claws, an short tails. While the polar beir is maistly carnivorous, an the giant panda feeds ...


Simojovel is ane o the 119 municipalities o Chiapas, in soothren Mexico. As o 2005, the municipality haed a total population o 31.615. It covers an aurie o 446.99 km². The municipal seat is the toun o Simojovel de Allende.


Düsseldorf is the caipital ceety o the German state o North Rhine-Westphalie an centre o the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. Modren Düsseldorf is an important internaitional business an financial centre an a renouned for its fashion an tred fairs. Culturally, as a ceety bi the River Rhine, Düsseldorf is a stranghauld for Rhenish carnival celebrations. Ivery year in Julie mair nor 4.5 million fowk veesit the ceetys Größte Kirmes am Rhein funfair. Even tho it ae ranks the nint amang the ten maist populous ceeties in Germany bi population athin ceety leemits, Düsseldorf is ane o the kintras f ...


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  • Tred cried guids exchynge economy an aw, is the transfer o guids or services fae yin body or hing tae anither, maistlins in exchynge fur siller. Economists
  • The Warld Tred Organisation WTO is an intergovrenmental organisation which regulates internaitional tred The WTO offeecially commenced on 1 Januar 1995
  • maintained its importance as a regional tred centre durin 600 years o Ottoman Empire. The day s Akhisar is still the tred an business centre in its region.
  • William Adamson PC 2 Apryle 1863 23 Februar 1936 wis a Scots tred unionist an Labour politeecian.
  • the centre o the monopoly tred therebi bein the anerlie legal place for the islanders tae sell an buy guids. In 1856, the tred monopoly wis abolished an
  • in tred atween ither lairger sahelian Muslim states sic as Mali an Songhai an the early Akan kinricks, especially in the gowd, sclave an salt tred Tred
  • G - 20 major economies. The Indonesian archipelago haes been an important tred region syne at least the seivent century, when Srivijaya an then later Majapahit
  • beirs hae come unner pressur throu encroachment on thair habitats an illegal tred in beir pairts, includin the Asie bile bear mervat. The IUCN leets sax beir
  • the population wirkit on the harvest o coffee, nouadays minin an lammer tred are the maist important economic acteevity. It is kent for its by - ordinar


Tred, cried guids exchynge economy an aw, is the transfer o guids or services fae yin body or hing tae anither, maistlins in exchynge fur siller. Economists cry a seestem or netwark that allous tred a mercat.


Warld Tred Organisation

The Warld Tred Organisation is an intergovrenmental organisation which regulates internaitional tred. The WTO offeecially commenced on 1 Januar 1995 unner the Marrakesh Agreement, signed bi 123 naitions on 15 Aprile 1994, replacin the General Agreement on Tariffs an Tred, which commenced in 1948.



Libreville is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Gabon, in wast central Africae. The ceety is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf o Guinea, an a tred centre for a timmer region. As o 2013, its census population wis 703.904.


Chris Stephens

Christopher Charles Stephens is a Scots tred unionist an Scots Naitional Pairty politeecian wha is the current MP for the Glesga Sooth West constituency, electit at the 2015 general election, wi a majority o 9.950. He held his seat at the 2017 general election wi a shairply reduced majority o 60 votes.